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03-18-2017, 12:15 PM
Russian Syrian Express....

Heavily laden #ВМФ Ropucha class LSTM #Бф BF Korolev transits Med-bound Bosphorus en route to #Tartus for its 4th #Syria deployment in 2017

03-18-2017, 12:26 PM
Charles Lister‏
Verified account

"U.S Airstrike Rounds Out Brutal Anniversary Week in #Syria War"

- Good piece by @jamiewrit, with my thoughts:

From former US ambassador to Syria....

Robert Ford‏#
US Govt denials wont carry weight in Syrian + other Arab communities that will believe we intentionally hit a mosque. Do we now feel safer?

it's almost as if this administration wants a terror attack. Bannon certainly would love nothing more. It vindicate his world view

03-18-2017, 12:30 PM
First the Obama WH and NOW the Trump WH and CENTCOM have signed on to support and protect a US named Kurdish communist terror group which has been fighting Turkey a NATO partner for over 40 years.....

There has been a serious escalation of repression in Syria's PYD/PKK-run Kurdish areas in the last fortnight.


Well worth the long read.....

Analysis: ‘Repression Increases in the Syrian Kurdish Areas’

by Kyle Orton

The Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian front of the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), is the leading group in the administration of the Kurdish areas in north-eastern Syria. The PYD and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have become the preferred instrument of the U.S.-led Coalition against the Islamic State (IS) and as a by-product have been assisted in conquering some Arab-majority zones of northern Syria—and perhaps soon of eastern Syria. The PYD/PKK has always treated all dissent harshly and the Kurdish opposition in recent days has reported an escalation in repression by the PYD, which the West—as has become a habit in cases of PYD misbehaviour—has made no public protest about.
The PYD regime promulgated a law on 13 March, based on a previous order, “Decree Number Five” of 15 April 2014, demanding that all “unlicensed” political parties register with the authorities within twenty-four hours or “we will be forced to close the office and duly transfer the official to the judiciary.”
The Kurdish opposition, including the Kurdish National Council (KNC), also known by its Kurdish acronym ENKS, objected to this ruling on three grounds:
First, as the KNC office in Berlin put it to me, nobody has elected the PYD. The PYD announced its interim administration in November 2013 after the areas were handed to them in July 2012 by the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the hopes of keeping the Kurds out of the then-widening revolution.
Secondly, this vetting procedure is not objective. Though PYD claimed at the foundation of its government to be ruling in alliance with fifty other organizations, these groups “either have close ties to the PYD or are unknown,” KNC Berlin says. This law, for example, says that “no political parties can have any ties to foreign parties,” KNC Berlin went on, which could be used to ban the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria#(PDK‑S), the sister party of Masud Barzani’s Iraqi-Kurdish KDP. “It can be safely assumed, however, that the PYD will not employ the law to ban itself, even though it is the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party#(PKK), which is based in Turkey.” (Indeed, while the nature of the power centres in the PYD-run areas remains secret, there is little mystery: it is widely suspected that “real power is wielded by shadowy military commanders who have fought with the PKK in Turkey”.)
Which means, third, this was a clear attempt to criminalize all political actors except the PYD and in effect formalize the one-party regime.
The next day, 14 March, according to a statement released by the KNC/ENKS today, a series of attacks against them by the PYD began. By now, the PYD “have abducted and arbitrarily detained” at least forty KNC members in more than nine cities across the area controlled by the PYD, which is often called “Rojava”. “In addition to the detentions, attacks against offices of the KNC and its member parties have taken place,” the statement added. “More than twenty offices have been torched or demolished, and subsequently were sealed up by PYD security forces.” Shortly before these attacks, the PYD had closed down the office of a Christian group, the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) in Hasaka.
On 4 March, the PYD arbitrarily detained thirty-six politicians, most of them PDK-S members. Around the same time, the headquarters of three opposition parties in Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) and Qamishli were sacked by the PYD.
On International Women’s Day (8 March)—heavily exploited by the PYD, which uses its female fighters as a central point of its propaganda, framing its state-building project as a fight against IS and using the language of universalist liberal values—the PYD’s (male) police forces, the Asayish, stormed IWD meetings and arrested numerous people.
During one of the IWD events, Dr. Khaled Issa, a member of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party (PDPKS), was stabbed by a mob of PYD youth. A number of women were arrested the next day as they tried to organise an IWD event independent of the PYD and the offices of the PDPKS were put to the torch.
This morning, in conformity with its promise, the PYD burned to the ground the office of the Kurdish Women’s Union or HJKS in Derik (Al-Malikiya) because it did not have a license that only the PYD can issue.
The persecution of dissent by the PYD is hardly new. In 2011 and 2012, the PYD was accused of murdering Kurdish politicians Mishal Tammo, Nasruddin Birhik, and Mahmud Wali (Abu Jandi). The current vivacity in oppression can probably be dated to August 2016, when the PYD arrested a dozen Kurdish opponents, kidnapped several more over a series of days, and beat and imprisoned those who protested about it. Ibrahim Biro, the overall head of the KNC, was expelled from the PYD-ruled areas into Iraq and told he would be murdered if he returned.
In its long war with the Turkish state, the PKK has always striven for total control of the Kurdish political scene, murdering its own dissidents, even when they escape to Europe, and ruthlessly suppressing all independent Kurdish factions. The PKK began as a movement that blended Kurdish nationalism with Marxist-Leninism and acted as a proxy for the Soviet Union in destabilizing a frontline NATO state (Turkey). In recent years, the PKK has claimed a reformation, proclaiming a new ideology, “Democratic Confederalism,” an eco-anarchistic, stateless, direct democracy, but it has not been able to break itself from its deeply authoritarian origins.
The PKK’s misbehaviour goes beyond human rights abuses, and it remains baffling in simple strategic terms that the PKK has not come up against at least rhetorical protests from the West.
This month, the PKK—which has strong historical links with Russia, the Assad regime, and Iran—has been, through its Yazidi proxy militia, the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), forging stronger links with Tehran in Iraq via its proxy, the Shi’i militia, Kataib Hizballah (KH), which happens to be a U.S.-designated terrorist organization that killed tens of American soldiers in the last decade. KH’s anti-American animus was clear at the meeting, where it insisted that one of its roles was to resist the American conspiracy to partition Iraq. The YBS praised KH and Iran’s other “Islamic Resistance” groups for defending Iraq from takfirism. Given that Iran has flooded these and other Shi’a jihadists tied into its global terrorist network into Syria to rescue Assad under the cover of the anti-IS war, and might well move more of them into the country after the fall of Mosul, the PKK’s assistance in Tehran’s access to the Iraq-Syria border might have been imagined to be objectionable.
The PKK has long been accused of being aligned with the pro-Assad coalition, and events in Minbij earlier this month, where the PKK handed over areas to the regime coalition in order to block Turkey’s advance on the city, hardly helped. The U.S. and Russia both moving ground forces into Minbij to deter the Turkish-backed rebels and the U.S.’s assistance in the Assadists’ recapture of Palmyra increased the optical sense of a global coalition—the U.S., Russia, Iran, its Shi’i militias, Assad, and the PKK—against the largely-Sunni opposition in Syria, a sectarian narrative the jihadi-salafists thrive on.
The PKK seconded the Russian air force for assaults on CIA-backed rebel assets in Syria multiple times in the last eighteen months, it helped the pro-Assad coalition close the siege of Aleppo City, and the PKK helped the regime coalition during the closing stages of its unmerciful conquest of that city. None of this brought a public rebuke from the United States—or any other member of the Coalition. I have been told by people well-placed to know that the PYD’s more unsavoury behaviour has come up in discussions with U.S. officials. But the appearance of uncritical support from the U.S. to the PYD is its own reality and a very worrying one in terms of the impending Raqqa operation that it now seems inevitable the PYD will lead.
In Raqqa, the PYD will enter a city in the aftermath of IS where there are sleeper cells left behind, where there are people who committed horrific crimes for the jihadists, and where there are also clerks at government offices, oil workers, and farmers who just got on with their jobs so they could feed their families but who incidentally contributed to the functioning of IS’s statelet. The requirements—of justice and ensuring IS as little political space as possible to revive—is that the PYD be discriminating in its identification of collaborators. The PYD will be essentially free of U.S. leverage by this time, and that hardly restrained them before. The PYD’s abusive behaviour toward Arabs under its rule in previous instances, especially in Tel Abyad—and its wild accusations that even a group like Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), which has paid such a high price for its resistance to IS, is pro-IS just because RBSS also opposes the imposition of PYD rule over Raqqa—has already made other Arab populations fearful that the PYD displacing IS will lead to a vengeful occupation, rather than liberation.


