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  1. Insurgency Defined and COIN Principles
  2. Today's Wild Geese: Foreign Fighters in the GWOT
  3. How Al-Queda may evolve, or end.
  4. Assessing the Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism Threat
  5. Lessons for Countering Al-Qaeda
  6. RAND Voices of Jihad Database
  7. Suicide Attacks: weapon of the future?
  8. Architect of New War on the West
  9. Policy Think Tanks Re-thinking Views on Local Warlords
  10. Many in Terrorists' 'Next Generation' Dead
  11. New Rules for New Enemies
  12. Terrorist Groups Thesaurus / Open Source Guide
  13. Qaeda Leaders Losing Sway Over Militants, Study Finds
  14. Beyond Al-Qa'ida
  15. Studies on radicalization & comments
  16. Turks Join the Jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan
  17. Current and Projected National Security Threats
  18. Insurgents vs Terrorists -- Is there a difference?
  19. How good is your perimeter security?
  20. GWOT Threat - Simple or Complex?
  21. Understanding Terrorist Efforts to Overcome Defensive Technologies
  22. The New Totalitarians
  23. Unrestricted Warfare Symposium 2007
  24. Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies
  25. RAnd's "Exploring Terrorist Targeting Preferences"
  26. Rands' "The Cognitive Side of Counterinsurgency"
  27. Terrorist Targeting vs Military Targeting
  28. Training for the Jihad (merged thread)
  29. Islamist Website Instructs Mujahideen in Using Popular U.S. Web Forums
  30. Retired Insurgents
  31. The Arab Invasion
  32. General Pace: Iran Sending Arms to Afghanistan, Iraq
  33. Electronic Jihad (merged thread)
  34. Brian A. Jackson about IRA training
  35. Al Qaeda Strikes Back
  36. Country Reports on Terrorism 2006
  37. Institute for Counter-Terrorism - April articles
  38. The Terrorist Tool Kit
  39. Before Abbottabad: hunting AQ leaders (merged thread)
  40. NPS thesis "Why Insurgents Fail."
  41. Al-Qa'ida Chief Urges Iraqis to Export Jihad
  42. Iraq's Thermal Brigades
  43. Targeting Kennedy
  44. Three Arrested in Arms Plot to Kill Americans
  45. The Guidebook for Taking a Life
  46. Terrorist Finance (merged thread)
  47. Understanding Terrorist Ideology
  48. Franchising Al Qaeda
  49. Viral Extremism?
  50. Homemade, Cheap and Dangerous
  51. Terrorism's Hook Into Your Inbox
  52. Policing Networked Diasporas
  53. Sheikh Abdallah Azzam: al-Qa'ida's First Ideologue
  54. Intelligence Estimate on Terrorism Released
  55. Al-Qaeda in Iraq Is Part Of Network, Bush Says
  56. NYT Freakonomics - "If you were a terrorist, how would you attack"
  57. Debates and Divisions within al-Qa’ida and its Periphery
  58. Project for the Research of Islamist Movements (PRISM)
  59. Terrorism: What's Coming
  60. Recommended Reading?
  61. Terrorist Prisoners and Deradicalization
  62. CTC Sentinel
  63. The political economy of Islamist militancy
  64. The State of Jihad: 2007
  65. Insurgoterrmilitia Ideogangs
  66. How we fight Wars?
  67. What Happens When the Jihadists Go Home?
  68. The Siege of Mecca
  69. Penalty for crossing an Al Qaeda boss? A nasty memo
  70. A Typical Hostile Guerrilla Force, 1970-75
  71. Olympic Threats
  72. Small Boat threat along the US coast
  73. Drug use by insurgents and terrorists
  74. The Female Jihad
  75. Has the U.S. Military Shifted Too Far Toward "Asymmetric" Threats?
  76. The Changing Nature of State Sponsorship of Terrorism
  77. Telephone and communication nets in insurgent infested areas
  78. The Future of the Jihad
  79. New Journal: Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict
  80. Sunni and Shi'a Terrorism: Differences That Matter
  81. Narco Warlord...
  82. Anbar Awakening Council: Friends Close Enemies closer?
  83. FYI--Draft Paper on Insurgent Motivation
  84. Thoughts on "My Life Inside the Jihad"
  85. Abu Yahya al-Libiís Older Brother
  86. Nihilist terrorism and the need to vent...
  87. The Motive For 911
  88. Why are public estimates of small wars adversary strength so rare and obscure?
  89. Strategic Role of Armed Non-State Actors
  90. Forget swarming, itís our RoEs, and the laws of war that underpin them, that are the
  91. Afghans AWOL In The USA
  92. Sexual violence in conflict and terrorism
  93. conflict resolution vs "material support for terrorism"
  94. U.S. troops face Afghan enemy too young to kill
  95. Hey, let's just call them idiots...
  96. Shariah is coming! Shariah is coming!
  97. The Danger of Conflation: AQ through Intel eyes
  98. AQ refreshed by one man?
  99. AQ's M&A Strategy is a franchising network?
  100. The Physics of Terror
  101. National Counterterrorism Center 2011 calendar
  102. NYPD: Active Shooter - Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation
  103. Western wahhabbism equivalent
  104. MPs warn over nuclear space bombs and solar flares
  105. Trolling the Muj
  106. Mullah Omar's Eid al Fitr Message
  107. Is one man's terrorist really another man's freedom fighter?
  108. I'll be sticking that to my wall...
  109. Zawahiri issues General Guidelines for Jihad
  110. You have Mullah Omar on the drone's downlink feed...
  111. Keep God in mind
  112. Opportunity or threat: two questions about AQ
  113. Anatomy of Terrorism
  114. Terrorists, Insurgents & WMD? Intent & Capability
  115. Mental health and political violence
  116. Training to imagine and think harder
  117. ISIS: an essential reading collection
  118. The theatre of terror
  119. Aimen Dean: an AQ insider who spied for MI6
  120. The Puzzle of Terrorism: kill soldiers, not civilians
  121. How do you spot the terrorist?
  122. 14yrs in G-Bay, now he says Extremists 'have no right to live in the UK'
  123. 21st century Anti-Slavery Campaigns
  124. Understanding terrorists use of technology
  125. A psychological feast - on terrorism
  126. Even jihadists have their downtime. The question is, what do they do in it?
  127. We have no strategy: Scott Atran's thoughts
  128. USAF Space Chief Sees Final Frontier as Battleground
  129. 8 things you need to know about terrorist decision making
  130. Space Operations