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  1. Small Unit Action in Afghanistan
  2. Civilian Deaths Undermind Allies' War on Taliban
  3. Security and Stability in Afghanistan
  4. Taliban Suicide Bombing Patterns
  5. Tough G.I.'s Go to War Armed With Afghan ABC's
  6. The UK in Afghanistan
  7. Help with C2 in Afghanistan
  8. U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar
  9. Navy Officers Head to Afghanistan to Join PRT Teams
  10. All Counterinsurgency is Local
  11. Iran & USA allies in Afghanistan:stranger than reality
  12. Afghan General Wants Special Forces To Fight Terrorists
  13. Experimental Distributed Ops Unit Proves Its Worth in Afghanistan
  14. NATO in Afghanistan till 2015 (merged thread)
  15. Counterterrorism Blog's Bill Roggio in Kabul
  16. The Taliban collection (2006 onwards)
  17. Senior Sergeant Paul McGeogh, Royal Marines (SBS), CMH/R.I.P.
  18. AP: Big Offensive Planned in Afghanistan
  19. Afghanistan: Canadians in Action
  20. Kabul and Crime
  21. The Afghanistan Reconstruction Group
  22. Afghanistan's Drug Problem
  23. The Afghanistan National Police (ANP)
  24. COIN Polling in Afghanistan
  25. Relationship Between State and Non-State Justice Systems in Afghanistan
  26. Afghanistan’s Endangered Compact
  27. RAND's commentary "Afghanistan's Local Insurgency"
  28. McNeil Takes Command; Brits Fear Gung-Ho Americans
  29. Afghan National Army (ANA) thread
  30. Deep in Taliban country
  31. Top General in Afghanistan Expels Marines
  32. The Dutch way in Afghanistan
  33. The Human Cost
  34. Ten Counterinsurgency Commandments from Afghanistan
  35. Afghan Amnesty Shows Warlord's Clout
  36. The Helmand Province (merged thread, not UK or USMC)
  37. Karzai: Not willing to accept civilian casualties
  38. Taliban successes in the North
  39. Punishment in Syachow
  40. F*ck. This. Place.
  41. National Geographic Documentary on SF
  42. The Indian role in Afghanistan (new title)
  43. Economist comments on Afghanistan
  44. The Struggle for Pashtunistan
  45. Hundreds of Bodies Found in Soviet-Era Prison
  46. The Soviet experience in and leaving Afghanistan
  47. Where Less Is More
  48. All that is old is new again.....
  49. How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad
  50. Kandahar Province: catch all thread
  51. SILENT SOLDIER - The Man behind the Afghan Jehad (on-line read)
  52. DoD Strategic Communication Plan for Afghanistan
  53. Germans in Afghanistan
  54. Afghanistan 2007 conference - Ottawa
  55. Supply routes to Afghanistan
  56. A ‘Surge’ for Afghanistan.
  57. In COIN Class, Soldiers Think Like Taliban
  58. Future COIN in Afghanistan
  59. Afghan Refugees in Iran
  60. Bid to Transform Afghan Madrassas
  61. Can tribes take on the Taleban?
  62. Afghanistan - Decision Point 2008
  63. Afghanistan's Political Parties and Where They Come From (1902-2006)
  64. Korengal
  65. Prince Harry In Afghanistan
  66. Supplier Under Scrutiny on Aging Arms for Afghans
  67. Whose side are the Afghans on?
  68. The USMC in Helmand (merged thread)
  69. Trying to get on the front foot - Taliban mistreatment claims
  70. Disarmament and Demobilization in Afghanistan
  71. Afghanistan: colonialism or counterinsurgency?
  72. Report of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence
  73. The Advisor Mission in Afghanistan
  74. Russia Joins the War in Afghanistan
  75. OEF-Afghanistan Online
  76. Inside the Taliban jailbreak
  77. Rural Fence Sitters in Afghanistan
  78. Combat Outpost Penetrated in Afghanistan, 9 dead
  79. Securing the Afghan border (merged thread)
  80. No Sign Until the Burst of Fire
