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  1. Help with troop deployment figures in small wars
  2. BGFIEND - Albania
  3. Sun Tzu
  4. Infantry Magazine
  5. RFI: Drones for border control in a rainy forest environment
  6. Looking for a combat tracking school in south east Asia
  7. Disney, Tactical Problems
  8. General Karl Anton Schwartz, early 19th cent.
  9. Motivation in War
  10. Modernization Theory is Hokum.
  11. MCG 1997 Small Unit Tactics Collection
  12. My Son David Has Orders to 1st ID
  13. Typologies of ConOps?
  14. Research Questions on Mitigating Religious Discrimination
  15. Rusi Journal, Post Industrial Training
  16. Unknown Munition used by Police in Cambodia? Image added
  17. SFA-T use of Raven UAS
  18. US & Russian sponsored paramilitaries since 1991
  19. Military Governance versus Stability Operations
  20. Library
  21. Socio-Political Foundation of Current U.S. Stability and COIN Doctrine?
  22. Suggested reading for graduate seminar at Columbia on US Role in World Affairs
  23. Cost of keeping a unit on jump status?
  24. Looking for resources that detail US efforts countering Native American insurgency
  25. India-Pakistan War 1971: good, linked articles sought
  26. G'day from Australia
  27. Political War and Woolly Thinking
  28. Searching for the family of a WWII hero
  29. Looking for people who served in Anbar For Interviews
  30. What are combat photographers like?
  31. Targeting mosques: Help me understand
  32. 2011 assessments of the Iraqi armed forces
  33. Economic costs of crime?
  34. Looking For A PDF Copy Of
  35. Russia & China are friends: what is this?
  36. Boko Haram and Nigeria thesis help
  37. Information about Haaretz
  38. Fletcher School Professor of Practice Announcement
  39. Jade helm 15
  40. General information on Op Telic
  41. The US role in French Algeria 1945
  42. Need advice finding a reading
  43. Cyber stalking plus: assessing risk
  44. Aviation History RFI: 1971 Hijacking
  45. Restrictive "Rules of Engagement" and the Western tribalism.
  46. Policing in the Middle East
  47. G'day from Australia
  48. Project Lawrence: Articles?
  49. Assessing the Police
  50. Military History/Topics Discussion Group
  51. Defining, shaping, and evolving definition(s) of spaces
  52. Special Warfare Magazine?
  53. Somali National Army
  54. Soviet Mass Murder as Counter-intelligence and Counter-insurgency
  55. Light Strike Force
  56. War, Terrorism, and law
  57. Fomer SS training in the Middle East after WW2
  58. Looking for a 1973 copy of FM 8-2
  59. Podcasts?
  60. Meta-Warfare
  61. When did Thucydides become part of Military Education?
  62. Army Lesson Learned Study 04-1
  63. War without Clausewitz: Assumptions about Warfare