03-18-2017, 12:40 PM
Leader of #YPG #Sipan_Hamo told me that #SDF expecting Apaches from US to start the battle for #Raqqa beginning of April

After rejecting Obama's #RaqqaOp plan, Trump appears to have adopted it. Sending Apaches to "SDF" before Turkish referendum should be fun …

03-18-2017, 12:43 PM
REMEMBER the US is totally supporting YPG which is really a fig leaf for the PKK a US named communist terrorist group.....supporting with USAF CAS...US SOF...US Rangers and Marines....

Since when does US FP include working with US named terrorists...????

Updated list of offices of opposition parties & bodies shut down/attacked by the PYD ruling party across northern Syria/Rojava. By @NSO_SY

03-18-2017, 12:48 PM
Iran sees its role in Syria as an "existential" fight for the "heart" of its anti-Western Resistance Axis.


In Syria, Iran sees necessary war

Author Ali Hashem
Posted March 16, 2017

Six years into the crisis in Syria, Iran sees the outcome of the conflict as shaping the new Middle East. It was Iran’s first overt foreign intervention in decades, one that some Iranian ideologues have called a war for existence. Iranian officials say it spared the Islamic Republic from having to fight a similar war within its own borders. Yet#it has been costly, draining#and merciless in terms of material losses, and even worse when it comes to Iran’s image in the Muslim world. It has limited Iran’s options#and has caused alliances — notwithstanding the common ground Iran shares with its partners — to seem very shaky and fragile.
New accounts detailing Iran’s decision to intervene in the Syrian war shed light on an important and previously unknown chapter of the conflict.
“Iran learned a lot from these years,”#an Iranian military source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity. The source said the conflict in Syria has not been a traditional war where things can easily be anticipated:#“The mandate was changing from one day to another. When Iran decided to take part in the war via our military advisers, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was on the verge of falling. More than 70% of the country was under [the control of] terrorist groups who were enjoying widespread international, regional states’ and popular support. Today, President Assad has the upper hand, and the world knows well that he’s the only choice for those who seriously want to defeat terrorism. Yet this is not the final phase.”
In Tehran, political and military elites believe enemies of the “resistance axis” created the crisis in Syria to take revenge for what Iranian elites see as the latter’s achievements and widespread popularity in the region. “It’s obvious that after the 33-day war in Lebanon and Hezbollah’s victory over Israel [in 2006], the Americans and their local agents started thinking of how to defeat us,”#an Iranian official told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity. The official said, “Since they can’t wage a war on Iran#and their attempt to destroy Hezbollah failed, there was only one option at that time left —#hitting the heart:#Syria.” Therefore, according to the Iranian official, the Islamic Republic had no choice but to defend itself, and therefore, “Iran’s struggle in Syria is different from others: It’s an existential war with no choice for us but to win. All the other parties fighting in Syria can afford to win#or lose, save Iran. Not winning this war will have dire consequences not only for Iran but for the Shiites of the world. Therefore, it was the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who took the decision to help Syria. It was both a religious and a political decision.”
The story of the Iranian decision to intervene in Syria has been a question for many, mainly with regard to how the decision was taken and whether a plan was in place from day one. Filling out the picture is the account of former Iranian member of parliament#Esmail Kowsari — a former commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) — who told the semi-official Fars News Agency in November 2013 how Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah had gone to Ayatollah Khamenei with fears that Assad would be toppled. Kowsari said that Nasrallah, nine months after the Syrian war started, had concluded that the situation was bad and#was almost over.#Nasrallah was quoted as saying, "Along with some officials, we went to the [supreme] leader and told him our thoughts. After we finished speaking, he said: ‘No, that is not the case. We must just do our duty. If we do our duty, Assad and Syria will be stable.'”
The Iranian military source confirmed this account to Al-Monitor, adding, “When Nasrallah returned to Beirut, he met the [Hezbollah] Shura Council and told it about the [supreme] leader’s point of view; he asked them to prepare their plans. At the same time, Ayatollah Khamenei started meeting the leadership of the IRGC and asked it to put together their views and road map for how this conflict could end.” The Iranian source elaborated that Khamenei had two main concerns: preserving the weapons pipeline to Lebanon and keeping the holy shrines in Syria safe. The source said the two main leaders#chosen to ensure that these objectives were met were#Nasrallah and IRGC Quds Force commander#Qasem Soleimani.
A third man with a key role to play was IRGC Gen.#Hossein Hamedani, who was killed#in Syria in October#2015. Hamedani’s role was essential in leading the forces on the ground. He left behind a full account of what happened on the way to Syria. The book, titled “Letters of the Fish,”#focuses on Hamedani's life. He recalls surprise at his being asked to go to Syria and how he met with many figures and visited several areas. He said 75% of the country "was under the control of the terrorist groups.”#He added, “After some time, I sent a detailed report to the supreme leader, asking him to allow me to return to Iran, given that the Syrians weren’t making use of our presence. The leader told Hajj Qasem [Soleimani]: ‘You shouldn’t leave and return! Syria is sick, but doesn’t know it is sick; this disease should be explained to Syrian politicians and statesmen.'”
Hamedani also sent a report to the leadership of the IRGC. That report was later read by Ayatollah Khamenei, who asked Hamedani to consult with Nasrallah, who — according to the book — was “in charge of all the policies of the resistance axis in Syria.” Hamedani had more than 100 proposals for steps to be implemented, along with five main suggestions on the political, economic, cultural, military#and security fronts. Since Nasrallah was the man in charge of Syria, Hamedani and his aides went to meet him in Beirut, with the discussions lasting “from the evening prayer until the morning prayer.” The book says the Hezbollah chief saw no need for political, cultural#and economic steps at that time, saying, “Bashar Assad and the Baath Party are drowning#to their necks in a quagmire. Nothing is left until they completely drown.” Hamedani then quotes Nasrallah as saying, “On the cultural side, do you want to teach them how to pray? Set up classes and teach them? Discuss spirituality with them? The time isn’t right; they are drowning! On the economic side, you want to sew clothes for them? You want to give them food? Those people need no food;#they are vanishing. On the political front, you want to discuss the correct structure for the regime#and reform it? They are losing everything!” Nasrallah concluded, “First we have to get Bashar and the Syrian government outside the quagmire; then, we’ll clean them, give them clothes, feed them, ask them to study and do their prayers. Now is the time to get them out [of the quagmire], and this is the strategic move.”
Hamedani’s account along with other ones#by#various Iranian commanders#tell a lot about the Syrian war#and about how and why Iran is keen to fight to the last man standing. Today, just as when Iran decided to enter Syria, the Islamic Republic continues to believe that compromising Damascus is akin to giving up Tehran — and that whatever the price of the war, it will never exceed the cost of losing it.

