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  1. First SWC Book Club Marching Orders
  2. Book #1: Religion and State by L. Carl Brown
  3. Book #2: Fazlur Rahman's "Islam & Modernity"
  4. Reader's Choice for Reading #4
  5. Going Big by Going Small
  6. The Brothers: Foster and Allen Dulles
  7. Novels relevant to Small Wars and Unconventional Warfare
  8. New Book on Counterinsurgency
  9. America's Modern Wars: Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam
  10. Superiority: A short story by Arthur C. Clarke... (Pt.1)
  11. Review: 12 Rules for Life
  12. The Silk Roads
  13. Six Days of War. June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East
  14. RISE AND KILL FIRST: The Secret History of Israehttps://wwl’s Targeted Assassinations
  15. Our's not to Reason why? Asimov's seminal short story...
  16. India's wars, a military history
  17. War of Intervention in Angola - Vol 1 Angolan & Cuban Forces at War 1975-76
  18. 3 books
  19. The Strange Death of Europe