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  79. Is Salafism in part a future way out of war on terrorism
  80. FYI: I have an exhaustive database of articles re: participation of academics in COIN
  81. Terrorist Hostage Taking: The Use of Deadly Force by the State and Event Duration
  82. Art History and COIN
  83. Social Science for Counterterrorism - RAND
  84. Game Theory and the Dyanmics in Iran
  85. Paper: Rethinking Role of Religious Conflict in Doctrine
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  88. Canada pulls ahead...
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  106. How Psychology Solved A WWII Shipwreck Mystery
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  110. Dangerous hatred
  111. If you want to raise the "Passion" of the people, do it in their native tongue
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  113. extracts from a theological presentation
  114. War as a natural event - Human Terrain Aplications
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  116. US Army Chaplain Assistants and Counterinsurgency Operations
  117. Training Humans for the Human Domain - SSI Publication
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  119. A Deadly Deployment, a Navy SEAL’s Despair
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  121. Green Light A Vet
  122. Is Islam the rock on which the liberal order breaks..
  123. Orwell, digital prisons and the double-edged sword of surveillance
  124. [Indonesia] Crossing Divides: The battle to unite former child soldiers in peace
  125. Freedom: The God of Modern War?
  126. Review: Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam
  127. Do we care about the lives of non-Americans?
  128. ‘I think we are witnessing the dying of Hong Kong’