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  4. More training, less parading urged.
  5. 'The General Mattis collection: a mixture
  6. Rifle squad composition
  7. A Case Against Battle Drill Six
  8. Light infantry TOEs
  9. We need more of these "strategic" Lts...
  10. Better than M4, but you can’t have it
  11. PKM manual available online
  12. Complaceny Kills... use link to teach Marines/Soldiers
  13. Grunt Life in Afghanistan
  14. Thoughts from the Field on Kilcullen's 28 Articles (Pt. I)
  15. Thoughts on "Patrol Base Infantry"
  16. Combat optics, iron sights and you
  17. Gear / TTP List
  18. Key US Army Ranks Begin to Thin
  19. The Strategic Corporal vs. The Strategic Cameraman
  20. More restrictions: Military puts Myspace, Youtube, other sites off-limits
  21. Anatomy of a Firefight
  22. The Sole Survivor
  23. Randall Knives
  24. Weapns MTX in Iraq
  25. Current Inadequacy of Small Arms Training for All MOSs in the Conventional Army
  26. The Officer Critical Skills Retention Bonus
  27. Organizing for COIN at the Company and Platoon Level
  28. Adapt Or Die
  29. The Former-Insurgent Counterinsurgency
  30. Request from the Shooters
  31. Personal Security Teams for BN COs
  32. Little Advice and Tips please on M4
  33. Costly Protection
  34. Is this a violation of ROE or not?
  35. Face Mask
  36. Will the Trigger-Puller shift mission?
  37. Abandon squad/section levels of organization?
  38. Platoon Weapons
  39. Retooling the Artilleryman
  40. The tactical duty knife
  41. Infantry Unit Tactics, Tasks, Weapons, and Organization
  42. The Creation of Mechanized SOC Units
  43. Battle Drill
  44. Redundancy in small unit organization
  45. Organization & Distance
  46. The Roles and Weapons with the Squad
  47. Unit Lifetime Assignments
  48. Hand-to-hand in combat
  49. Magpul PMAG
  50. Canada Exploring Small Inf Team Thinking
  51. FM 3-27.75 The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills
  52. Brigadier Wavell COIN
  53. Training Fieldcraft
  54. Cordesman so right, yet so wrong
  55. What does the Military do in COIN?
  56. U.S. Captains Bear Weight of Iraq Strategy
  57. COIN Companies
  58. Weight of back packed gear study
  59. The Counterinsurgency Cliff Notes
  60. Non-lethal attachments
  61. The Army’s M-4 Carbine: Background and Issues for Congress
  62. For the public....tales of soldiers untold
  63. Notes from Anbar
  64. Creative pursuits in the wake of TBI/PTSD
  65. TCP's
  66. Nomination for COIN Quote of the Day
  67. XM25 "good enough"
  68. America's Best Leaders: US Junior Officers, Military
  69. COIN Perspectives From On Point
  70. Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll
  71. Loss and Accountability
  72. Size of the Platoon and Company
  73. Starship Troopers, here we come!
  74. The problem of "Tactical Generals."
  75. AWG Brings Lighter Gear to Afghanistan.
  76. Air Force Motorized Jaeger Regiment?
  77. Hostile Takedowns
  78. Are snipers and recon still valid in infantry battalions?
  79. Strategic vignette
  80. US Army Reserve/National Guard units fighting COIN
  81. FOB Keating attack repulsed
  82. Cumulative impact of low calorie intake and sleep deficit in combat
  83. Squad Leader's Mini-UAV and PDA?
  84. Distributed Operations
  85. Infantry accompanying load carriers
  86. What is presence patrolling?
  87. Quick question about parapets
  88. The Bomb detector that does not detect bombs
  89. Combat Participation
  90. 60 Minutes special on SF in A'stan
  91. Indirect Fire Support in Small Wars
  92. Body Counts and Metrics
  93. Enhanced MAGTF Operations- USMC's Small Unit Future
  94. Bunker and tank busters at section/squad and platoon level
  95. MAJ Ehrhart - Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afgh.
  96. Extra Gear
  97. Courageous Restraint "Hold fire, earn a medal"
  98. The Wounded Platoon
  99. "Five Challenges for Future Infantry"
  100. Storming the Beach
  101. Staff Sergeant Fido?
  102. The combat shotgun
  103. The Quote of the Day, Year, maybe the Afghan War
  104. Putting the D in METT-TC
  105. Fire with Fire
  106. How Close is 'Close Combat'?
  107. Lost Brothers?
  108. Current Combat/Tactical Tracking Operations
  109. Back to Basics…The Lost Art of Basic Combat Fundamentals
  110. Ambush in Kunar: a host of issues
  111. What should the PT standard be?
  112. Patrol Base Density and Proximity - Too many and too close?
  113. Why are our soldiers still involved in fair fights?
  114. Suppressive Fire
  115. Key Leader Engagement (KLE) TTPs
  116. Mechanized Infantry Perceptions 2010
  117. Current Operation news
  118. LAR in COE/Afghan
  119. Headspace and Timing
  120. The Army These Days
  121. Your Brain In Combat
  122. How soldiers deal with the job of killing
  123. Army Sets Sights on New Carbine
  124. Sergeant Major of the Army describes changes due
  125. Metric Assessments in the Advisor World
  126. ROE & Mission Command
  127. SFC Taylor, the Fog of War and Army duplicity
  128. Share of NCOs among deployed combat troops
  129. EdgeFuse: A Pinterest For Making Weapons
  130. Infantry Training: Philosophies, Tips, Tricks, and Gaps
  131. Equipment list
  132. Identification Friend or Foe in a somewhat worse neighborhood than Golden Hills...
  133. A Hero Speaks
  134. National Airborne Day!
  135. Why the Death of the Tank is Greatly Exaggerated
  136. Why America Can't Win Mountain Wars
  137. Platoon Structure of Bundeswehr & French Foreign Legion
  138. Gun Trouble: M4 & M16
  139. Para L/Cpl Joshua Leakey VC
  140. 'One man, one shot': British Army post-WW2 choices of ammunition
  141. Inspirational Story on Ranger medical save
  142. The 'Good Operation' Handbook
  143. International cooperation twists and turns
  144. Leadership Quotes
  145. New book: Why We Fight by Mike Martin
  146. WSJ: Why the Marines ditched the best Offense in history
  147. Trigger-Happy, Autonomous, and Disobedient: Nordbat 2 and Mission Command in Bosnia