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05-30-2012, 02:26 PM
The fallacies behind India’s Pakistan policy | Stagecraft and Statecraft

Even though India’s extended hand has been slapped again and again by Pakistan, right-minded Indians still desire peace and stability on the subcontinent — but with dignity. Instead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s one-sided commitment to “go more than half the way” to make peace with Pakistan, India’s correct position should be that it is ever ready to walk more than half the distance on
cooperation or confrontation, depending on whether Pakistan wants peace or war.

Singh’s recent statements in Parliament point to the fallacies on which he has been reconstructing his Pakistan policy. His personal imprint on that policy bears at least eight perilous misconceptions.


Chellany is one of the strategy analyst in India.

He makes some rather interesting observations which are contrary to the policy being followed by the current Govt which has lasted and lasting two terms in office.