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01-15-2007, 11:15 PM
Rules and Another Place (http://becausewerehereboy.blogspot.com/2006/12/rules-and-another-place.html) - Because We're Here Boy, No One Else; But Us.

I've been here for going on 2 years and will go home in March. After some time at home I plan on going to Afghanistan or Iraq; but I don't know exactly how. My company flies in Afghanistan so I will probably go that route. But it is better to have choices so if anybody knows of a company that flies in Iraq or Afghanistan, please let me know. I figure I ought to help in the war if I can.

That being said, after 2 years I will present some observations that may help people who come here to work. Besides, we haven't been flying much so I don't have anything else to write about.

This is mostly about living in Kinshasa since that is mostly where I've been. Presented in no particular order of importance...

And Rules 2 (http://becausewerehereboy.blogspot.com/2007/01/rules-2.html)... Good cultural intel - and good luck to Carl when he moves on - anyone here have a line on commercial / private flying in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Tom Odom
01-16-2007, 02:16 PM
You can build for yourself probably as good a picture of the security situation in Kin as the embassy can. All you have to do is talk to people. Talk to your friends and ask what they have seen and heard, what their friends have seen and heard and what everybody's employees and acquaintances have seen and heard. Everybody knows a lot more than they think they do but You Have To Ask Them. Once they know you are interested they will tell you what they have heard without being asked. Make sure you don't blow anybody off if what they tell you is not interesting because you won't hear from them again.

Amazing how hard it was to get Embassy folks to go out and look around...

Do not show weakness. That does not mean yell at them or belittle them. You are always quiet and polite; by being so you will probably take psychological control of the situation. Conduct yourself like you are the biggest bear in the woods. The biggest bear doesn't have to prove anything to anybody.

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I acted on this premise while going through training in the States and ended up being "counseled" by someone who taught by rote...



01-16-2007, 09:25 PM
3. Everyday in every way something will go wrong. Things will go wrong in ways that are so abstruse you would have thought God couldn't have thought of that one. And then something else will go wrong. Bear this thought in mind and you won't get so frustrated.

Carl, I could quote you for the remainder of the evening, but it's very late for us (7 hours ahead of EST).

However, this one I especially like. Yea, this could happen anywhere in the world, but it would never measure up to Ktown. I began to believe that if nothing went wrong, it must have been a strike (and even those didn't work).

You plan on Afghanistan next and I am certain that what you have experienced will keep you safe. Not only that, but you have the sense for right and wrong already. Or better put, how to stay clear.

I enjoyed our recent emails and continue to keep Tom CC because I know he likes reading this stuff.

The three of us should get together, I know the stories would make us double over. I don't think we should meet in Ktown and propose Estonia. If we go to Tom's place, we have to eventually bring back a dead deer.

I have the room and once again, know the people and city better than any other foreigner...12 years this May.

Take care and keep the greasy side down (biker talk and in some cases, AN driver talk).

Regards, Stan