03-18-2017, 01:12 PM
Aftermath of overnight #Russian airstrikes west of #Aleppo.
Last pix: Alleged Russian strikes continue now.

03-18-2017, 06:19 PM
Damascus: Photo shows rebels with killed #Assad fighter after failed regime attacks against besieged #Barzeh this evening.

03-18-2017, 06:31 PM
Aleppo: The #Russia|n regime declared all civilians who were killed and wounded by #US airstrikes on a #Syria|n mosque as terrorists

03-18-2017, 07:22 PM
Shooting children while they trying to get food from the frist aid convoy that arrived #Madaya since months

Damascus: #Assad and #Hezbollah snipers have killed or wounded several civilians at the #Madaya aid distribution point today.

03-18-2017, 07:30 PM
Daraa: #FSA destroyed 3 #Assad regime bulldozers with 3 ATGM strikes (incl. 2 #TOWs) near #Khirbet_Ghazaleh today.

03-18-2017, 07:34 PM
Ethnic cleansed continues in #Syria under #Russia'n supervision (#Homs suburb Al Waer)

Russian army members in #Homs #Waer today

03-18-2017, 08:26 PM
NE #Damascus: #FSA using BM-21 Grad and #TOW (2nd strike in 2 days) in its offensive vs #ISIS in E. #Qalamoun desert.

Rebels are shelling #Fuah & #Kefraya after Hezbollah/Regime targeted depots housing Red Crescent aid who reached Madaya 4 days ago.

E. #Damascus: Regime seized over parts of Hafez street on #Qabun front and this building belonging to #FSA 1st Brigade (#Damascus prov.).

Regime offensives on E. #Damascus and E. #Ghouta fronts visibly increasing: Rebels declare 6 tanks damaged/taken out since morning.

Meanwhile Ahrar Al-Sham declares Regime attack on #Barzeh orchads foiled. One T-72 destroyed and 8 fighters killed. E. #Damascus

E. #Damascus: Jaish Al-Islam trying to repel Regime attack on #Qabun orchads.

Reports Tell Ashtara in NW #Daraa countryside is back under Rebel control.

E. #Qalamoun: battle launched by #FSA to expel #ISIS from Afai & Batra Mounts. #TOW strike spotted. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.869845&lon=36.918869&z=11&m#…

03-19-2017, 10:30 AM
Rebel car bombs, #Assad air strikes on the front east of #Damascus.
Rebels in desperate counteroffensive.

This particular US so called ME analyst has been largely wrong in a number of his articles...this one supports the Trump take over of Raqqa not the Turkish plan....

Why the U.S. Should Team Up w Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State http://www.joshualandis.com/blog/u-s-not-team-turkey-take-raqqa-destroy-islamic-state/#…
via @joshua_landis

Following is a critique by Charles Lister...

Has #Turkey talked about going to “eastern Syria” proper, i.e. Deir ez Zour? No.
- Nobody talks of partition
- 3 is v simplistic

Para 2:

- Hang on a minute, if #Assad has already achieved this ‘cutting into two,’ then why does #Turkey need to achieve it a second time?

Para 3:

- “No Kurdish allies to attack #Raqqa” ? In the immediate term, it’d divert yes, but never at all?
- #YPG ≠ all of #Syria's Kurds

Para 4:

- Sorry, #YPG has no territorial interests around #Raqqa? Really?
- I suspect YPG is looking at more than just good U.S relations

By The Way...this was the Landis response to Lister's para 4 question...he actually confirmed what Lister was asking...
Joshua Landis‏
Verified account
#@joshua_landis 5h
5 hours ago
Joshua Landis Retweeted Charles Lister
Do you believe that the Kurds will take Raqqa for Rojava whether US urges them to or not?

Para 5:

- Ahrar is no way near ES's “dominant” force
- Ahrar lost 8-10% of its men to #HTS, not 50%
- #Turkey wld not allow AQ to its areas

Para 5:

- #Turkey sees AQ/#HTS as a hostile adversary & vice-versa.
- 2013 was 4yrs ago, how about using current dynamics to assess today?

Para 6:

- #Aleppo-based groups (who dominate ES) have many former #Raqqa-based fighters
- #Turkey has been training Raqqan tribes & groups

Para 6:

- I’m pretty confident that most Raqqans would rather Sunni Arabs than the Marxist-Leninist #YPG & some pro-#Assad Sunni militias.

Para 6:

- Handing #Raqqa to #SDF, knowing they’re likely to eventually hand it to #Assad & #Russia will *definitely* invite AQ recruitment!

Para 7:

- Actually, the main reason is that #Turkey has no workable plan that can be implemented *now.* The #Trump admin wants acceleration

Para 8:

- Turkish plan => escalation, yes, but is #Raqqa & the Euphrates a “#Iran-#Russia-#Assad-#Iraq” sphere of influence right now? No.

Para 9:

- Handing Euphrates area to “Kurds & #Assad” = fastest way to bring stability.” - You surely cannot honestly believe that, really?

Para 10:

- Restraining #Iraq’s Kurds from aggression is *extremely* different to restraining a group (#YPG) inherently hostile to #Turkey.

03-19-2017, 04:04 PM
Israel threatens to 'destroy' Syrian air defence systems

If fired on again by AD systems they will strike back on the system and or systems that fired on them...

03-19-2017, 04:07 PM
Damascus: Hysterical #Assad regime shelling has killed 11+ civilians and wounded around 50 more in Eastern #Ghouta today.

03-19-2017, 04:32 PM
Damascus: A fire reported near #Damascus Parliament.

Damascus: Photos show the #HTS double #SVBIED attack against the #Assad regime in #Jobar District today.

Assad army tried to storm Jobar several times in past weeks, this will further improve Jobar chances from another forced displacement deal.

03-19-2017, 04:55 PM
Hama: #ISIS has destroyed/damaged a second T-72 northeast of #Salamiyah. #Assad regime is in trouble there.

03-19-2017, 05:38 PM
Hama: #ISIS has destroyed/damaged the third (!) #Assad T-72 tank northeast of #Salamiyah. 4 #ATGM strikes in northeastern #Hama today.

Hama: #ISIS established fire control about the supply road towards #Aleppo. #ISIS has sent ATGM units to Eastern #Hama.

Damascus: Large explosion reported near TV building in Umayyad Square in #Damascus.

03-19-2017, 05:40 PM
A US general says an ally used a $3 million Patriot missile to shoot down a $200 drone

03-19-2017, 05:42 PM
Absolutely the strangest reporting...

Damascuss is falling to rebels, Syrian Parlament building on fire as Russians leave the capital. Watch live feed.

03-19-2017, 06:35 PM
Reports from #Syria saying #Israel targeted a car in #Quneitra just hours after Syrian media reported an Israeli rec drone was "repelled"

Damascus: #Israel|i drone strike has killed an #Assad regime commander in #Quneitra today.

03-19-2017, 06:43 PM
E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman confirms the destruction of 2 tanks in #Jobar Battle.

E.#Damascus: Ahrar Al-Sham fighters before starting the battle to control #Qabun Industrial Area. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.534169&lon=36.333590&z=15&m#…

ISIS reportedly destroyed several buses carrying Regime troops on Ithriya-Khanasser highway with IEDs.

ISIS was able to cut off Regime road towards #Aleppo and fired several #ATGM|s vs Regime vehicles NE of Salamiyah. Pics: trucks blocked.

