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  2. More Piracy Near Somalia
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  6. Africom Stands Up 2006-2017
  7. Shaba II: The French and Belgian Intervention in Zaire in 1978
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  9. Aid to Africa: Beneficial or Impediment?
  10. Gazing in the Congo (DRC): the dark heart of Africa (2006-2017)
  11. 'Nigeria: the context for violence' (2006-2013)
  12. Tom Barnett on Africa
  13. China's Expanding Role in Africa
  14. U.N. Staff Accused of Raping Children in Sudan
  15. Algeria Again? Contemporary affairs
  16. Malaria: A Serious Threat to our Military
  17. The role of non-African powers in Africa: a discussion
  18. Angola & Cabinda (catch all)
  19. Conditions in Rwanda and Ghana?
  20. Zimbabwe: 2007 till Mugabe resigns
  21. Mobutu and Nuclear Power
  22. al-Qaeda's rebirth in Africa
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  24. The Perfect Weapon for the Meanest Wars
  25. Islamic Democrats?
  26. Looking for military members with extensive experience in Senegal
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  31. Vanity Fair issue dedicated to Africa
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  33. COIN case: LRA Lords Resistance Army
  34. What Bono Doesn't Say About Africa
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  36. Lord of War: Viktor Bout
  37. Eritrea: catch all
  38. UN meeting wiped after U.S. reads wrong statement
  39. Mali mainly, 2012 coup, drugs & more
  40. Africa’s missing billions: International arms flows and the cost of conflict
  41. New Thinking on a ‘New Deal’ for Post-Conflict Countries?
  42. Cameroon: in the shadow of Nigeria
  43. International Affairs: Africa and Security Special Issue
  44. 2 US Sailors killed in Ghana
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  46. Toilets Report and the Future of Africa
  47. Working as a Foreign Service Officer in Africa
  48. Mercyhurst Wiki on Sub-Saharan Africa non-state actors
  49. RUSI African Militaries 2007
  50. Cuban Exiles in Zaire.
  51. Ending famine by ignoring the experts
  52. AFRICOM and the perception mess
  53. African Jihad - Bin Laden's quest for the Horn of Africa
  54. African small wars
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  56. Voodoo Economics
  57. HOA SMEs?
  58. The Meaning of Governance: Ranking Africa
  59. Niger: a Sahel country bumping along (catch all)
  60. Double drug-rape disgrace of CIA’s top agent in Algeria
  61. Rape as a Cure for AIDS
  62. Changing Intelligence Dynamics in Africa
  63. Book Recommendations on African Security Issues
  64. South Sudan: Watching a fragile nation
  65. Think Again: Africa's Crisis
  66. The Gulf of Guinea and West Africa: a new focal point?
  67. Nigeria's Missing President?
  68. Where Were You When We Need You!?!
  69. the Bridge of Horns
  70. Any good guys left
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  72. Swaziland: the revolution to come
  73. CNN: Can Democracy Thrive in Africa?
  74. Madagascar : time for another Coup attempt
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  76. Gaddafi's sub-Saharan mercenaries
  77. CNN displaying its geography skills again...
  78. Horn of Africa Humanitarian Crisis and Al-Shabaab
  79. Czech 'spies' in Zambia
  80. Sudan Watch (July 2012 onwards)
  81. Lights, Camera, Jihad: Al Shabaab's Western Media Strategy
  82. Ripples from Mali: events plus outside Mali
  83. Background on AQIM: a growing threat?
  84. Somaliland: a peaceful place (catch all)
  85. Mozambique: a small war returns?
  86. Do we need an African NATO?
  87. Nigeria 2013-2017
  88. Watching Tanzania: catch all
  89. CAR Central African Republic: Fragile, failed and forlorn
  90. What does this say: Fake interpreter at Mandela memorial?
  91. A good man in Rwanda: the story of the bravest man I have ever met
  92. African leaders vote to give themselves immunity from war crimes
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  94. Lesotho Coup Redux
  95. African Peace Operations
  96. Good intentions, a road and survival
  97. Burundi: another genocide coming
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