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04-19-2015, 01:39 PM
The MASH Heros You’ve Never Heard Of

India's first international peacekeeping mission.

The 60th Para arrived in Korea in Nov, 1950, composed of 346 men, including four combat surgeons, two anaesthesiologists and a dentist.

When the Chinese swarmed through UN lines in November 1950, the 60th had to evacuate its position. But they had no transport and were reluctant to abandon their medical equipment. They stumbled across an ancient steam locomotive, formed bucket brigades to fill the boilers with water, and loaded up the train. Two soldiers (with zero previous train experience), got it all running and chugged across the last bridge south before it was blown. They don’t teach that in medical school or army staff colleges.

Later, in March ’51, in the second biggest airborne operation in the war, Operation Tomahawk, a dozen medics of the 60th parachuted in behind the lines with 4,000 US troops. Rangaraj was among them.

In all, they treated about 200,000 wounded. … which included 2,300 field medical operations … and in the meantime, also trained local Korean doctors and nurses.


04-19-2015, 03:21 PM
I always find it fascinating to learn of lesser-known or smaller units / elements in well-known military operations. Thanks for sharing this.

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I share your interest too, not just British or Commonwealth units either.

I'd forgotten the deployment to Korea of the Indian Field Ambulance (MASH). Years ago I read about a Turkish infantry battalion and since the French were rather committed in Indo-China that - vague now - they had an infantry battalion there too.

Some of the strangest multi-national deployments were just before WW1, such as the Boxer Rebellion and the inter-war, often League of Nations mandated peace operations, such as in Upper Silesia in 1921.

04-20-2015, 07:29 PM
Years ago I read about a Turkish infantry battalion

Few years ago I had a conversation with a Turkish guy on a different fora about Turkey's role in Korea. He referred me to some some English and Turkish language articles. Turkey had a fairly impressive record in Korea.

@Morgan, you are most welcome.:)