03-19-2017, 06:44 PM
Rebels are now advancing on Interchange close to Panorama Bldg (between #Qabun & #Jobar) & cut off the International road. Clashes ongoing.

N. #Homs: Ahrar Al-Sham sniper suppressed a Regime position equipped with 14.5 mm gun S. of #Talbissah.

FSA Al-Hamza Division escorting buses with people deported from Al-Waer suburb (W. #Homs) towards #EuphratesShield territory.

BREAKING. #Rebels confirm takeover of Electrical Facilities and large part of #Qabun Industrial Area.

Jobar: T-72 reinforcements from 4th Division/Republican Guards spotted in #Damascus.

E. #Qalamoun: #FSA Usud Al-Sharqiyah shelling #ISIS-held Tell Makhul with Grad rockets before starting assault. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.408660&lon=37.358665&z=13&m=b#…

FSA announces destruction of an #ISIS vehicle after hit by #TOW and the seizure of a 106 mm cannon + 23 mm gun in E. #Qalamoun desert.

Assad regime Commander of Jobar operations has just been killed. Assad regime Operation room was also targeted today as offensive launched
E. #Qalamoun: #FSA seized from #ISIS Secret Complex of Scientific Research and two checkpoints in desert area.

Damascus: Opposition launched counter offensive this morning and gained control of Abbasid Garages and clashes in Fares Khoury St. #Syria

EuphratesShield arrested two fighters of #Assad forces lost their way and entered the area by mistake on #Tadef road.

03-19-2017, 06:48 PM
Map show #Rebels advancing east of #Damascus and control of the area between Joubar and Qaboun

03-19-2017, 06:56 PM
E. #Damascus: updated map of #Jobar Battle by @abdulwahab2070 acc. to field reports.

E. #Damascus: important Regime reinforcements leaving E. #Ghouta & heading towards #Jobar. Alleged pic of T-72 leaving Tell Kurdi area.

03-19-2017, 06:58 PM
E. #Damascus: Rebels from #Qabun also trying to control Syronics complex (base of IRAM rockets). Unprecedented Regime shelling & airstrikes.

Jobar Battle (update): Rebels seized electrical facilities and also managed to enter nearby Garage. Clashes ongoing http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.529769&lon=36.324899&z=17&m=b#…

Hama: #ISIS ambushed and killed 10 pro-#Assad forces on the #Salamiyah - #Ithriya Road.

Hama/#Aleppo: #ISIS has blown up several #Assad regime busses carrying regime reinforcements from #Aleppo with IEDs.

Damascus: #Iraq|i Shia militias who fight for #Assad in #Damascus still crying about the death of their leader 2 days ago.

03-19-2017, 07:01 PM
Ruscist Aleksandr Sagaydak, born in #Kronshtadt, Russia - fought in the Donbas, perished in Syria Mar07

03-19-2017, 07:13 PM
Russian fixed wing aircraft in Syria update based on 12th March satellite image:

03-20-2017, 05:59 AM
Israeli strikes on Hezbollah and Assad regime targets become near-daily routine

03-20-2017, 07:57 AM
Army of Islam
Damascus | Watch scenes from ongoing fight at Damascus' eastern fronts, Berza front.

As usual rebel gains in Jobar #Damascus were far overstated. First they claimed whole Qaboun ind. district, then reduced to few blocks.

03-20-2017, 08:19 AM
Syrian doctors say they treated patients between 6 & 70yrs old after US air strikes shattered packed mosque in Aleppo province on Thursday.

03-20-2017, 08:51 AM
Saudi coalition intercepting ballistic missile over Mocha

Syrian army and rebels fight fiercely in northeast Damascus

Appears Russia is getting a tad angry at the constant Israeli air strikes.....
Al Arabiya English

#BREAKING: Russian Foreign Ministry calls on #Israel's ambassador to discuss his country's airstrikes in #Syria

Israel just stated they will continue to eliminate any threat to Israel..well that answers the Russians before the Ambassador visit....

03-20-2017, 09:13 AM
Russian Sberbank cut rates on military mortgages.
These loans are one of reasons why Rus military going to Ukr/Syr

03-20-2017, 09:16 AM
Per @AbraxasSpa ORSIS T-5000 is not in service in Russian Armed Forces, but available for sale. Thus, battle testing in Ukraine and Syria...

03-20-2017, 12:28 PM
Hama: #ISIS continues to attack the #Assad regime supply line towards #Aleppo. Road between #Salamiyah and #Ithriya is closed again.

03-20-2017, 12:43 PM
Intense #AssadPutin air force attacks on civilians in #Rastan kill and injure multiple children.

Syria 2017 is when #Israel attacks #Hezbollah units near #Palmyra and the #US supports the terrorists with air strikes in the same area.

The #AssadPutin air force also bombed #KhanShaykhun today.

Assad barrel bomb explodes 12 seconds after hitting center of #KafrZita in #Hama province today.

Old Soviet tanks are really dangerous ... to their operators.
Syrian rebel triggers T-55 main gun with pole.

03-20-2017, 12:44 PM
Russian jets bomb Jaish al Islam HQ in #Idlib
#Putin's little "FU" for not attending the next #Astana farce

Massive #AssadPutin airforce air strikes on the peaceful town of #KafrZita in #Hama province.

03-20-2017, 12:46 PM
The #EuphratesShield area becomes the largest trap, Syrian rebels ever saw.
No way to expand it.
#Turkey & #Russia planning -> #Putin wins.

03-20-2017, 12:46 PM
Hundreds of displaced / ethnically cleansed people from #Homs arrived in #Jarabulus today.

03-20-2017, 12:49 PM
Likely "not important enough" for your media:
6 civilians, among them 3 babies, murdered by #Assad's jets in #Idlib city today.

03-20-2017, 12:56 PM
CrowBat...now it will get interesting and we will see just how good that so called advanced Russian AD system really is...

SYRIA: Putin sent message to Israel that its freedom to act in Syria is over: Syria UN Envoy - @haaretzcom

Russia summoned the Israeli ambassador over airstrike Syria says helped ISIS

03-20-2017, 12:57 PM
More than 30 Airstrikes by #Assad forces on #Jobar this morning

03-20-2017, 01:01 PM
Burning fighter jet seen over fighting in #Jobar , #Damascus.
Unclear if it crashed later or not.

No news on a crash.
So possibly only damaged or the afterburner.

03-20-2017, 01:47 PM
E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman targeting Regime positions on Abbasid front with SPG-9.

E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman contribution to #Jobar Battle.

T-72 & BMP burning yesterday after hit by #ISIS #ATGM|s. Also today #ISIS launching raids on/near Regime road towards #Aleppo, closed again.

E. #Damascus: intense clashes raging in #Qabun Industrial Zone as result of Regime-Hezbollah counter-attack. 10s airstrikes on #Jobar-#Qabun

News of recapture of #Qabun Industrial Zone are incorrect but Rebels withdrew from Abbasid Garages & interchange areas.

Rebel mergers ongoing in N. #Syria (N. #Hama/S. #Idlib). Ajnad Al-Sham joined Faylaq Al-Sham & Jaish Al-Fatiheen joined Ahrar Al-Sham.

03-20-2017, 01:58 PM
Erdogan thought, he could de-escalate the #YPG threat along the Turkish border w/the deal with #Putin.

The opposite happened of course.

03-20-2017, 02:01 PM
Russian MoD announced they will build permanent military base in Syrian NW region on behalf of Syrian Kurds from YPG and then to train them with Russian SOF...

Full statement in English enclosed.

