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09-20-2016, 11:05 AM
Written by a Forum author and maybe of interest, especially as most concern obscure aspects and a good dollop of intelligence activity.

Title one:
In 1966, Israeli Intelligence Convinced an Iraqi Pilot to Defect With His MiG-21;Operation Diamond was a deadly honey trap

Title Two:
In 1987, a Secret Iraqi Warplane Struck an American Frigate and Killed 37 Sailors;It wasn’t a Mirage F.1 that hit USS ‘Stark’

Title Three:
The Man Who Ruined the Soviet Warplane Industry;Meet Adolf Georgievich Tolkachev

Title Four:
Which is Better, the F-5E Tiger II or the MiG-21?;A forgotten African war answered the question

11-14-2016, 02:19 PM
Thanks for 'heads up', David.

Here are three more:

Fishbeds over Dimona (https://warisboring.com/joyriding-egyptian-pilots-helped-to-provoke-the-six-day-war-with-israel-c2db466aa48d#.3n9pr2efb) (aka 'Joyriding Egyptian Pilots Helped to Provoke the Six-Day War With Israel', on who and what kind of MiGs actually made over-flights of Dimona, back in May-June 1967),

Where's the R-77? (https://warisboring.com/russias-most-feared-air-to-air-missile-is-actually-kind-of-a-dud-ebebe8b28f4f#.fl9tk99wx) (aka 'Russia’s Most Feared Air-to-Air Missile Is Actually Kind of a Dud', covering the R-77 - or the lack of these missiles - in service with the VKS), and

Tomcat’s First Kill (https://warisboring.com/tomcats-first-kill-b8c09da34909#.m1z0tjyle) (on actual 'first ever' kill scored by an F-14).

11-21-2016, 07:21 PM
Two Men Built an Air Force From Scratch in#Chad (https://warisboring.com/two-men-built-an-air-force-from-scratch-in-chad-afb3eac4d78#.y8n5cxsa2)

01-12-2017, 09:26 AM
For those who might (still) wonder: Who Shot Down U.S. Navy Pilot Scott Speicher? (https://warisboring.com/who-shot-down-u-s-navy-pilot-scott-speicher-6455bb966df5#.qtv6yawcx)

...How Speicher was shot down remains less clear to this day. Initially, the Navy maintained that Speicher was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. Corresponding reports appeared in print media throughout the 1990s.

This despite several pilots involved in the same mission where Speicher went down clearly recalling the appearance of an Iraqi air force MiG-25 interceptor around the time Speicher’s Hornet got hit — and despite Iraqi newspapers publishing several stories about the MiG.

In 2001, the CIA released an unclassified summary of a report attributing Speicher’s loss to an air-to-air missile fired by an Iraqi aircraft.

A cross-examination of recollections of Iraqi MiG-25 pilots and American participants and eyewitnesses reveals that the U.S. Navy easily could’ve lost three fighters that night. That this did not happen can foremost be attributed to the discipline of the Iraqi pilot in question.