View Full Version : Unions vs. Security

03-06-2007, 10:19 AM
"Organizing airport screeners like postal workers.
It's getting to be a full-time job keeping track of the favors that Democrats in Congress are doing for Big Labor."

Those concepts could certainly use some fleshing out, since we thought terrorism after 9/11 was threat enough. Mr. DeMint asked on the Senate floor last week if Ms. McCaskill considered the global war on terror to be such an "emergency," and she said no--but that a hurricane might qualify. We didn't know TSA screened for bad weather.

Mr. DeMint also asked if al Qaeda constituted an imminent threat. Ms. McCaskill largely dodged the question, noting instead that denying union rights because of "world-wide terror" was "specious reasoning." We realize that rookie Senators feel obliged to repay their supporters, but someone more senior should protect Ms. McCaskill from embarrassing herself so publicly. A vote on her amendment is expected as early as today.

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