03-20-2017, 02:17 PM
Russian Army Forces patrolling into streets of #Syria's #Afrin

03-20-2017, 05:44 PM
Russian MoD announced they will build permanent military base in Syrian NW region on behalf of Syrian Kurds from YPG and then to train them with Russian SOF...

Full statement in English enclosed.

Russia denies they had ever any plans for permanent military base in Syrian NE in YPG tribal area.

They said nothing about a temporary one though......it always starts as temporary....

03-20-2017, 06:00 PM
Syria #Damascus Footage from intense battle in #Jobar/#Qaboun neighborhoods
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJqHShi-Shk …

03-20-2017, 06:08 PM
Some pro-Regime sources desperately try to show a Regime victory on Rebels (#Jobar) with fake photos. Propaganda.

Hama: #ISIS ATGM strikes against #Assad tanks northeast of #Salamiyah on the regime supply road towards #Aleppo.
One hit on heavy transport carrier on the move and one stationary....

E. #Qalamoun: Jaish Al-Islam announces major advances with takeover of Jebal Al-Naqab & Jebal Al-Sharqi from #ISIS.

NW #Daraa: Rebel artillery intensively pounding Jaish Khalid positions in Yarmouk Basin. firing 3 D30s

E. #Damascus: intense clashes raging near Abbasid Garages, Syronics Complex and International road. Rough positions on map.

03-20-2017, 06:11 PM
DeirEzzor: Aid for #Assad regime in #DeirEzzor landed in #ISIS territory.

03-20-2017, 06:15 PM
Syria #FSA seized Jabal Naqab in eastern #Qalamoun from #IS

Situation in northern Syria after roughly one year of #ErdoganPutin deals

Turkey lost.
Rebels lost.
YPG/SDF won.
Assad/Putin won.

03-20-2017, 07:05 PM
Say hello to #Israel's newest missile Defense system: David's Sling. Behind it is the #Arrow which intercepted a #Syrian SA-5 Friday morning fired in Syria at the IAF.....during a Palmyra air strike...which killed a high Level Hezbollah leader.....

03-20-2017, 07:57 PM
Russia denies they had ever any plans for permanent military base in Syrian NE in YPG tribal area.

They said nothing about a temporary one though......it always starts as temporary....

Russian MoD refuted information published by foreign media about deployment of 'a new Russian military base'


BUT WAIT...it was the Kurds that released the Information not foreign media...

03-20-2017, 07:58 PM
Exclusive: Syrian Kurdish YPG aims to expand force to over 100,000 http://reut.rs/2ntagEL

03-20-2017, 10:27 PM
CrowBat...now it will get interesting and we will see just how good that so called advanced Russian AD system really is...Can't help but conclude: certainly nowhere near as 'dangerous' as exaggerated here (https://warontherocks.com/2016/10/political-airpower-part-i-say-no-to-the-no-fly-zone/).

Foremost: the Russian AD system in Syria is the Russian AD system in Syria - and not the battered remnants of whatever the Assadists like to call their AD system. And, Hezbollah is much too important for Israelis but to make them care about Russians.

BTW, the IASF air strike from Sunday actually targeted Almazza AB: nothing in Palmyra area. Almazza AB used to be outside the city, but that was 50 years ago: due to the explosive growth of Damascus, meanwhile it's de-facto in the downtown - and just 3-4km away from Bashar's palace.

03-20-2017, 10:29 PM
Syria #FSA seized Jabal Naqab in eastern #Qalamoun from #IS

Situation in northern Syria after roughly one year of #ErdoganPutin deals

Turkey lost.
Rebels lost.
YPG/SDF won.
Assad/Putin won.
Whoever drew that map - has forgotten to add plenty of different 'IRGC and cohorts' flags. :D

03-21-2017, 05:23 AM
Russian army members in #Homs #Waer today

Yeah right. These guys aren't conscripts...

Any sighting of the mysterious "Zaslon" crew?

03-21-2017, 06:06 AM
Yeah right. These guys aren't conscripts...

Any sighting of the mysterious "Zaslon" crew?

Since the previous sighting which I think was MoD arranged..nothing....

03-21-2017, 07:34 AM
Since the previous sighting which I think was MoD arranged..nothing....

Key was the ATGM...was not in actual firing position thus not a "combat photo op" as was the narrative...rather a PR to show "we can do Delta to" and here is our "Delta" as they had been previously reported months ago already in Damascus.....the blogsite "Moscow in the Shadows" did an article on them around that time as well....

What the photo op did show was their equipment...actually far more interesting...take that series of photos and match them to the information and equipment gained by the Ukrainian capture of two Spetsnaz officers and it gives a great OB/equipment readout of their current levels and capabilities...

AND especially the equipment IS showed us in their photos of two killed Spetsnaz types near Palmyra....photos were also posted....

03-21-2017, 07:50 AM
Reports of another SVBIED strike on Assad army positions near Jobar, Damascus

clashes renew in Jobar, rebels launch phase 2 offebsive aginst Assad army in Damascus

BLUF...this offensive is showing a well thought through attack plan and extensive preparations to carry it out among all fighting groups including HTS...

03-21-2017, 09:26 AM
Same procedure as every night.
The @SyriaCivilDef dig for people, buried by #Putin's air strikes, west of #Aleppo.

03-21-2017, 01:33 PM
MuslimBan: Syria Iran Yemen Lybia Somalia Sudan

#DeviceBan: Egypt UAE Turkey Qatar Jordan Kuwait Morocco Saudi

So WHERE are the terrorists?

Appears now that the entire ME has been banned in some fashion for something...

03-21-2017, 02:15 PM
Latakia: #HTS shelling #Assad regime officers in #Qardaha with Grad rockets today.

03-21-2017, 02:16 PM
MuslimBan: Syria Iran Yemen Lybia Somalia Sudan

#DeviceBan: Egypt UAE Turkey Qatar Jordan Kuwait Morocco Saudi

So WHERE are the terrorists?

Appears now that the entire ME has been banned in some fashion for something...

Realizing their ban has no legs in court, Trump admin. has settled on making things so inconvenient, no one will want to travel.

03-21-2017, 02:24 PM
Russian warplanes targeting a children's school in the southern town of Ma'ra-Nu'man in southern Idlib countryside

03-21-2017, 02:28 PM
REMEMBER RUSSIA DENIED YESTERDAY THEY WERE BUILDING A BASE IN AFRIN....they blamed it was fake news from foreign news media.

SYRIA: Location of alleged Russian military base in Afrin Canton near Kafr Janneh

Well it is true and not fake news....

03-21-2017, 02:35 PM
E. #Qalamoun: #FSA seized over #ISIS position in Jebal Al-Afai, asserting control over this mountain range.

E. #Damascus: Regime bringing more T-72s to counter Rebels on #Jobar front. Reports Abbassid Square closed and new checkpoints erected.#

03-21-2017, 02:40 PM
E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman declares points lost earlier taken back and new positions seized amidst start of phase 2 of the #Jobar Battle

E. #Damascus: intense clashes & T-72 destroyed on 3rd day of #Jobar Battle. Warplanes overflying, around 20 airstrikes reported this morning

E. #Damascus: Ahrar Al-Sham inside Spinning Factory after takeover from Regime.

E. #Damascus: Jaish Islam officially supports #Jobar Battle & says many Regime troops redeployed from E. #Ghouta. Unclear if really involved

E. #Damascus: Regime artillery on Qasioun Mountain shelling Rebel-held #Jobar and #Qabun.

E. #Damascus: drone view of area seized by Rebels on 1st day of #Jobar Batte.

03-21-2017, 02:45 PM
Jobar Battle dealt a major blow to 4th Division and Republican Guards (seen as Regime elite units) with 35+ documented killed in 24hrs.

