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  1. Military Plots a 'Long War' on Terror
  2. American Strategy and Pre-emptive War
  3. New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones
  4. DoD IG Report on CPL Tillman's Death
  5. Go Navy
  6. Review: Brave New War
  7. The Col. Gentile collection and debate
  8. If THIS is Afghanistan, YOU must be a Marine?
  9. A Well of Courage
  10. Can the Anbar Strategy Work in Pakistan?
  11. DOJ to Launch CIA Tapes Criminal Probe
  12. Slaying the Hydra of Jihadi Terrorism
  13. "The era of the big footprint is over."
  14. War on the cheap?
  15. So I Started Reading the Feith Book...
  16. WHere is the heart of the "War on Terror" anyway?
  17. Ending the "War" on Terror?
  18. Hoffman vs. Sageman: Myth of Grassroots Terrorism
  19. Interesting Observation
  20. AQ defections and the Muslim community
  21. Admitting Failure - TAC
  22. Why Have We Not Been Attacked Again? Competing and Complementary Hypotheses
  23. Article in Strategic Studies Quarterly
  24. Global Attitudes to 9/11
  25. A Balanced Strategy- Secretary Gates
  26. Terrorism after OEF/OIF
  27. GWOT... Nope. Long War... Nope. Overseas Contingency Operation... Yes!
  28. Understanding the Enemy
  29. The USA military-led global strategy: a fresh analysis?
  30. Crowdsourcing on AQ and Analysis (new title)
  31. Victory Has a Thousand Fathers (by RAND)
  32. Reading Bin Laden's library and documents
  33. Results of "One Year After Bin Laden" Poll
  34. New boss same as the old boss
  35. We need less Chemo and Surgery and more "Voom."
  36. US DoD lawyer: military pursuit of al-Qaida should end
  37. What is the state of al Qaeda and Terrorism two years after Bin Laden? Vote here!
  38. The Management of Savagery
  39. The best analysis I've read of our last few wars.
  40. Winning the War We've Got
  41. Donald Trumpís Shadow War