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02-23-2015, 01:01 PM
Strategic Options for the Future of African Peace Operations 2015-2025 (http://english.nupi.no/content/download/497463/1659496/version/4/file/NUPI+Report+1-15-de+Coning-Gelot-Karlsrud.pdf)

With the ASF due to achieve FOC in 2015, the question is how the ASF will be utilized in future, and more generally, the future direction ASF and African peace operations? The independent panel of experts appointed by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission in 2013 to review the progress made by the ASF towards achieving FOC by 2015 held that the existing ASF Policy Framework should be reviewed, and be aligned with the realities of the African peace operation experience. With the ASF due to achieve full operational capability in 2015, the AU could benefit from a strategic review of African peace operations. That could enable it to prepare for the next decade on the basis of a shared strategic vision for ASF operations that is relevant to the current and near-future context, and adjusted to the strategic objectives of the AUs Vision 2063 (http://agenda2063.au.int) and Silencing the Guns.

This report is an outcome of a seminar co-hosted by the Nordic Africa Institute (http://www.nai.uu.se) and the Training for Peace (http://trainingforpeace.org) programme in Cape Town, 1718 December 2014.

02-23-2015, 07:46 PM

A curious report which I quickly skimmed through.

The report very briefly touches upon how AU peace operations are funded, just about admitting the AU does not finance them - the EU & USA do. The two suggestions made, each a US$ levy on air tickets and hotels were laughable.

Why does the report state only the EU & USA can provide strategic airlift? For a price normally both the Ukraine and Russia, either national air forces or private contractors, have provided this.

Unless there is an accompanying document - where is a table showing who are the contributors of personnel, who pays, who has suffered casaulaties etc.

ANISOM is cited rightly, but does anyone think the troop contributors would be there if Africa picked up the bill?

I am not familiar with African surnames, but the conference participants did appear to be rather light on Africans.