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11-08-2006, 08:50 PM
For those with AKO access, the BCKS Foreign Security Force Assistance forum (https://forums.bcks.army.mil/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=62133) is a discussion forum that also has an FOUO-and-below knowledge depository.

This is a forum that can help solve problems, improve efficiency, broaden knowledge and advance the Foreign Security Force (FSF) advisor training program. The FSF forum supports the online generation, application, management and exploitation of Army knowledge to foster collaboration among soldiers and units in order to share expertise and experience; facilitate leader development and intuitive decision making; and support the development of organization and teams.
Public access: Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance (https://jcisfa.jcs.mil/)

12-13-2006, 10:17 PM
Posted within the BCKS COIN forum (AKO log-in required), but intended to assist those working with the Iraqi Army:

English-Arabic Translated Documents (https://forums.bcks.army.mil/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=309067&view=w)

This topic was established to develop a library of Arabic translations of US documents and manuals that can be shared with our members conducting training and who are currently working alongside the Iraqi Military.

02-06-2007, 08:14 PM
A work in progress. New JCISFA website. Currently requires AKO/DKO log-in and a request for access. Will go public hopefully sooner than later.


02-29-2008, 12:53 PM
AKO Log-in Required

TC 31-73 Special Forces Advisors Handbook (Initial Draft) (https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/10283132), Feb 08

The material in this draft is under development. It is NOT DA-approved and CANNOT be used for reference or citation.

TC 31-73, Special Forces Advisors Handbook, supports FM 3-05.20, Special Forces Operations—the keystone manual of the U.S. Army Special Forces—as well as FM 3-05.202, Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Operations (https://akocomm.us.army.mil/usapa/doctrine/DR_pubs/dr_c/pdf/fm3_05x202.pdf). It defines the subjective, intangible nuances of human interaction. It is designed to assist the SF Soldier in understanding and navigating the complexities of human behavior as it relates to cross-cultural communication.