View Full Version : What Scope of Military, and Civilians, Do We Need?

10-19-2006, 01:14 AM
Good post at the Democracy Project blog - What Scope of Military, and Civilians, Do We Need? (http://www.democracy-project.com/archives/002875.html) by Bruce Kessler.

In short: More, please, of everything.

Yesterday I posted how “Startfor and Gerecht Clarify the Iraq Choices.” (http://www.democracy-project.com/archives/002874.html) The central point clarified is that the U.S. military was and is both undersized and misorganized to meet the challenges that developed in Iraq. There are good explanations for this. Nonetheless, consequently our mission there and in that region is endangered, as well as our vital interests elsewhere. A significant expansion of our fighting forces is required.

Today, let’s address what that means. The short answer is that the U.S. needs to expand both its conventional and unconventional capacities, because both challenges are present and expected, and the consequences of inadequate preparedness are dire.

Understanding this -- and that major new expenditures and sacrifices are necessary -- is, also, vital among our political and commentating classes. An essential front in American engagement in the world is clarity of purpose and of public understanding. Without that, adversaries are encouraged to aim their actions at undermining our home front, and critics of good will are stimulated or of weak will to cave.

A home front which is confused by policies that are confused and whose expression are confusing is a core liability in the execution of any foreign policy, particularly in a war. Americans are reluctant to sacrifice, but will and rally to clear need, purpose and policies. Americans, too, have the common sense to see when sacrifice is seemingly wasted by leaders who are incoherent or who do not express clearly enough what is needed, instead disrespecting them by muddling by on the futile cheap...

Much more at the link...