View Full Version : Counterintelligence: Jamming and Intercepting P25 Radios

Erich G. Simmers
03-03-2012, 05:15 PM
Hello, folks.

I saw some research recently on P25 Radios, which I wanted to share. I don't use these radios myself, but this is a great warning for those of you who do. In the following YouTube clip at about the 10 minute mark, Avi Rubin discusses Matt Blaze's research on building a jammer from off-the-shelf components as a possible way to disrupt communications of first-responders.

Rubin goes on to discuss how individuals can easily forget to encrypt their communications via radio. Researchers were able to record data such as the names of confidential informants, etc. that were transmitted "in the clear." In major metropolian areas, researchers were able to record over 20 minutes per day of communication that should have been encrypted.