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  1. 27 Combat Skills
  2. Topic Needed: International Law Research Paper
  3. Coin and counterdrug ops
  4. Frigate and destroyer costs
  5. David Galula's Influence in US Military
  6. Conservative expertise?
  7. Number of crossing points on AfPak border
  8. Building an Iraqi Marine Corps
  9. Aghanistan geospatial analysis
  10. Life starting off as a Foreign Service Officer
  11. Books and Other References on Modern Mercenaries
  12. Seeking testimony of those who interviewed Baath or al Qaeda detainees in Iraq
  13. Changing the Army for future wars?
  14. Looking for info on RNZI
  15. looking for an Iraqi quote
  16. Impacts on Finland/EU/NATO of renewed IW/COIN focus of US military
  17. Data for Iraq/Afghan Troop Strength
  18. Insurgency & Terrorism - Call for Papers
  19. The origins of war
  20. Open source Qali-i-Jangi imagery needed
  21. Are all societies and cultures morally equal?
  22. Long-term data on military compensation?
  23. Iraq: Insurgent targeting metrics pre/post surge
  24. Counterinsurgency Tactics against the Mexican Drug Cartels
  25. Civil Military Fusion Centre Civil-Military Intel/Predepl Resource - AFGH-NE AFRC
  26. Suggested books for Company Level Leaders
  27. Need Help
  28. Is an insurgent an insurgent?
  29. Need help - choosing a Masters Thesis
  30. A career in security policy - advice needed
  31. Campaign and Development Plans for SFA
  32. Musical score search
  33. Graduate Study and Career Question
  34. Looking for young vet/MP
  35. AAI LSAT Assault
  36. Expectations for an Army Dental Student
  37. Holographic Weapon Sight
  38. Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Poll
  39. SWJ Library RFI / Help
  40. SWJ Poll: Was the AP out of line with the LCpl Bernard photograph?
  41. another request for help: Master's thesis
  42. Shadow on the Sun
  43. Best Diplomatic and Military History Programs
  44. Prep for Foreign Service Officer exam
  45. Armoured Vehicle weight distribution
  46. Searching for OEF/OIF veterans to interview
  47. Thesis-In-Progress on American National Security
  48. Red Teaming References and Resources
  49. Looking for older FID manuals
  50. vietnam mccrystal
  51. A request for help
  52. Talking about tribal engagement in Afghanistan
  53. Taliban's superior information operations
  54. Causal Link Diagram -- AFG Information
  55. Reading suggestions
  56. Riverine Operations
  57. Revolutionay war and its fundamental facts Ximenes, Capt. Labignette, Capt. A Souyri
  58. CERP funding at work in OEF
  59. Public Administration
  60. Searching for Case Studies
  61. What FM has FMI 3-07.22 superseded?
  62. War Bonds for Afghanistan?
  63. British Gurkha's: what is the position?
  64. Know anyone at FOB Naray?
  65. Do working men rebel? A call for papers.
  66. Congressional Inquiry re Afghan Trucking Security
  67. Delivering Cultural Competence
  68. SPECOPS Tms/Camps vic Rach Gia, Vietnam, Sep 64
  69. Resources on the French defeat in Indochina?
  70. Normal Teenage Problems
  71. Advice Needed
  72. Good books on COIN?
  73. The Future of Logistics
  74. Request for advice/insight
  75. H&K G3 market in East Africa
  76. Hello
  77. Battle Update Brief template
  78. sanctions against Iran
  79. Three Keys patch
  80. Question regarding career paths into FID/Advisor work...
  81. SOUTHCOM POC for Haiti
  82. CGSC Questions
  83. New project coming up
  84. What passes for trade amongst Afghans at the front?
  85. looking for 'Poisoning the Well: the Weinberger Doctrine and US Military Policy'
  86. Thoughts on the Afghan National Army
  87. Stateside COIN Academy
  88. Looking for Fastabend's "How All This Ends"
  89. RFI comparing tactical COIN and Asset Based Community Development
  90. Information request: Irish intelligence services
  91. Dscom?
  92. What is Indexing Theory?
  93. The Ratio of Forces to Insurgents
  94. Recommended Reading for Latin America
  95. RFI AFPAK Hands POC for Army
  96. Economics of Insurgency
  97. China Dream
  98. Need an E-version of Village Defense
  99. mission creep and locally rooted solutions.
  100. Looking for a Marine...
  101. Looking for geospatial data on insurgent attacks
  102. Targetting the leadership
  103. Quick questions thread
  104. Tentative Guidelines for building partner armies post conflict
  105. NLW and Translation / Translator RFIs
  106. RFI: POC for Transition Team program at FT Polk
  107. Afghanistan RFI
  108. Looking for Colonel St. John "Jack" Philby
  109. Aerial Reconnaissance
  110. Time/Resource Allocation
  111. UrbanSim
  112. Basic Anthropology Question
  113. Recommend an Expert (or two)
  114. Venezuelan involvement with drug trafficking/organized crime in the Americas?
  115. Picture of Structure
  116. USN Personnel
  117. USSOCOM Wire Diagram of Force Structure
  118. "The Whipper"
