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  1. TRADOC Senior Leaders Conference
  2. Gettysburg Get-Together (Non-Virtual), Mon 8/17
  3. To the SWJ Community:
  4. Question 1: Doctrine and Education Alignment
  5. Question 2: Reasoning and thinking skills
  6. Question 3: More on distance learning and modularized education
  7. Question 4: The dichotomy of University and the military
  8. Question 5: Cyber space (oh you know I had to ask at least one of these)
  9. Question 6: Balancing training and action?
  10. Army Doctrine Reengineering and the Loss of Any Historical Perspective
  11. Making Gettysburg relevant
  12. In illo tempore...
  13. General Dempsey's Key-Note (Quicklook Notes)
  14. Army Campaign Plan
  15. Dr. Elizabeth D. Samet
  16. The Human Dimension
  17. Army Training Network
  18. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
  19. It's a virtual world (?)
  20. It Ain't Over Till It's Over
  21. The Army Capstone Concept: the Army wants your comments
  22. New Rules of War
  23. TSLC March 2010
  24. Sep 2010 TRADOC Senior Leader's Conference
  25. Mad Scientist Disruption and the Operational Environment Conference