  81. Afghanistan troop surge could backfire, experts warn
  82. Contested Nation Building
  83. After Action Report-General Barry R McCaffrey USA (Ret) Afgahanistan
  84. Oruzgan Shadow Governor Bagged
  85. The Roads to Nowhere
  86. TF Phoenix--AFG info
  87. The French in Afghanistan
  88. Consider PUSHTUNISTAN
  89. What Is Our Strategic Endstate in Afghanistan?
  90. Can the Anbar model work in Afghanistan?
  91. The Good War?
  92. Reconciliation and COIN in Afghanistan
  93. A suggestion for changing the course of the conflict on the Afghan/Pakistani frontier
  94. Provincial Reconstruction in Afghanistan
  95. Afghanistan: What is it ?/ What is it not?
  96. Lost in Translation
  97. Can we do something? Anything?
  98. Possible Fixes for Afghanistan
  99. Unity of Command in Afghanistan: A Forsaken Principle of War
  100. Getting the Basics Right in Afghanistan
  101. How Should the U.S. Execute a Surge in Afghanistan?
  102. Col. Agoglia blogger roundtable
  103. Sarah Chayes on Afghanistan
  104. ISAF Campaign Plan Summary
  105. J'aime les soldats Americains
  106. The Pashtun factor (catch all)
  107. NATO to "Merge" Public Affairs, Info Ops, Psy Ops Offices in AFG?
  108. Chlid Sex Abuse by AFG Security Forces?
  109. Afghanistan: What's Our Definition of Victory?
  110. Excellent Afghan ETT Blog
  111. John Wayne Lives
  112. Agricultural Component of the Afghanistan Surge?
  113. A War's Impossible Mission
  114. This would be a funny article if
  115. Afghanistan 2008: A Survey of the Afghan People
  116. Afghan story expects re they most take some ownership of their government
  117. Getting locals to take an ownership interest in the Afghan government
  118. Crunch Time in Afghanistan-Pakistan
  119. Afghanistan: Japan's Experiences Revisited
  120. Ralph Peter's Best to Worst COAs for Afghanistan
  121. OSINT Assessment of the Afghan War
  122. Mack's Small Wars and Afghanistan
  123. Afghanistan: The Dysfunctional War
  124. New US Policy on war in Af/Pak
  125. women's rights and international support for the Afghan mission
  126. Some added news on the Training and Mentoring mission
  127. Is the United States learning from prior attempts at nation-building?
  128. Afghan campaign guide
  129. Northern Afghanistan: BBC report
  130. Winning the War in Afghanistan
  131. How Pakistan (and Afghanistan) can fix itself
  132. Nagl/Ficks- COIN Field Manual: Afghan Edition
  133. McKiernan replaced
  134. Is it time for psuedo operations in A-Stan?...
  135. Ummm Uniform Changes
  136. This is a dumb idea
  137. The Enemy As A System
  138. Afghanistan ROE Change
  139. Step 1: Decentralize Afghanistan
  140. Article in German journal "Stern"
  141. US Soldier captured in Afghanistan
  142. Training for Afghanistan
  143. Rule of Law in Afghanistan
  144. Australians in Afghanistan
  145. A war that cannot be won or lost
  146. The missed factor? Water in Afghanistan
  147. Biddle on Afghanistan
  148. Two competing views on the war in Afghanistan
  149. When Afghans trust us
  150. Reading on COIN in Afghanistan: a place to start
  151. Enemies, Irregular Adversaries, Spoilers, Non-compliant Actors-Definition & Influence
  152. Bespoke COIN Planning Required?
  153. Afghanistan Election Thread
  154. War of Choice?
  155. Exum on NPR
  156. Afghanistan and U.S. Interests: Kotkin vs Nagl
  157. Quitting Afghanistan?
  158. Can a theater commander ever say that his war is not "winnable"?
  159. Two frontline reports
  160. "We're pinned down": 4 Marines die in Afghan ambush
  161. Reflections on the past (assessment of ISAF etc up to 2015)
  162. AP: General calls for more Afghanistan troops
  163. negotiating with insurgents?
