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09-03-2006, 11:52 PM
I found the following Monograph on the digital library at the School of Advanced Military Studies US Army Command and General Staff College.
The title is: Law Enforcement Methods for Counterinsurgency Operations by Major Gary D. Calese. It is a fairly short paper but I will summarize for all. First he uses the Law Enforcement version of Col. Wardens 5 rings analysis which is different than that the militarize to compare crime families, gangs and insurgencies.
Here it is:
1-Leadership(manager,true believer,cult of personality)
He then goes on to list 5 basic LE concepts that can be used at the platoon and squad level. He also sorts out some things in LE that should not!! be used. All in all an excellent paper. I have used everything in this paper and can agree 100% with what he says. If any members have time read it and post your comments for discussion.

09-04-2006, 05:49 PM
Here's the link:

Edit: The link doesn't seem to stick too well with the standard tags. Just cut and paste the full address, and it should open up the pdf document: