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02-09-2011, 02:53 AM

New NMS was released today, it is posted here (http://www.jcs.mil//content/files/2011-02/020811084800_2011_NMS_-_08_FEB_2011.pdf).

Embraces COIN as a part of CT efforts, and talks about a "multi-nodal" world. Definitely not an isolationist strategy.

A quick read yields the following highlights:

Strategic environment is changing
-"This changing distribution of power indicates evolution to a "multi-nodal" world characterized more by shifting, interest-driven coalitions based on diplomatic, military, and economic power, than by rigid security competition between opposing blocs."

-4 objectives:
 Counter Violent Extremism
 Deter and Defeat Aggression
 Strengthen International and Regional Security
 Shape the Future Force

-"Convening power" discussed extensively - IE the ability to convene conferences or build coalitions to address crises as they develop.

-US is "guarantor" of security - protects the global economy from aggression

-"Military power complements economic development, governance, and rule of law – the true bedrocks of counterterrorism efforts."
-Cyberspace is a domain
-Air/Space/Cyberspace interconnected
-"We must seek executive and Congressional action to provide new authorities to enable effective action in cyberspace."

-"As part of our shared responsibility to ensure security on both sides of our border, we shall assist Mexican security forces in combating violent transnational criminal organizations."

-"we must also invest new attention and resources in Southeast and South Asia. We will look for security opportunities to support our Nation’s increased emphasis on its relationship with ASEAN and other multilateral forums."
-"the Joint Force seeks a deeper military-to-military relationship with China"

-Directs COCOMs, services, Joint Force to partner with other USG agencies to do theater security cooperation and train interagency.

-Emphasizes civilian control and apolitical nature of military service

-"we must change our mindset from simply increasing the density of ISR capabilities to evaluating our methodologies for employing and integrating ISR assets. Joint Force processes must efficiently employ and allocate all ISR assets from across the Services, and strengthen the linkage between ISR and cyberspace operations where they leverage each other or operate in the same space.



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