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  1. On Policing the Frontiers of Freedom
  2. "What If?" -- A Most Impertinent Question Indeed
  3. Employment Generation in Stability Ops
  4. Online microfinance: www.kiva.org
  5. Reuters - U.S. aid official linked to call-girl ring resigns
  6. DoD's Use of Condolence Payments in Iraq & Afghanistan
  7. Counterinsurgency and Human Nature
  8. CALL Handbook 07-34 PRT Playbook
  9. Integrating 21st Century Development and Security Assistance
  10. Problems with problem solving.
  11. Chess With The Sheiks
  12. Conflict Resolution
  13. Do you know what you don't know?
  14. How well do you LOO?
  15. Perception of military vs civilian organization personnel
  16. CNAS on the NSP: Echos of El Sal
  17. We still don't grasp the value of translators
  18. The "we need to provide security" argument and the "strongest tribe" hypothesis
  19. Military Negotiation Conference call for papers
  20. CIMIC annotated bibliography, 1990-2010
  21. Trying to understand influence
  22. An "Unquenchable thirst for Apocalypse"?
  23. How 'wi-fi' connects human brains and explains why people have 'gut feelings'