E. #Damascus: Regime shelling #Jobar & #Qabun tonight, incl. with Russia provided UR-77 who makes new appearance after long hiatus.

03-21-2017, 02:50 PM
This video from #Assad media is hilarious.
- Blatant propaganda repeatedly contradicted by what’s shown *on video.* Totally bizarre.

Al Arabiya English‏
Verified account
VIDEO: #Syria TV reporter gets fact-checked live on air during #Damascus battle

03-21-2017, 03:01 PM
Damascus: Jaish al-Islam fighters joined the battle in Eastern #Damascus.

03-21-2017, 03:30 PM
Aleppo, #Hama, #Idlib and rural #Damascus: #AssadPutin jets are pounding the free parts of the country.

03-21-2017, 03:43 PM
Russia must limit Iranian power in Syria: Israeli intelligence director

03-21-2017, 03:54 PM
Report: Iran accuses Russia of giving Israel codes for Syrian air defenses


Kuwaiti daily quotes Iran Defense Ministry source as saying Iran was able to change the codes without Russia's knowledge, enabling Friday's missile launch against Israeli aircraft.


03-21-2017, 03:57 PM
Sexual Violence Used as Tactic of Repression in Syria: Report - Syria Deeply

03-21-2017, 04:04 PM
This quote by Assad is very accurate, and also very rich coming from the head of a regime that exported terrorists to Iraq for many years.

03-21-2017, 05:38 PM
Hama: More rebel groups will join the offensive(s) against #Assad regime soon.

Hama: Rebels have captured the first #Assad regime checkpoints in Northern #Hama and seized weapons, including a tank.

Second #Assad tank captured at #Souran, Northern #Hama.

03-21-2017, 05:48 PM
MuslimBan: Syria Iran Yemen Lybia Somalia Sudan

#DeviceBan: Egypt UAE Turkey Qatar Jordan Kuwait Morocco Saudi

So WHERE are the terrorists?

Appears now that the entire ME has been banned in some fashion for something...

The @washingtonpost indicates, #Trump increased the terror threat on ME-USA flights for economic reasons.


03-21-2017, 06:03 PM
Hama: Regime supply road to #Aleppo is still closed because of ongoing #ISIS attacks against the #Assad regime northeast of #Salamiyah.

Hama: Rebels have destroyed 2 #Assad warplanes on the #Hama Airbase with Grad rockets.
Jaish Al-Nasr claims 2 aircrafts/ choppers destroyed in #Hama Airbase after hit by Grad rockets.

Rebels confirmed that #Souran is under rebel control. #Hama

HTS leader Abu Jaber with his fighters before the #Hama offensive today.

Syria: armed oppo. factions (spearheaded by #HTS) seized the town of Souran in northern #Hama after heavy fighting started this afternoon
Hama: Rebels have captured #Maardas from the #Assad regime.

03-21-2017, 06:04 PM
CIT (en) @CITeam_en
Tomorrow we are releasing our report on Russian mercenaries in Syria, which we have been working on for weeks with @ru_rbc and other media.
CIT (en) @CITeam_en
For this report, we interviewed many relatives, friends and colleagues of killed "Wagner" PMC fighters.

03-21-2017, 06:19 PM
Hama: #HTS special forces on the way to the frontline in Northern #Hama today.

03-21-2017, 06:21 PM
MKEK (Turkish state owned weapon factory) product, 40 mm #grenade launcher in a #rebel's hand in #Hama operation.#Syria

03-22-2017, 08:06 AM
Jaish al-Nasr (also #FSA) confirming participation in the offensive and claiming shelling of #Hama airport.

The @syriahr says 33 ppl killed in US-led air strike yesterday on a building used as a centre for displaced in Raqqa province, north Syria.

Eliot Higgins

It's hard enough investigating all the Russian and Syrian mosque and school bombings without the US joining in too

03-22-2017, 08:13 AM
The #FSA uses a BTR-60 in the #Hama offensive.

03-22-2017, 08:14 AM
Since 35 mins, Jaish al-Izza (#FSA) posts official statements on the participation in the #Hama offensive.
Also use of TOW vs. T-72.

03-22-2017, 08:16 AM
Some say, Erdogan gave rebels in N-W #Syria the "go" (and loads of ammunition) after #Russia started safeguarding the #YPG in Afrin.

Some days ago, an EuphratesShield commander told my Syrian colleague that more than 500 fighters indeed redeployed to Idlib (via Turkey)

03-22-2017, 08:22 AM
The #Russian airbase in #Latakia is on high alert.
Jets depart every few minutes.
Dozens of air strikes on #Hama towns now.

Crazy stuff happening north of #Hama tonight.
I won't map it before confirmation.
But it seems two military bases were captured by rebels.

Khan Shaykun, Hobait, Lataminah, Ehsim & Kafr Zita are among the towns, hit by Russian jets over the past 30 minutes.
Many casualties.

Syrian rebels shell 3000 Apartments and 1070 Apartments S-W of #Aleppo with artillery, parallel to the #Hama offensive.

APPEARS Syrian rebels have not given up and rolled over as Russia...Iran...the US and Assad thought....

Fighting on multiple fronts with multiple units and making gains is pushing the Assad/Iran/Russian forces to a breaking point in trying to regain control of the battlefield....

This appears to be a well thought out "swarm attack" shifting into major offensives......

Russian bombing and shelling anything that resembles a "rebel" as is Assad...but it is not stopping the offensives....

03-22-2017, 02:52 PM
US and SDF airborne operation West to Tabqa, Raqqa

Syria Reports: #Assad's "Tigers " withdraw many forces from eastern #Aleppo to counter rebel advance in northern #Hama

Damascus: Rebels storming #Assad regime positions in Eastern #Damascus. Regime counter-attack failed. 1 regime T-72 was destroyed today.

Hama: Rebels killed an #Assad Colonel & his fighters while they tried to enter a rebel position. They thought rebels were regime fighters.

Syria Report from Souran in northern #Hama after #Assad-forces fled town

Hama : Opposition take #Al_Hikma and the School of Wisdom in fighting that killed many Regime force members.

03-22-2017, 03:07 PM
FSA News @FSAPlatform
#Infographic || #FSA in #Hama

Free Syrian Army forces in Hama province - follow them direct via this list

03-22-2017, 03:10 PM
FSA News @FSAPlatform
NEW #Map || North #Hama

Current situation north of Hama following #FSA's most recent advances agnst regime & their foreign militia

Syria Rebels only 3km away from #Hama Airport after rapid advance

03-22-2017, 03:21 PM
Raqqa: #US Air Force destroyed a school and killed many displaced civilians in #Raqqa.

Raqqa photos for Al badya school in AlMansora town after it was destroyed by collation Airstrikes and led to a massacre #Syria

BTW the USAF hit also a school in a very similar attack in Manbij using PKK info..resulting in a high loss of civilians.....THEY claimed they would investigate BUT then did nothing..also claimed the civilians were IS....

03-22-2017, 03:26 PM
Charles Lister

Three separate FSA sources tell me the MOM has resumed provision of “some" support to vetted factions in Idlib, W. #Aleppo & N. #Hama.

Charles Lister

A crucial issue at play is whether this uptick in #Syria offensive operations is (or isn’t) linked to a renewal of external assistance.

03-22-2017, 03:30 PM
Hama: Rebel #TOW strike against "fleeing" #Assad T-72 during #Hama offensive.

Was a TOW hit on a high speed tank withdrawal...

TOWs make a return debut.....

03-22-2017, 03:41 PM
Hama: Rebels show a captured regime BMP in #Hama.

