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11-10-2006, 03:18 PM
2006 Project on Special Operations Forces Conference Report (http://www.csis.org/media/csis/pubs/061107_posof_report.pdf)

...The purpose of the inaugural POSOF conference was to identify the most critical challenges and issues that the U.S. SOF community is currently facing as well as possible solutions worthy of further discussion and analysis. The results of the conference will help to define the POSOF team’s priorities and work plan for the coming year. The conference was also intended to fuel a broader and ongoing dialogue across diverse communities with an interest in SOF. To that end, participants were drawn from the SOF community – active duty and retired, officer and enlisted, and from all services – policymaking circles in the executive and legislative branches, the academic and think tank community, and the private sector. The conference was conducted on an off the record basis in order to facilitate the most frank exchange of views possible.

In addition to keynote addresses from senior military and civilian leaders from the SOF community, the 2006 POSOF Conference covered four broad topics – irregular warfare, SOF roles and missions, the challenges of growth, and preserving the unique culture of SOF and quality of life issues – each of which is summarized below...