  119. Insurgency vs. Civil War
  120. Destroying Tar Opium
  121. Logos vs. Pathos in the cause of the war
  122. A question for the game theorists
  123. Data Darbar Shrine, The TTP and Global Jihadist Groups
  124. Iranian Participation in Re-construction of South Vietnam
  125. Restrepo and The Battle of Algiers
  126. American Revolution RFI
  127. Appreciating the lost art of Field Manuals
  128. Force Recon
  129. Info & Intelligence in PSO
  130. Utilizing The Correlates of War project
  131. ASCOPE Analysis
  132. The Other Side of the Mountain
  133. Looking for a SME on implementation of Sons of Iraq..
  134. "The Tactical Notebook"
  135. Military-led Development Efforts
  136. Yugoslav civil war '90s non-intervention aspects
  137. Evolution of TTP
  138. Trench Warfare in the American Civil War
  139. Call for Papers: Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
  140. Immigration and legalisation (in the USA)
  141. Strategic Studies Institute Seeks Visiting Professors
  142. Your Advice? Is it Afghan-led Reintegration?
  143. Thoughts on Success or failure of Military Use Along Southwestern US Border
  144. Request for input into a Curriculum for Leadership in a Conflict Environment
  145. RFI: HUMINT and Iraqi Police Courses Under Development
  146. Electrification and security
  147. Pakistan Terrorist Attacks Data
  148. Request for career ideas, suggestions and leads.
  149. Help with short (10 Question) survey on FM 3-24
  150. Dissertation Assistance
  151. Russian Revolution
  152. War Experience and Trauma in American Literature (WIP)
  153. What is the fastests non military prop plane in the world?
  154. Civil-Military Operations in Southern Lebanon
  155. Language Training
  156. Simulation Question
  157. Iran's Afghanistan Strategy/Policy Research Issues and Questions
  158. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration for US Army
  159. Paper on Parallel Hierarchies
  160. Internet TV
  161. IARPA-Sponsored Study
  162. canadian private "military cooperation" in DRC
  163. The Flag of Ansarul Islam
  164. Gaza Militant groups
  165. BBC Documentary series on AfPak
  166. Combat motivation, judgement of War during Vietnam
  167. Intel in COIN workshop
  168. Interactions with Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission
  169. Re-evaluating Roger Hilsman as a "counterinsurgency specialist"?
  170. Army Officers: Are You Leaving or Staying? Why?
  171. RFI: In criticism of defense in depth
  172. Seeking info on NZ Army.
  173. German literature on COIN in Afghanistan
  174. KLE Reporting Formats
  175. Facts-Based Fiction: Polish Jews in Siberia
  176. Looking for FA 59 Information
  177. John Paul Vann 1963 Farewell Message
  178. Radical Islamic armed groups in Central Africa
  179. RFI Arbaki in Afghanistan
  180. The Relationship between American Soldiers and Afghan Civilians
  181. Charles Bohannan and Guerrilla warfare in the Philippines (1939-1954)
  182. Help with Research on M1 Abrams
  183. National Guard budget comes out of what pot?
  184. Future Career Options?
  185. Box of Books Distance Education
  186. 2011 MCoE Reconnaissance Summit
  187. Cultural deterrence?
  188. U.S. alpine warfare capabilities?
  189. Initial Officer Selection
  190. Alpha male death rate and war's effect on society
  191. Patron-Client relationships and critical services
  192. Warrant officers.
  193. A survivability "myth"???
  194. Human Terrain Team study
  195. Contemporary CIA/JSOC roles.
  196. Biographies of COIN pioneers and practitioners
  197. Selection for Major General rank
  198. Who or What Popularized the Phrase "Population-Centric Counterinsurgency"?
  199. Remembrance Poppies in the United States?
  200. XM-25 CDTE counter-defilade ISAAS
  201. Threat to paper books?
  202. Khmer Rouge Insurgency 1978-
  203. FAZ reorganisation after Shaba I
  204. Visiting Quantico, Va.?
  205. Where do I find Field Service Regs. 1935?
  206. Self-Containment Policy
  207. Request for information on military medicine/physician education
  208. Any RC-12G Crazy Horse
  209. COIN PhD
  210. Domestic terror & insurgent groups
  211. Ranger School—what is it supposed to be? and is it that?
  212. Placing Army personnel where they fit best
  213. Condolence Payments in Iraq
  214. Anyone know Ret. Col. Stuart Herrington?
  215. Exploitation of Africa's Natural Resources
  216. Legitmacy and Maslow's Hierarchy
  217. Sanity Check
  218. A war about nuclear cold fusion is going on
  219. Analyzing the Iraq War Surge
  220. JOAC SME request?
  221. Copy of Marine Corps Gazette July 1971
  222. Does anyone know Ret. Col. Derek Harvey?
  223. "Strategy and Tactics of Small Wars" & "Diplomacy and Spurs in the Dominican Rep."?
  224. Infantry ammo loads: Malaya & Vietnam?
  225. Contemporary, NON-western insurgency/COIN literature or manuals
  226. Seeking USMC DIRINT Reading Lists for '03 & '06
  227. Combat Power, Conflict Resolution, and US Economy
  228. Militant Muslim Women Research
  229. Afghanistan: Calling all Hands for Book Recommendations!
  230. I'm trying to get an internship at NDU
  231. RFI: Broad overview of Israeli Defence Forces
  232. Recommendation Request - FOB
  233. Marine Paratroopers
  234. Thesis topic
  235. Korean War
  236. RFI: Change in pack design features over time?
  237. Phase ii, infantry rifle unit study, 1970-1975 (irus-75).
  238. The Delay: A Small unit perspective (interview)
  239. The Sierra Project—A Study of Limited Wars?
  240. Ghatak Platoons
  241. Author Request--Afghanistan, Iraq, and a little Albania, too
  242. METT-T to METT-TC ... the transition
  243. Change management within the military environment
  244. Defining Surrender ... and making it stick
  245. "Democracies at War"
  246. RFI: Bagnold info (Long Range Desert Group)
  247. Hybrid air vehicles and airships to enhance the UAVs?
  248. Iraq Surge: Call for Info.
  249. Manoeuvre -v- COIN & Stability Ops: time spent on
  250. Foreign Language Training & Use