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Bill Moore
07-20-2015, 06:23 AM
A very interesting debate (video) on the utility of war. I suspect this will generate substantial conversation.


More to follow as time allows.

Bill Moore
07-21-2015, 04:48 AM
My apologies, the link I provided above defaulted to the previous video. The link below will take you to the interview/debate. This interview took place in 2003, so you can compare their predictions.


The Prussian military historian Carl von Clausewitz famously observed that "war is merely a continuation of politics by other means." These "other" (violent) means have been used on countless occasions throughout human history to settle conflicts over land, resources, and political rule. But what is the utility of war in the modern world? In a world with weapons of mass destruction, have the means of war delegitimized its use? In a world of expanding democracy, and cultural and economic interdependence, has the use of force become outdated?