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  1. Book on class disconnect in American society
  2. Waterboarding, Just water boarding
  3. White House Hopes to Close Rift Between State and Defense
  4. DOD, State Dept. Eye Joint 'Hub' For Stability Operations, Irregular War
  5. Unified National Will as an Instrument of National Power
  6. 298,144,215 Decide to Not Protest War in D.C. This Weekend
  7. Nothin' like bread, circuses and... shoes?
  8. America Says Let's Win War
  9. National Guard shooting in NOLA
  10. Gitmo and the lawyers!
  11. Statement from StratFor regarding state of the Army
  12. Kabuki
  13. Donald Rumsfeld's sharp elbows
  14. Is Public Will at odds with Public Sacrifice?
  15. America’s Morale and the “In Between” Wars
  16. Obama:Future Commander-in-Chief Gives Advance Notice To Enemy He Will Retreat
  17. Father of the Iranian revolution
  18. Who Will Sound The Call to Service?
  19. Can we get the politics out of governing?
  20. Tancredo: Bomb Muslim Holy Sites
  21. The Uncertain Cost of the GWOT
  22. Why Tenet Wrote His Book
  23. What is the militarys role in the decision to go to war?
  24. Charlie Schumer - does he get it?
  25. War over the Wonks: Advisors to Presidential Candidates
  26. US to debate Turkey genocide bill
  27. Impact on Makasey
  28. Finding American backs to stab
  29. Baby Boomers and the 9/11 Generation
  30. The Victims of Terrorism
  31. Homosexuality and Military Service (Merged thread)
  32. Say It Ain't So, Joe!
  33. Gratitude Campaign Sunday
  34. Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Candidates
  35. Veterans in the elite and American conflict behavior
  36. Ron Paul's Fortress America: How would it work?
  37. Dumb and Dumber? Or Condescending and Misguided?
  38. Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum
  39. The Next Cabinet
  40. Pew Research Center Poll on Iraq
  41. Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand
  42. The Top 100 Public Intellectuals
  43. The Coming Year of Uncertainty
  44. Top-ranking officer warns U.S. military to stay out of politics
  45. Sustaining the Fight
  46. Why We Invaded Iraq
  47. The Decline in America's Reputation: Why?
  48. Keeping Secretary of Defense Gates in the next administration
  49. GEN Clark's Comments about Sen. McCain
  50. Debating the War Powers Act
  51. GOP Erred in Naming SEALs at Convention
  52. WTUs
  53. Crossing the line from Soldiering to campaigning
  54. Pre and post deployment support
  55. National Guard, Reserve and 60 Minutes
  56. Hyperpartisanship and Deamonization of Regional Experts
  57. Roles of Centers and Think Tanks
  58. Executive power to nominate General Officers
  59. President Elect Obama and Britain
  60. Neocon Retreads in Obama Foreign Policy
  61. A Proposal for a Unifying Strategic Doctrine for National Security
  62. Parameters: Colin S Gray vs. Gates
  63. Citizens vs. Soldiers: The Growing Cultural Divide
  64. Debating defense priorities and expenditures
  65. Budget Non-Disclosure Agreements
  66. Distrust or Derision?
  67. A wake up call??
  68. Combat Air Forces Restructuring
  69. Why do Generals tolerate getting grilled by senators?
  70. Do They Really Believe So?
  71. QDR and Strategy Changes
  72. SFC Monti to receive the Medal of Honor - MOH criteria too strict?
  73. Deficit, Budget, and War
  74. The President's Decision Process
  75. Ray Stevens-We The People
  76. Money
  77. Iran Helps Mississippi Doctors
  78. Students protesting Petraeus at Georgetown University
  79. Face: does it really matter?
  80. UK Army to remove replica mosques on range
  81. Gates to Cut Bureaucracy
  82. A Cain't Do America
  83. Is the U.S. Military Affordable
  84. Pentagon recommends Medal of Honor for a 'living' soldier
  85. Tariq Ramadan on Islam in the US
  86. Should Military Recognize State Concealed Carry Licenses
  87. VA not meeting deadlines.
  88. Who will chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
  89. Report says too many whites, men leading (US) military
  90. Gen Clapper Testimony to Congress 10 Mar 11
  91. Defense budget cuts - what should Congress do?
  92. State Dept Spokesman P. J. Crowley Resigns After WikiLeaks Flap
  93. Congressman Probing HBGary Scandal Fears ‘Domestic Surveillance’
  94. War dead are sneaked out of the back gate
  95. America against the tide: influence declining
  96. Time to hold the US generals accountable for Afg. and Iraq
  97. The Developing Country Double Standard
  98. Plutocratic Insurgency
  99. The UK & torture: Oh no we don't! Bull****
  100. Politics For Dummies!
  101. Pat Boone Calls The President A Marxist
  102. Countering Lind-dinistas - if the mission is impossible, don't blame me
  103. Tony Blair and tackling radical Islam (merged thread)
  104. US electorate system explained
  105. Western Muslims; First Line of Defense or Part of the Problem?
  106. Questions to Bernie Sanders
  107. Six national security questions that won't be asked in the US presidential elections
  108. The Trump impact on US policy
  109. Senate Proposes 25% Cut to Generals
  110. Trump's Navy
  111. Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists
  112. LG Hal Mcmaster, National Security Adviser (2017 onwards)
  113. The Trump impact on US policy (July 2017 on)
  114. The Beatles dilemma: court somewhere or a hole
  115. Idiot Politicians, a global infection
  116. U.S. leadership failure post WWI?
  117. Welcome to Congress. Here’s How to Run the World
  118. An Emerging Progressive Foreign Policy?