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  1. Nine children among 16 dead after US serviceman attacks villagers
  2. Huge Attack Planned for Kabul
  3. OP Shal
  4. OEF has it been worth the human cost?
  5. 2005 and 2012 Strategic Partnerships
  6. Taliban Death Porn
  7. So I guess it's all our fault...
  8. Welcome to my world
  9. The coming (postponed) Afghan civil war
  10. How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)
  11. Taliban attack inside Camp Bastion
  12. The best thing we can do is leave
  13. China's role in Afghanistan
  14. Afghan Exit:why, how and more in country and beyond
  15. Patronage and the war in Afghanistan
  16. What 2012 has meant for Afghanistan
  17. Karzai says Afghanistan to be safer once foreign troops leave
  18. SOFA in Afghanistan?
  19. What will our expedition to Afghanistan teach us?
  20. Winston Churchill on Afghanistan
  21. Strategy in Afghanistan: could the US have done better?
  22. Talking to or with the Taliban
  23. Afghans confidence in the future: who is leaving?
  24. Stand by Royal Marine 'A' now
  25. Afghan Elections: Game changer or no big deal?
  26. Wardak Province Mystery
  27. Before we go THINK a lot more!
  28. Easy to conquer, nightmare to stay in
  29. Afghanistan, its neighbours and non-NATO nations
  30. Afghanistan 2015 onwards: Moderator's Notice
  31. ANSF performance 2015 onwards
  32. OEF: a lingering Afghan small war for the West (catch all)
  33. ISIS / IS in Afghanistan (a small collection)
  34. The best film from the current conflicts
  35. Pech River Boys documentary
  36. New literature on Afghanistan...
  37. Why is there a war in Afghanistan? Explained in four minutes on YouTube