View Full Version : NYC: the collapse of the megacity

02-29-2016, 09:39 PM
Hat tip to WoTR for pointing to a new video game used by six million plus already:http://warontherocks.com/2016/02/close-quarters-anarchy-megacity-warfare-brought-to-life-in-the-division/

This is Manhattan as seen in the early-play version of Tom Clancy’s The Division, a new video game in the Tom Clancy series that follows a small team of covert operators who have been standing by in the event of a catastrophe so great that the United States teeters toward becoming a failed state. In this case, it is a bio-terrorism attack on Black Friday that ruptures the fragile membrane between order and anarchy.

Now just whether such a video game has an impact on official thinking, including the US military, is a moot point.