Syria Rebels seized #IS outposts in desert of eastern #Qalamoun

US bomb dog on the move....

03-22-2017, 03:57 PM
Maarzaf just fell to rebels.
The regime defence lines are collapsing.
#Ham #Syria

03-22-2017, 03:58 PM
Rebels captured #Arzeh and nearby Al Sheyha hill and are 5 km from #Hama now.

03-22-2017, 03:59 PM
Syrian rebels captured #Majdal and the nearby military base.

FSA shells #Khattab prior its capture.
Try to not show the type of mortars, but well

Syrian rebels further advance west of #Khattab, cutting the #Hama-#Muhradah road.

Assad regime Su-22 attack on #EastGhouta today.

The offensive continues.
Khirbat as Sabilah confirmed captured.
Turkish-controlled groups (Ahrar & others) declare participation.

Damascus: Rebels have nearly broken the #Assad regime siege of #Qaboun.

The rebels must captured Syronics Company to lift the #Qaboun siege.

03-22-2017, 05:31 PM
This insurgent and jihadist offensive into northern Hama is resulting in a particularly interesting tactical- and strategic-, i.e. geopolitical situation.

First things first: while I can't confirm any of reports about supposed 'evacuation of Hama AB' - i.e. nothing like a 'mass take-off' that one might associate with an evacuation - it is meanwhile 100% sure that through the capture of Khattab, Majdal and Qomhana - the Jaysh an-Nassr and Jaysh al-Izza (both are FSyA, not HTS) have breached the second of Assadist defence lines north of Hama. AFAIK, in total, there used to be no less than three defence lines there, all constructed since summer 2015, roughly drawn as follows (for easier orientation, see the map attached below):

- 1st line, stretching from Jalma via Mhradeh to Souran.

- 2nd line, from Sifsafiyeh via Majdal and Khattab to Kafraa; several of major strongholds in this line used to be under the control of Russian Army troops, back in late 2015 and early 2016.

- 3rd line, from Oqeirba and Sawa to Kfar Eltoon and Shihet Hama, and then to the northern outskirts of the city. This line was originally constructed by two battalion-sized task forces of the Russian Army, back in late 2015 and early 2016. Then it was temporarily reinforced in response to the JFS' offensive that resulted in the temporary capture of Souran, back in October/November 2016. However, it was never completed: it consists of few strongpoints on dominant features, but little else: Assadists never found enough troops to occupy and construct this line.

Meanwhile... The first line was partially breached by the JFS's offensive in last October or November (can't recall the exact date right way). The lost part of it was subsequently re-constructed in a semi-circle going from Mhradah, north of Khattab to Souran.

Obviously, the remnants of the 1st Line were now breached again, otherwise the HTS couldn't capture Souran.

For similar reason, i.e. without breaching the 1st Line, the Jaysh al-Izza and Jaysh an-Nassr couldn't reach the couldn't liberate pillars of the 2nd Line, like Majdal and Khattab. But, these are now under their control.

Thus, the first two defence lines were definitely breached - and this is the reason for FSyA's rapid advance on Hama AB, today.

If Assadists don't have a 3rd line... that's it.


In this regards - i.e. the issue of lack of troops to defend Hama - there is another very important moment that we must keep in mind.

As we all know (or: what many stubbornly refuse to accept) Assadist regime is no sovereign body: Bashar's position is little more than that of a puppet of Moscow and Tehran.

Moscow has taken over as the 'controller' of - at least - Bashar's foreign- and defence politics (if not more).

However, the 'enabler' is Tehran: Iran is paying all the bills for the entire show, plus providing most of the troops.

Means: without Iran, nothing works there - not even the Russian military intervention. Iranians do not pay the Russians, but they are providing the bulk of troops the Russians need to play the major power in Syria (or at least they are paying for them), and the Iranians pay for all the ammo and spares.

Russia is in Syria because of its wet dreams about being a 'great power with a geostrategic influence and vision...' and all other sorts of such blahblah.

Iran is in Syria because of its dreams about becoming a regional power through protecting all the Shi'a, but also for long-term economic and political reasons.

All of this means that their aims and purposes are entirely different.

Russians made the Aleppo deal and then that comedy of the 'ceasefire' with Turkey - and this without involving Iran. The IRGC wanted to destroy insurgents in Eastern Aleppo, Russians negotiated an agreement that left these 'run away' (as seen from the IRGC's POV). The Russians then also seem to have prevented an Iranian anti-Bashar coup in Damascus.

Means: the IRGC is paying all the bills, but losing influence. Iranians don't like to deal with Turks: they did negotiate with them, but never found any kind of an agreement (which is one of primary reasons why the war keeps dragging on without an end). They also wanted to launch an offensive on Fouah and Kefrayah, but Russians vetoed this and ordered an offensive on the Daesh in eastern Aleppo instead.

Whichever way one turns it: if anybody there insists that the Russians have outmanoeuvred Turkey, then the conclusion is unavoidable that they have outmanoeuvred the IRGC too. Namely, while Moscow managed to 'block' the Turkish involvement in al-Bab, it can't now let an Iranian assault on Idlib without risking a much more powerful Turkish involvement there in exchange.

Should this happen, then all of Russian deals with Turkey would be null and void, and all the daydreaming about 'a great power with a geostrategic importance and vision' would prove exactly what they are in reality, namely nothing at all.

But, with this the Russians and the IRGC are all back to where they were back in June 2016: everybody is doing what he likes to do, only some of Assadists are doing what Russians told them to do. Namely, Assadists and Russians went fighting Daesh in Eastern Aleppo, Iranians have a concentration of jobless troops ready to attack western Aleppo, but are forbidden from doing that. While, already busy in Dera'a and Eastern Ghouta, Assadists have no troops to spare for northern Hama: they have not even enough troops to protect Damascus any more.

All they have in northern Hama is that battered '11th Tank Division' - which is an official designation for a hodgpodge of Volkssturm-like Assadist, SSNP's, Ba'ath Party's, or Arab National Guard's militias overrun by insurgents and/or the Daesh 'only' two times so far...

Which in turn leads to the conclusion: unless the IRGC redeploys its troops from Aleppo or Eastern Ghouta to northern Hama (like it partially did, back in October or November last year)... Assadist defence lines are going to keep on crumbling. But, for the IRGC to do so, it needs a Russian permission. The Russians, in turn, are unlikely to grant such permission, then they need safe Aleppo in the back of their operation against Daesh in Eastern Aleppo - which in turn is keeping majority of 'most important' Assadist and IRGC's militias busy too.

...all of which means. if anybody there sends reinforcements to northern Hama, then various local warlords. By doing that, they'll have to take a clear - pro-Iran, anti-Russian position. Right now, I'm not sure anybody there is really keen about doing something of that kind, no matter how many of their bills are paid for by Tehran: after all, nobody wants to fall from favour with Bashar - who is now Russian-controlled.

Alternatively, should Russians grant a permission for such a re-deployment of the IRGC, then there will be a price to pay - foremost for Tehran. From the standpoint of the IRGC, such a situation would mean that it is - at least temporarily - giving up pretensions of controlling the Assadists, i.e. 'playing the most important role' in Assadist Syria.

03-22-2017, 05:39 PM
The #Russian airbase in #Latakia is on high alert.
Jets depart every few minutes.
Dozens of air strikes on #Hama towns now.

Fighting on multiple fronts with multiple units and making gains is pushing the Assad/Iran/Russian forces to a breaking point in trying to regain control of the battlefield....

This appears to be a well thought out "swarm attack" shifting into major offensives......

