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03-09-2007, 07:26 AM
A great Blog !

Hello, my name is Tim and I am a Californian. For the past year, I lived in the Baltic nation of Estonia. My writings are not about Estonia, but about the steep learning curve faced by someone out of their element. If you actually want to learn about Estonian culture, read a book or come live here. Bring a parka.

Handling Instructions
I wish to remind the reader that I personally hold no opinions regarding the political, ethnic, or cultural issues of Estonia. Any such opinions expressed below are merely my efforts to convey my experiences and the mindset of the people I am in contact with here. I love this country and the people of Estonia are the most polite (except while driving), aspiring (except when drinking), and resilient (especially when drinking) people I have ever met. As I have noted in my blog description - this is not a fair account of Estonian culture. This is simply an opportunity for you, the reader, to witness the experiment of an American learning to adapt to a different culture. Please don't write to me complaining about the details I've gotten wrong - I know I have. Mistakes are part of learning. (However, this blog can be considered a great resource for incorrect (or even made-up) facts about Estonia and Estonian culture - feel free to use this material for highschool geography reports).

*Given the confusion expressed by some of my readers, I have developed a way to help ignorant readers identify sarcasm and sarcastic humor: in the following writings, items of sarcasm will be written in black text, non-sarcastic items will be written in blue.

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