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  1. Mainly terrorism in Indonesia: catch all
  2. Australia: catch all
  3. The Islamic Insurgents (catch all)
  4. Google in China...
  5. Thailand (catch all)
  6. Japan (catch all)
  7. Solomon Islands (inc. Guadalcanal) peacemaking by RAMSI
  8. East Timor SITREP
  9. North Korea: 2012-2016
  10. Communist Insurgency in the Philippines (catch all)
  11. Beijing’s Doctrine on the Conduct of “Irregular Forms of Warfare”
  12. China's internal troubles (not the Far West)
  13. A Tale of Two Countries
  14. The Evolving Terrorist Threat in Southeast Asia
  15. Prostitution in South Korea
  16. China’s View of South Asia and the Indian Ocean
  17. Contrasting views of madrassas in multi-ethnic Singapore
  18. Philippines (2012 onwards, inc OEF)
  19. The US response to China (catch all)
  20. Defending Taiwan (Republic of China)
  21. Cambodia & Thailand's Border War
  22. Fiji (catch all)
  23. South China Sea and China (2011-2017)
  24. Islands in dispute in the East China Sea
  25. Singapore is world's least emotional country
  26. Cambodia (catch all)
  27. Small Arms Weapons Effectiveness in the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War
  28. Small War in Laos?
  29. Chukotka Resurgent
  30. Is the Rebalance unbalanced?
  31. North Korea 2017 onwards
  32. South China Sea and China (2018 onwards)
  33. Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA)
  34. China's Peacetime Disease