View Full Version : Congressman Murtha and Strategic Forecasting

11-28-2005, 11:14 AM
From The Adventures of Chester - Congressman Murtha and Strategic Forecasting (http://www.theadventuresofchester.com/archives/2005/11/congressman_mur.html).

On Rep. Murtha: I watched him on Meet the Press this weekend. I think he's a stand-up guy. He seemed cut from the same cloth as many other senior field-grade Marine leaders I've observed. Very blunt, calls things like he sees them, sees a problem, or what he percieves to be indecision or lack of commitment and wants to call attention to it. I don't think he has any ulterior political motives, and I doubt that he is a pawn of the Democratic leadership, though we've seen them try to use him to their own purposes. I don't think he wants to simply tarnish the President.

Having said all that, I disagree with his prescriptions.

Immediate withdrawal is a bad idea. I do tend to agree with him that not everything has been done to get necessary equipment to the warfighters in the field. This is an unfortunate consequence of having a military geared toward large weapons systems, and not people...