  164. Frontline in Afghanistan
  165. Gen Jones on Face the Nation, 4 Oct
  166. Three cheers for rephrasing...
  167. There are now 82 al Qaeda in Afghanistan
  168. The Green Beret System For Winning
  169. Mullah Omar: Taliban Rules and Regulations
  170. "Go Deep" - another plan for Afghanistan
  171. Another Plan by Col. Macgregor
  172. CNAS policy brief
  173. Was it a mistake not to recreate Afghanistan as a constitutional monarchy?
  174. New essay: “The Shadow COA or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NSC-68"
  175. Daniel Ellsberg:On Vietnam And Afghanistan
  176. US 101st Airborne lessons
  177. First U.S. Official Resigns Over Afghan War
  178. Afghan Population
  179. Did we make the right decision in Nuristan?
  180. Some Good News from Oruzgan -- Sabi found
  181. The value of microcredit
  182. Afghan politics (catch all, so includes talking to the Taliban)
  183. What If We Fail in Afghanistan?
  184. Control comes before Collaboration
  185. Nightwatch Afghanistan Analysis
  186. "On War #325: How the Taliban Take a Village (Lind/Sexton)"
  187. Show of f?rce
  188. Sanctuary (or perhaps just area) denial operations at the Afghanistan village level
  189. OP Rock, Patrol Base Hassan Abad
  190. Zbigniew Brzezinski Interview On Afghanistan
  191. Mumbai style attack in kabul..
  192. Konduz Airstrike Aftermath
  193. Afghanistan indicators
  194. Vietnam 1963 and Afghanistan 2010
  195. Ending the Agony: Seven Moves to Stabilize Afghanistan
  196. A Final Solution to the Afghan question
  197. The Political Economy of Customary Village Organizations in Rural Afghanistan
  198. Man Versus Afghanistan By Robert D. Kaplan
  199. Afghanistan: Sealing the deal in the "build" phase?
  200. Friedman Nails It.
  201. WHAM in Afghanistan: a report on development aid in COIN ops
  202. Stepping back from the Garrison mentality
  203. The future with Karzai: a debate (merged thread with new title)
  204. US forces fight Taliban with heavy metal
  205. Behind the enemy lines
  206. Mullah Omar Captured? A discussion
  207. Afghan Governance Report
  208. Haqqani Network (merged thread)
  209. The Modern US Army Officer
  210. Local Defence in Afghanistan
  211. Did we get on the wrong road from the outset?
  212. Muhammad Junaid On The Jirga
  213. Moving the Rhod. Fire Force concept to Afghanistan?
  214. Withdrawal deadlines discussion
  215. The war that I know- 150 Taliban KIA
  216. Rory Stewart MP on Afghanistan
  217. Why The US Is In Afghanistan?
  218. Interview, perhaps of interest
  219. Afghan Patriots - Living with the Taliban (Video)
  220. IISS recommends precision and adaptability
  221. Anthony A. Shaffer's “Operation Dark Heart”
  222. Best Afghanistan Documentaries?
  223. Rethink Afghanistan
  224. I'm now world famous in Warsaw, Poland!
  225. Good Friday: A Story of Heroism in Afghanistan
  226. Gurkha beheads Taliban...
  227. Incessant Opportunities: a war blog
  228. An Open Letter to President Obama
  229. Tartan Taleban
  230. Bing West's "The Wrong War: Grit, Strategy and the way out of Afghanistan" NYT Review
  231. US Declaration of Independence and the current situation in Afghanistan
  232. Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?
  233. Head for the hills.
  234. Cavguy heads to Afghanistan
  235. Why are we still leading missions, instead of supporting Afghans conduct them?
  236. Symmetrical Defense Strategies?
  237. ISAF is the enemy, so says ANSF?
  238. Chopper down
  239. Ten myths about Afghanistan
  240. The Afghan War after ten years
  241. Leave or Stay
  242. Absurd expectations...
  243. Green on Blue: causes and responses (merged thread)
  244. Afghan public opinion poll
  245. Plowing Over the Taliban
  246. Bamiyan Provice, Afghanistan: something goes right
  247. Gloomy US intelligence assessment coming or Let's hear from the spies
  248. AQ follows the Iraq model in Afghanistan?
  249. In Afghan War, Officer Becomes a Whistle-Blower
  250. Could the CAP concept work in Afghanistan?