View Full Version : 14yrs in G-Bay, now he says Extremists 'have no right to live in the UK'

12-13-2015, 10:10 PM
Shaker Aamer, a UK resident's last Guantanamo Bay detainee, who returned home in October 2015 after 14 years in captivity, has been interviewed by The Daily Mail (who campaigned for his release), with my emphasis:
And to those who claim he still has 'questions to answer' about his supposed support for terrorism, he produced the strongest possible riposte an unequivocal denunciation of terror attacks on the streets of British cities, such as the 2013 murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby and last week's stabbing at Leytonstone Tube station.
Mr Aamer said: 'How can you give yourself the right to be living here in this country, and living with the people and acting like you are a normal person, and then you just walk in the street and try to kill people?'

'According to my knowledge of Islam, it's not allowed. Even if there is a war you cannot kill just anybody, you cannot kill kids, you cannot kill chaplains, you cannot just go in the street and get a knife and start stabbing people. If you are that angry about this country, you can get the hell out.

In a BBC commentary:
Shaker Aamer's denunciation of modern-day jihadists is a hugely important moment in the fight for hearts and minds.
Extremists have long used the imprisonment of Mr Aamer - and others like him - as part of their recruitment drive.mHis public demolition of their claimed justifications might just be the words that some on the cusp of violent extremism need to hear.