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  1. The Strategic Corporal
  2. Let's Vote
  3. Soldier's Burden
  4. UN Legion Force
  5. A New Assignment for Younger Troops
  6. Interviews with a USMC sniper: Shooter
  7. A Soldier's Story
  8. Transformation of the Noncommissioned Officer Education System
  9. "Adopt a Marine"
  10. Indirect and Direct components to strategy for the Long War
  11. Tactical Jenga vs. The Strategic Stopwatch
  12. "The Folly of 'Asymmetric War' " is the title
  13. Strategy and change over time
  14. JFQ Issue #55 Strategy
  15. The Army's FAO Program -- Room for Improvement?
  16. Strategic Airman
  17. What we support and defend
  18. The American Way of War in 25 Words or Less
  19. The Utility of Force - 10 Years On' Sir Rupert Smith Lecture
  20. Military command in crisis?