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01-30-2016, 06:01 PM
Id'd via Twitter a May 2015 podcast 'The Fallen of WW2' (18 mins), which extends till then and reminds us we are in a 'Long Peace':
An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts.

It is available in several other languages and there are additional resources on the website:http://www.fallen.io/ww2/

A longer explanation:
The Fallen of World War II is an interactive documentary that examines the human cost of the second World War and the decline in battle deaths in the years since the war. The 15-minute data visualization uses cinematic storytelling techniques to provide viewers with a fresh and dramatic perspective of a pivotal moment in history. The film follows a linear narration, but it allows viewers to pause during key moments to interact with the charts and dig deeper into the numbers.

Bill Moore
01-31-2016, 02:31 AM
War has taken on a different color now because no country can afford to engage in this type of madness, but that doesn't mean we're at peace. That is equivalent to saying you weren't in an automobile accident if only one person was killed, because I recall an auto accident that resulted in 20 deaths. War is still with us, and in fact more have died in war since WWII than during WWII. An illusionary peace is what Chamberlin envisioned isn't it?