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  1. Efficacy of punitive strikes?
  2. 75 Year Old Reservist on Third GWOT Deployment
  3. Capture, Detain and COIN: merged thread
  4. French Foreign Legion collection
  5. Women in Military Service & Combat (not just USA)
  6. Microfinance Unit
  7. A Modest Proposal - National Guard as the heavy force
  8. Create a U.S. Foreign Legion
  9. General Order 100
  10. Gates Wins Trust, For Now, of Congress, Military in Iraq Debate
  11. Army Officer Accuses Generals of 'Intellectual and Moral Failures'
  12. Not having the National Guard equipment
  13. Language Corps
  14. Money Well Spent
  15. Torture versus collateral damage; the bigger evil?
  16. Army offers officers incentives
  17. Tom Ricks's Inbox
  18. It's Our Cage, Too
  19. Army Development of Junior Leaders
  20. Of "Intellectual and Moral" Failures
  21. Manpower, Readiness and Equipment Crises
  22. Over Here
  23. New Chairman JCS
  24. Military Reviews Placing Special Ops on U.S. Soil
  25. Spec Ops Leaders Want Return to Fundamentals
  26. USAFSOC planners want irregular warfare wing
  27. Thomas P.M. Barnett - Army America needs versus the wars Americans prefer to wage
  28. General Wayne Downing Dies at 67
  29. The Peter Pandemic Takes Its Toll
  30. Secretary Gates Addresses the Marine Corps Association
  31. HASC Announces Roles and Missions Panel
  32. Why do the Alumni Get The Pentagon's Plum Jobs?
  33. Officer Retention
  34. COIN.ARMY.MIL is now on AKO
  35. Grunts and Jarheads: Rethinking the Army-Marine Division of Labor
  36. Understanding Airmen
  37. Unconventional Warfare Command?
  38. Marines In Search of A Mission
  39. New CJCS Letter to Troops and Families
  40. Rethinking the US Army
  41. Slate - Secretary Gates Declares War on the Army Brass
  42. Army to transform IRR
  43. Abolish the Air Force
  44. "Experts"
  45. Military Review
  46. Center for Irregular Warfare
  47. LTG Caldwell Remarks at Dole Institute
  48. Boy, Have Things Changed Since I Was A Coastie
  49. Airforce may be be going out of business
  50. Simplified Version of FM 3.0
  51. Optimizing the Marine Corps for small wars
  52. Evolution of AF-Navy Integration in Strike Warfare
  53. Stephen Coughlin Sacked
  54. Back to Search & Destroy?
  55. JCISFA Conference Musing
  56. History of Combat Trauma Bibliography
  57. USMC Civil Affairs Newsletter
  58. Killebrew on US Defense Thinking
  59. Nagl and Yingling: Restructuring the U.S. Military
  60. CNAS-Foreign Policy Magazine U.S. Military Index
  61. Women in Conflict (merged thread)
  62. An Outsider's Perspective
  63. Listen Up Marines, We Belong at Sea
  64. Coming Soon: A Crisis in Civil-Military Relations
  65. Best Staff War Stories
  66. CC or Back to CINC
  67. Bush-Petraeus and US civ-mil relations
  68. Fight-Win or Full Spectrum?
  69. RMA/Andrew Marshall/Donald Rumsfeld/Iraq 2003
  70. My review of Dale Herspring's Rumsfeld's Wars: The Arrogance of Power
  71. Have you worked with CERP -- the Commander's Emergency Response Program
  72. Army Focus on Counterinsurgency Debated Within
  73. “Burying the Ghosts of Vietnam”
  74. Force Structure for Small Wars
  75. Increase In Fy Leave Carryover From 60 To 75 Days
  76. Wear of the Uniform/Appearance Off-Installation
  77. I Was Moved
  78. Taking Care of Field Grade Officers on TDY...NOT!!!
  79. Expanding the Role of the Foreign Area Officer
  80. The Demise of Secretary Wynne
  81. Secretary Gates at the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign
  82. U.S. Military Gunning to Curb Carbon ‘Bootprint’
  83. Army Service Uniform tomorrow?
  84. Shinseki's Final Report to Rumsfeld
  85. Army opens prep school for dropouts to fill ranks
  86. Corrective Training vs Punishment
  87. "Odierno: Former door-kicker now reflects Iraq progress"
  88. Petraeus’s Team of Experts to Review Central Command
  89. Rape in the military
  90. Secretary Gates at National Defense University
  91. Is US Fighting Force Big Enough?
  92. Indirect Approach is Favored in the War on Terror
  93. "Army Needs Rebuilding"
  94. Daniel Pipes on COIN
  95. Obama’s Pentagon-in-Waiting
  96. JFQ - Point - Counterpoint - SWJ Early Exclusive
  97. McGregor Briefing to Danzig????
  98. Krepinevich's--"An Army at the Crossroads"
  99. U.S. Special Operations: Personal Opinions
  100. Shift in AF flight culture?
  101. The Army We Need
  102. Existential Question: The Air Force?
  103. Fiasco at the Army War College?
  104. Obama Names Officials for Pentagon
  105. Improving PSYOP (and CA as a tangent)
  106. Army Discriminates Against Single Career Soldiers Deploying in Support of GWOT
  107. The QDR Summary Report is out
  108. Time to Rethink Our Global Command Structure?
  109. OPMS XXI Failure vs OPMS II
  110. The Fallacy of HIC vs COIN
  111. Army Chaplain, the human dimension of the soldier, and suicide
  112. SECDEF's DoD Budget Proposals
  113. Officer reappointment question
  114. New source of high-quality recruits
  115. The Unsung Hero Donkey Thread
  116. Scientific Data on Health Problems From Contamination at Camp Lejeune Is Limited
  117. The "Green COP" (AKA, Civil Considerations Common Operational Picture)
  118. U.S. Soldiers charged with maltreament
  119. Army making promotions tougher
  120. Blasphemy: Article advocates afternoon PT
  121. The Men Who Stare at Goats
  122. Gunmen attack Fort Hood, Texas
  123. Effect of deployment on military marriages?
  124. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  125. Civil-military relations and the u.s. Strategy deficit
  126. The Dumbness of Oneness
  127. Multinational corps and formations
  128. Terminology a reflection of mindset?
  129. should i join?or too late now?
  130. Training the Trainer
  131. Consolidating Corps Level Support
  132. Planning and the proverbial "Squirrel!"
  133. "The Docs" A Graphic Novel
  134. AirSea Battle Concept & the Future of the Marine Corps
  135. Definition of competitors in COIN.STABOPS?
  136. Rule of Law in Iraq & Afghanistan
  137. The Rules - Engaging HVTs & OBL
  138. Next Generation- Small Wars
  139. Headhunters are about...
  140. Conflict, war and medicine (catch all).
  141. The Iron Giant
  142. 1st Marine Division and Log Lite
  143. Combat and the use of performance enhancing substances
  144. Different Spanks for Different Ranks
  145. America's military: a far-right threat?
  146. Enhanced Warfighters: Risk, Ethics, and Policy
  147. Recapitalizing the U.S. Air Force: Pay Now, Or Pay Later
  148. Lost Lessons & Fresh Thinking: a challenge for SWC
  149. A-10 'Warthog' To Retire? (Merged thread)
  150. Saving money and the Way Ahead
  151. issues of approves military retirement
  152. 'American Way of War' by Professor Brian Linn
  153. Russian Electronic Warfare
  154. Transforming Rank Hierarchy