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  52. Carroll Release: What Can We Learn?
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  66. Palestinian Children's Carnival
  67. Mogudishu a bad analogy
  68. The Sad State of the World
  69. Bounty Hunting in Thailand
  70. Requiem For Preventative War
  71. Forward Together Faces a Serious Challenge
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  76. Iraqis on Israel & Hamas / Democracy Development in Iraq
  77. The Limitations of 4GW
  78. Full Circle: Military Theory Vs. Practice in Iraq
  79. The Sling and the Stone
  80. The Coming Conflagration
  81. Reviewing Tom Odom...
  82. "Boom! Boom! Tacka Tacka Tacka"
  83. Abizaid: SysAdmin as Tool to Win Long War
  84. Iraq: Civil War and Partition
  85. The Need for Counter-4GW
  86. Ian Bremmer's J-curve Theory
  87. SWJ: praise given and reviews (merged)
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  91. Propaganda wars or drinking our own Kool Aid
  92. Time Right for USPEACECOM?
  93. Josh Manchester - What a Strange Way to Wage a War
  94. Collapses and Coups
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  96. Iraq: Will James Baker End ‘Stay the Course’?
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  98. The Sultans' Preachers
  99. A Tipping Point or Turning Point?
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  119. The Other Marshall Plan
  120. Smart Power Equalizer: Finding the Mix
  121. Keep the Cufflinks - The cultural conferencing gap
  122. Letters From Estonia
  123. A Hard-earned Living: Prostitution in Tallinn
  124. Abu Aardvark - Analysis of Zawahiri's latest
  125. Book Review- Stoic Warriors:The Ancient Philosophy Behind the Military Mind
  126. Cutting Edge Military Theory: A Primer (Part I.)
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  154. Why the Politics of Iraq are so Complicated
  155. “When the heartbeat of one soldier stops forever,”
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  161. Brian Linn weighs in on Gentile vs. Nagl
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  164. DoS gives Iraq interpreter the shaft
  165. Some guy with short hair
  166. Playing Soccer with the LAPD
  167. Blog Post Critique of FM 3.07
  168. Gangs, mafia and more
  169. Making Enemies in Afghanistan
  170. Not really a blog but might be interest.
  171. Good-bye Abu Muqawama?
  172. Pat Lang: "Counterinsurgency – a much failed strategy?"
  173. Supporting the Afghan Environment
  174. Dr. Lani Kass
  175. On "Actually, the Army Kind of Likes Your Blog"
  176. New war nerd appears
  177. Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict
  178. Leadership matters
  179. The 70 Online Databases that Define Our Planet
  180. Afghanistan: A Silk Road Strategy
  181. Ho Hum;Another Stupid War Of Choice
  182. REVOLUTIONOLOGY observations by a sociologist in Libya
  183. "History Through Libyan Eyes"
  184. Bruins Stanley Cup Parade in Afghanistan
  185. Curt LeMay just died again.
  186. the Virtual Curation Unit
  187. Marine Corps Gazette
  188. “How the Glock became America’s weapon of choice” | Fresh Air (24 January 2012)
  189. Interview With Jerry Burke (Part 1 & 2)
  190. Reassessing The U.S. Surge, And Recognizing Iraqi Agency In Ending The 2005-2008 Civi
  191. In Loco Parentis or Bureaucratic Cowardice
  192. Who is a terrorist expert - an opinion
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  194. New Issue of Korean People's Army Journal
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