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  59. Treading on Hallowed Ground: Counterinsurgency Operations in Sacred Spaces
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  61. 12 Dec 08 Forensic Workshop for Social Scientists
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  63. Vets, Troops Not in Uniform Now Can Salute Flag
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  81. Africa: The Shifting Intelligence Landscape, 20 Apr 09
  82. Jacke Keane on Uncommon Knowledge
  83. Policy Analysis Techniques for Homeland Security Professionals, 16-20 November 2009
  84. Iraq in Transition: The Legacies of Dictatorship and the Prospects for Democracy
  85. HBO's The Pacific: reactions to (new title)
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  87. Is there any military libraries or bookstores in Northern Virginia?
  88. Withdrawing from Iraq: Schedules, Risks and Mitigating Strategies (6 August 2009)
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  117. Isaac Camacho: First American to escape Viet Cong writes memoirs
  118. 2010 Fires Seminar - Fort Sill, OK
  119. "Contra Cross" now available as download and Kindle book
  120. USAF-SAIS Symposium on Cross-Cultural Conflict Management
  121. Lookin for New Stuff to Read
  122. American Insurgents American Patriots By T.H. Breen
  123. USSOCOM Language and Culture Seminar
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  125. Worst Enemy: The Reluctant Transformation of the American Military
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  130. PHOENIX 2010 Exercise, Bulgaria/NATO
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  133. The Dream Machine: The Untold History of the Notorious V-22 Osprey by Richard Whittle
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  135. In Defense of the Doberman
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  137. VOA Hacked?
  138. DAI Looking to Hire District Stability Framework Trainers
  139. Two Questions about Russia today
  140. Dangerous radioactivity rapidly destroyed
  141. Colonel Paul Olsen to present Natural Selection and War at Clarke Forum 17 November
  142. A tool to teach with: nearly any subject
  143. SWJ quote of 2012 (H/T French Defence Analysis Stphane Taillat)
  144. Mission Can't-Complete / O'Hanlon
  145. Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War
  146. New Book on Iraq in 2003-2004
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  148. Level Zero Heros: Battle of Bala Morghab River Valley
  149. New Book: Rapid Fire!
  150. Stuff You Don't Say At A Job Interview
  151. The Bomb Iran video game
  152. New Report by Stimson Center: A New US Defense Strategy for a New Era
  153. Saudi Aramco World archive 1950-2010
  154. Comment on THE INSURGENTS by Fred Kaplan
  155. Vet Charity Scams
  156. SEAL Team 6 Member Becomes .......A Girl!
  157. New book: War of a Kind: Reflections on Counterinsurgency and Those who do it
  158. Book Review: Return of a King
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  160. The best of 'Terrorism & Political Violence'
  161. Set of scanned Soviet KGB docs
  162. Fighting Back the Book
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  165. The Arabs at War in Afghanistan: a new book
  166. Few 'Small Wars' - in Africa
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  168. The Last Post @ Ypres: almost continuously since 1928
  169. Irregular Warfare Symposium, Massey University, New Zealand, 27 August 2015
  170. Arab MiGs, Volume 6 & Russia's Warplanes
  171. Digital Hearing Aids
  172. Alabama Wins 4TH National Championship!!!!!!
  173. Is STRATFOR Worth it?
  174. Few 'Small Wars' in the Middle East
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  180. Goliath: why the West doesn't win wars and what we need to do about it