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03-23-2007, 03:25 PM
Now this is good ! Wait til the 10,000 Estonians begin the bidding for cash :D

Mar 23, 2007
From wire reports

Lithuanian courts have registered a claim from the relatives of a former exile, demanding the Russian Federation pay 500,000 euros in compensation for the years she spent in a Soviet gulag and for the damages suffered from persecution during the occupation.

The claim was filed in by the son and a granddaughter of the late exile Ona Puskunigiene, and requests compensation for the illegal arrest of Puskunigiene and seizure of her property, deprivation of her civil rights, her sentencing and her deportation to a camp in Russia.

The claim states that in 1951 the Siauliai district court sentenced Puskunigiene to 25 years of imprisonment for anti-Soviet activism. She was deported to the Perm district of the then USSR and remained imprisoned until 1956 and died in 1976.

According to the claim, due to the illegal persecution of Puskunigiene by officials of the Soviet occupational authorities, she and the claimants suffered spiritual trials, emotion depression, debasement of honor and dignity, a decrease in reputation, a restriction of the civil and social rights.

The claim and other procedural documents should be forwarded to the respondents via Lithuania's Foreign Ministry.

By the ruling of the Lithuanian Court of Appeal, the case will be deliberated by the Kaunas district court.

03-23-2007, 03:55 PM
The Estonians better set up Geiger counters in the courtroom.