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11-22-2005, 07:46 PM
US Central Command on extremist Internet press releases - What Extremists Are Saying (http://www.centcom.mil/extremistssay.asp).

From 11-14 November, the gangster jihadis who call themselves “Al-Qaida Organization in the Land of Two Rivers,” the “Islamic Army in Iraq” or the “Victorious Sect” posted multiple press releases to the internet in which they bragged about targeting and killing men of the Iraqi security forces. By killing those charged with security, these jihadists menace the lifeline of the community – its trade routes – and make the people afraid to use the roads, forcing them to rely on foreign armies for protection. But these transgressions upon the community were not enough for this week’s crime spree. In retaliation for the betrayal by the “guides to Hell, the pseudo-Sunnis,” the jihadists deliberately murdered families at a wedding feast, to include the fathers of the bride and groom. The enormity of this unlawful act rejects expiation. For these cowards, “who love martyrdom and yearn for heaven,” intentionally hurt believing men and women who did nothing to deserve it solely “to gain martyrdom out of belief in what God promised them.” These selfish acts to find “the shortest way to Paradise ” are not justified in any law...