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  1. Iraq's oil minister survives assassination attempt
  2. Letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi
  3. Ramadi Revisited; Cracks in Jihad
  4. Making Tribal War Work for the U.S. in Iraq
  5. Resistance Ready to Talk - But Only With US
  6. Profusion of Rebel Groups Helps Them Survive
  7. Shiite Urges U.S. to Give Iraqis Leeway In Rebel Fight
  8. More Iraqi Battalions 'In the Lead' Against Rebels
  9. Iran and Iraq
  10. Najaf...
  11. Casualties, the Election, and Insurgency - A “Red Team” View
  12. Al Qaeda in Iraq: Demobilizing the Threat
  13. Rebels' Arsenal Includes Politics
  14. General Casey: Levels of Iraqi Sectarian Violence Exaggerated
  15. Recently captured documents, validate our strategy in Iraq?
  16. Iraqi Ethnic Cleansing
  17. Death of Iraqi Clergy
  18. The Battle of Baghdad
  19. Iraq Considers Arming Insurgents
  20. Muqtada al-Sadr: Spoiler or Stabilizer?
  21. Poll: Civil War in Iraq - Yes or No?
  22. When the Shiites Rise
  23. An Adaptive Insurgency: Confronting Adversary Networks in Iraq
  24. Kurdistan IO Email
  25. Scenarios for the Insurgency in Iraq
  26. Why aren't the insurgents hitting the oil pipelines?
  27. Canadian allegedly leading insurgency
  28. A cheat sheet on Iraqi players
  29. The List: The Future of the Insurgency
  30. Looking at the Surge From the Other Side
  31. Death Squad Chieftains Flee to Beat Baghdad Surge
  32. Was the Karbala Kidnapping a Cover to Steal a Military Laptop?
  33. JAM infiltration of Iraqi Army?
  34. Iraqi Security Forces Order Of Battle
  35. NPS thesis "An analysis of counterinsurgency in Iraq: Mosul, Ramadi, and Samarra ..."
  36. Al Sadr Fled Iraq, Fearing U.S. Bombs
  37. Al Qaeda's Outrages Swing Sunnis to U.S.
  38. U.S. Troops Mix Sweep, Sweetness in Iraq
  39. LTG Ray Odierno on New Insurgent TTP
  40. Good news -- the insurgency is over! Now we need a new strategy for the Iraq War.
  41. How America can survive and even prosper in the 21st Century
  42. Maliki frees top Sadr aide, hours after arrest by US forces
  43. Insurgents Report a Split with Al Qaeda in Iraq
  44. McCaffrey Paints Gloomy Picture of Iraq
  45. Islamic Army of Iraq denounces Al-Qaeda in Iraq
  46. Switching sides?
  47. The Roggio Report
  48. Letter From Downed Pilot's Brother
  49. Blast Kills 8 at Iraqi Parliament Building
  50. Baquba Insurgent TTP
  51. Counterinsurgency Paradigm Shift in Iraq
  52. Al Qaeda on the Offensive
  53. Divide seen within Iraq's Ba'ath Party
  54. The Urban Tourniquet – “Gated Communities” in Baghdad
  55. Uneasy Alliance Tames One Insurgent Bastion
  56. What is the bottom line?
  57. Insurgencies Like Iraq's Usually Last 10 Years But Fail, Study Says
  58. U.S. Forces Fight for Iraqis' Hearts, Minds
  59. Know Thy Enemies
  60. U.S. Sweeps Iraq Seeking 3 Soldiers Missing in Attack
  61. An Iraq To-Do List
  62. News Unfit To Print
  63. Battling al Qaeda in Iraq
  64. Morgue Data Show Increase in Sectarian Killings in Iraq
  65. Five Britons kidnapped from Iraqi Finance Ministry, Baghdad
  66. Iraqi Ethnic Tensions Stoke Insurgency in Mosul
  67. US reaches out to Iraq insurgents after bloody month
  68. Sunnis revolt against al-Qaida in Iraq
  69. Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq Grow in Lethality, Complexity
  70. Iraq’s Curse: A Thirst for Final, Crushing Victory
  71. Baghdad's Green Zone Is a Haven Under Siege
  72. For U.S. Unit in Baghdad, An Alliance of Last Resort
  73. Tom Ricks's Inbox
  74. Samarra Mosque Attacked Again
  75. Is Iraq the Next Gaza?
  76. Iraq, Baquba, Arrowhead Ripper, and the Real Elements of Victory
  77. U.S. Strategy on Sunnis Questioned
  78. Could Someone Please Explain the "Surge Strategy" to Me
  79. Americans In Iraq
  80. The Illogic of American Military Strategy in Iraq
  81. Al Qaeda in Iraq
  82. Mistrust as Iraqi Troops Encounter New U.S. Allies
  83. No Kiddin!!!
  84. COIN in a Tribal Society
  85. Brian Fishman and Fawaz Gerges on Iraq
  86. Taking on the Shiites
  87. Fight on Donkey Island
  88. Sectarian death toll doubles in 2007
  89. Children doing battle in Iraq
  90. Iraqi insurgents taking cut of US rebuilding money
  91. Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt
  92. Suicide Bombers in Iraq
  93. How the West was Won (well, at least Ramadi)
  94. "Resistance is a normal thing, and a right for everyone."
  95. Center of Gravity in Iraq
  96. The Terrorists of Iraq
  97. How George Bush became the new Saddam
  98. We Didn't Kill Enough Iraqis?
  99. USIP Facilitates Groundbreaking Sunni-Shia Collaboration
  100. Hakim-Sadr Pact: A New Era in Shiite Politics?
  101. Ameriyah update
  102. This is what victory looks like
  103. DoD Press Briefing 17 Jan 08
  104. Our Troops Did Not Fail in 2006
  105. The Myth of the Surge - Nir Rosen
  106. The Patton of Counterinsurgency
  107. Iranian Infiltration of Iraq
  108. Misreading the History of the Iraq War
  109. Clerics most influential leaders in Iraq; Reconciliation could be near
  110. The Basrah Gambit
  111. Observations from a Year in the Sunni Triangle
  112. Insurgent Video Targets Blackwater
  113. Iraqi Non-Lethal Contributions to the Counterinsurgency
  114. Abu Ayyub al-Masri Captured in Iraq
  115. The War We Have
  116. DDR in Iraq - UN/NGO efforts
  117. Multi-National Force-Iraq Commander’s COIN Guidance
  118. Battle of Sufia Video
  119. Inside the Surge: 1-5 Cavalry in Ameriyah
  120. Dinner with Al Qaeda without precondition
  121. Criminals, Militias, and Insurgents: Organized Crime in Iraq
  122. A Strategic Plan to Improve the Political Position of the Islamic State of Iraq
  123. AQI and Iraqi Shi'ites