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  32. Old school police gunfighter dies
  33. Predawn Raids Target Troubled Oakland Bakery
  34. Your investigation may be compromised...
  35. Philly Seeks 10,000 Men to Guard Streets
  36. Informing The Authorities Of Terrorist Plots
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  38. OPERATION PHOENIX: Changing Minds, Changing Hearts, Changing Culture
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  42. How Game Theory Helped Make LAX More Secure
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  45. What are the SWC thoughts on policing in combat?
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  50. Impact of Foreclosures on Crime
  51. MX Army Members Busted for Home Invasion in Phoenix, AZ
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  55. PETA/ELF: Animal & Environmental Extremists and Homeland Security
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  60. Possible Afghan war crime evidence removed
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  62. US prosecution of arms dealers
  63. Alabama Rampage Shooting
  64. DHS Report: Rightwing Extremism
  65. Explorer-Scouts Go Counter Terrorist
  66. The Stop Snitching Phenomenon: Breaking the Code of Silence
  67. The Navy's Respose to a given Scenario
  68. Meet the Marine Corps' first autistic Marine....
  69. Marine admits illegally passing state secrets
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  79. 2010 Manual for Military Commissions
  80. Oakland Shuts Down
  81. Chocolate (pipe) Bomb in Houston (TX)
  82. Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional ?
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  85. PETN in Escondido
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  89. Deadly 'War On Cops' Sparks US Tactic Review
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  91. "How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam"
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  94. In Florida, Criminals Pose as Police More Frequently and for More Violent Ends
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  96. What & Who discovers terrorist plots?
  97. What about this kind of small wars?
  98. New technologies and war legislation: a progress?
  99. Crime Syndicates brokering nukes / WMD materials
  100. Police recording of crime: mandated productivity
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  105. WAP is your friend.
  106. The puzzle that is Minh Quang Pham
  107. Data on Armed Law Enforcement, SWAT on College Campuses?
  108. America’s safer streets: why is elusive
  109. Effectiveness: Law Enforcement -v- Organised Crime
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  111. American Gendarmerie
  112. The Geopolitics of Clandestine Innovation
  113. Remembering a Hero Giovanni Falcone
  114. Robbing a Gas Station: The Hacker Way
  115. Paramilitary forces in Colombia's conflicts: literature?
  116. The Second Ammendment Lobby and Police Safety
  117. Foreign Fighters: preventative action (UK mainly)
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  119. How do you spot a terrorist in a crowd? A Chinese answer
  120. Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations
  121. The New Militias
  122. Building Trust in a Diverse Nation: the USA
  123. 9/11 could have been stopped
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