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  1. CIA's Goss Says U.S. Must Overcome Language Deficit
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  8. Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent
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  12. Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity
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  16. Terrorism in the Digital Age
  17. A Split on Strategy?
  18. Insurgents on Drugs?
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  20. An Old-fashioned War
  21. Questions the Islamic Society Should Answer
  22. The NSA's Overt Problem
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  24. Al Qaeda Blows It
  25. Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence
  26. Prospects of Terror: An Inquiry into Jihadi Alternatives (Part I)
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  29. Old States, New Threats
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  31. AF / IQ Insurgent Cooperation?
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  33. Insurgency Out, Anarchy In
  34. The Blood of My Brother
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  36. Axis of Abuse
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  38. If-
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  40. NIE on Iraq and the GWOT
  41. Pace: Will of American People is Enemy’s ‘Center of Gravity’
  42. Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!
  43. The British on intelligence: a collection (SIS, MI5, GCHQ & more)
  44. Al-Jazeera's English Launch 15 November...
  45. Is everybody wrong?
  46. Queries Vex New Chair of Intelligence
  47. Cry of the DIA Analyst !
  48. A Wake Up Call for DIA
  49. The US Intelligence Community’s Five Year Strategic Human Capital Plan
  50. HUMINT, Informants and more (merged thread)
  51. Seeking UNCLASS annex b
  52. I S R
  53. One stop interrogation & interviewing resource
  54. OEF 05-07 CJ2 Lessons Learned
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  57. "Adversarial Reasoning" - Worth reading
  58. The Corporate Takeover of U.S. Intelligence
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  60. Overhauling Intelligence
  61. Dlpt 5
  62. Intelligence Support to an Effects-Based Approach
  63. 911 Report Executive Summary Released
  64. Company Level Intelligence Led Operations
  65. Scientists Use the "Dark Web" to Snag Extremists and Terrorists Online
  66. Paper and COIN: Exploiting the Enemy's Documents
  67. The Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA)
  68. Are Intelligence Agencies' Hiring Procedures Too Strict?
  69. Marine took files as part of spy ring
  70. 500 Day Plan - Integration and Collaboration
  71. Chaotic Dynamics: A Novel Approach to Intelligence Analysis in Asymmetric Warfare
  72. Semantic Search Engine as a model for Intel Analysis tool
  73. 2 Questions: Do You Write An Intelligence Blog and What's Your Favorite?
  74. Intelligence Collection and Sharing
  75. Intelligence-Led Operations: Business as Usual or Paradigm Shift?
  76. Chief Intelligence Officer
  77. The Global "Go-To Think Tanks"
  78. Are you now, or have you ever been, a card-carrying member of the State Department?
  79. The Perils of Arbitrary and False Precision
  80. National Intelligence University Publications
  81. intelligence analysis, overcoming bias and learning
  82. Changes in Espionage by Americans 1947-2007
  83. Use of Imagery for Domestic Civil Support Operations
  84. LTG (ret) William Odom, RIP
  85. Israel & intelligence (merged thread)
  86. Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book
  87. Graduates Revive Intelligence Role for Coast Guard
  88. Imagery Analysis - Test Your Skills
  89. Chinese intelligence and spying (catch all)
  90. DNI to intel analysts - try talking to people outside the IC for a change
  91. The Human Factor by Ishmael Jones
  92. UK: UAVs and ISTAR Capabilities
  93. Strategic Early Warning for Criminal Intelligence
  94. Intelligence: failures, gaps and knowledge gaps
  95. The Rosenberg Case Resurrected
  96. The Estonian Spy Case - Herman Simm
  97. Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations in Iraq- New Book Out
  98. NISCR affirms NISC - terrorist intercepts
  99. Guerrilla Counterintelligence
  100. Duelfer on intel lessons from ISG
  101. Time for a JFISRCC?
  102. 35M school, Camp Williams UT
  103. The AIPAC Case - Redux
  104. Sensitive Covert Action Notifications - Gang of Eight may be history...
  105. What we really need is a better crystal ball
  106. Borneo Confrontation: a small, secret war
  107. Interview With Lawrence Wilkerson
  108. The Search for Strategic Intelligence
  109. New FM 2-01.3 IPB
  110. MG Flynn (on intell mainly)
  111. Intelligence failure: get the right IT system thinking
  112. The process goes to the movies, or Pentagon new information security certification
  113. Recent Russian Intelligence Operations
  114. Open Source Analysis of WikiLeaks?
  115. Police: British Spy Murdered and Stuffed in Bag
  116. Where Are Our Priorities Focused…Lack of Knowledge of Basic Enemy Capabilites
  117. Ethics in Intelligence
  118. Social Network Analysis (catch all)
  119. "Processing Intelligence Collection: Learning or Not?"
  120. Pattern of Life
  121. Podcast: Building A Law Enforcement Intelligence Operation Center, Part I
  122. Top intelligence leaders talking
  123. DCGS-A : US Army spent $2.7 billion on a battlefield computer that doesn’t work
  124. Blueprints for new BND spy agency HQ 'missing'
  125. Official resigns over alleged spy ring
  126. VA man charged for working for Syrian intelligence
  127. Strange lines in China's Desert
  128. American spies outed, CIA suffers in Lebanon
  129. Venezuela Consul Expeled From US as Spy
  130. CIA Tracks Public Information For The Private Eye
  131. Counterintelligence: Jamming and Intercepting P25 Radios
  132. Confidence in Intelligence: Jennifer Sims in 5
  133. Oops! ARMA employees arrested on spying charges in Greece
  134. Want intell work in Canada see YouTube
  135. Its's a RIOT: tracking online
  136. Generation Talk
  137. Eleven and a half years after 9/11, we still don’t know.
  138. Intelligence post-Snowden: a debate
  139. OSINT: "Brown Moses" & Bellingcat (merged thread)
  140. The "good old days": US intell in Afghanistan 1979-1989
  141. Two days @ St. Andrews, not for golf!
  142. A hostage negotiator’s business tips
  143. How does an analyst catch a terrorist?
  144. Ex-CIA & NSA veterans talking @ Oxford University
  145. Rumor killer Web tool?
  146. Indicators of terrorist intent and capability: Tools for threat assessment
  147. The spy who came in from the code
  148. Free Articles From the Journal “Intelligence and National Security”
  149. Israeli intelligence e-journal
  150. ‘The neglected cure’ to the Irish insurgency: intelligence
  151. Intel leak in Finland