Russian bombing and shelling anything that resembles a "rebel" as is Assad...but it is not stopping the offensives....
Not really. The Russians flew nearly 70 sorties yesterday, that's right. But, most of these were directed against the Daesh in Dayr Hafer area - in eastern Aleppo.

Some did hit Idlib too, no doubt, but by far not as many as reported.

Assadists flew there much more often - but they were hampered by low clouds and fog.

Instead - and particularly: 'instead of all the reports about nocturnal air strikes by Russian helicopters on advancing insurgents and jihadists - the last night, the Assadist units at Hama AB launched something like their 'maximum effort'. Here a list of recorded take-offs form that air base:

- 17:33: 1 helicopter (apparently bombed Sarqib)
- 18.18: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 18.40: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 19.07: 1 L-39 sighted while underway over Hreitan flying in direction of Sarqib (this one probably came from Shayrat or Tiyas)
- 20.22: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 20.53: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 21.22: 1 helicopter (this one bombed Ra'astan, in northern Homs)
- 21.27: 1 helicopter (this one bombed Sarqib)
- 22.36: 1 L-39 (this one attacked something near Latamina)
- 22.59: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 23.02: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 23.42: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction)
- 00.03: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction)
- 00.19: 1 L-39 bombed Sarqib (this one probably came from Tiyas)
- 00.26: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction)
- 01.17: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 01.23: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction)
- 01.26: 1 helicopter (flew away in northern direction)
- 02.01: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction)
- 03.01: 1 L-39 (flew away in northern direction).

Add to this some 4-5 sorties by Su-24s from Shayrat and Tiyas ABs - and you've got the picture.

Aside the fact that this is another confirmation for what I'm reporting since months already - namely that Assadists do have the ability to fly ground-attacks by night - but the actual big question is: what have they hit?

So far, they have primarily targeted the area between Kfar Nabl, Kfar Zita and Latamina. However, this is bombed intensively - and every single day - already since months. And still, the FSyA and HTS managed to prepare this offensive, launch it and score an early string of successes.

Thus, some conclusions are on hand. One of these is: neither Russians, nor Assadists - and not even the Americans with their massacre of civilians in al-Jaina, in western Aleppo, few days ago - have hit anything of military importance.

03-22-2017, 05:59 PM
Here nice evidence for what Trump's 'second most important anti-terror partners' in Syria (after Assadists, of course) are doing: this evening they fire-bombed Ariha (https://twitter.com/river_orontes/status/844605253735604227), about 70km away from the battlefield...

Below a map with latest stand of the 'frontlines' - after only 24 hours of this offensive... and as far as there are still frontlines: word is the Assadists are running away at such a pace, that their 'officers' must've got a promise like, 'the fastests gets a Syrian citizenship'. :D

03-22-2017, 06:07 PM
The full @CITeam_en investigation on Russian losses in Syria, which Reuters pulled some of its reporting from, can be found here:


Russia underplayed losses in recapture of Syria's Palmyra

03-22-2017, 06:08 PM
To make things better for Assadists - and thanks to entirely useless Russian aerial action - insurgents from the Ra'astan-Talbiseh Pocket have launched their own offensive - and cut off the road between Homs and Salamiyah (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/844606555484049408).

With other words: Assadists, Russians and dozens of thousands of IRGC thugs of all possible colours in Aleppo area, have now their only supply line cut off in two places: once by the Daesh between Khan Nassir and Ithriya, and once by Syrian insurgents, between Homs and Salamiyah.

Of course they can re-supply via Kweres and Nayrab AB, and this is unlikely to last for long. But man... this is simply cracking.

03-22-2017, 06:09 PM
Here nice evidence for what Trump's 'second most important anti-terror partners' in Syria (after Assadists, of course) are doing: this evening they fire-bombed Ariha (https://twitter.com/river_orontes/status/844605253735604227), about 70km away from the battlefield...

Below a map with latest stand of the 'frontlines' - after only 24 hours of this offensive... and as far as there are still frontlines: word is the Assadists are running away at such a pace, that their 'officers' must've got a promise like, 'the fastests gets a Syrian citizenship'. :D

Russian white#phosphorus attacks on Ariha, Idleb

03-22-2017, 06:12 PM
Syria Footage from Majdal in northern #Hama

03-22-2017, 06:17 PM
As evening comes this is the situation around #Hama

Syrian Opposition gained around 150 km² from Regime, in less than 24 hrs, in North #Hama offensive.

03-22-2017, 06:22 PM
Hama: #ISIS destroyed/damaged 2 #Assad BMPs & 2 regime trucks and killed 8 pro-#Assad forces northeast of #Salamiyah (road to #Aleppo).

U.S. HIMARS in Syria firing from what appears to be near the Lafarge Cement plant/SOF base on Manbij-Raqqa road.

03-22-2017, 07:02 PM
Aleppo: Rebels (Faylaq al-Sham) shelling the #Nayrab Airbase in Eastern #Aleppo with Grad rockets today.

03-22-2017, 09:47 PM
An Israeli group has a commentary that starts:
In a conference held on March 6, 2017, to commemorate the Martyr Day in Tehran, the head of the Martyrs Foundation... said that the number of fatalities among the fighterssent by Iran to Syria and Iraq had reached 2,100 (Mehr, March 6, 2017). The number of fatalities announced .. does not refer only to fighters of Iranian nationality, but to all fighters sent on behalf of Iran to Syria and Iraq. These fighters include Lebanese Hezbollah operatives as well as Shiites of Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi descent, handled by the IRGC.

They also refer to WINEP research:
In Syria, 473 Iranian fighters, 1,045 Hezbollah operatives, and 801 operatives of the Shiite militias operating in Syria(Pakistanis, Afghans, and Iraqis)were killed. Thus, the total of fatalities among the Iranian forces and Iran’s proxy organizations in Syria has reached 2,319. In Iraq,Alfoneh identified 38 Iranian fighters and 246 operatives of the Iraqi Shiite militias. Thus, the total of fatalities in Iraq has reached 248


03-23-2017, 06:36 AM
Army Of Islam @Islamarmy_eng3
Operations against Daesh continue. New fronts open against it.

Army Of Islam @Islamarmy_eng3
A fierce attempt by Assad's militias to break into Berza farms. Military gatherings being monitored.

Army Of Islam @Islamarmy_eng3
Liberating areas of eastern Qalamoun from Daesh completed. The mujahideen penetrate a distance of 25 km from where areas Daesh controls.

03-23-2017, 02:01 PM
Hama: Rebels have captured 15 #Assad forces at #Qomhana.

Hama: Rebels dropped leaflets on #Maardas before they stormed the town.

03-23-2017, 02:11 PM
Syria Current map for northern #Hama
(blue new gains)

03-23-2017, 02:21 PM
Hama Battle: some spoils (incl. PG-7 tandem-warhead) made by Jaish Al-Izza in Shaliut CP and removing barricade near Shayzar.

Regime media claims recapture of #Khattab.
Rebel dispute that but confirm heavy fighting for the town.

Latest rebel photos and videos indicate they are in control of Khattab but still heavy ongoing fighting in different parts by surrounded Assad forces...but control it they do....

Rebels in #Khattab don't look like under serious attack :D

03-23-2017, 02:41 PM
Russian air force Su-25 and Su-34 bomb rebel-held civilian centres in #Hama.
Not rebels at the front. :mad:

03-23-2017, 02:43 PM
The speed of the #Hama offensive slows down as rebels try to take #Qomhana, the last regime stronghold before Hama itself.

03-23-2017, 02:44 PM
Russian jet bombs villages in #Latakia province today.

03-23-2017, 02:49 PM
ProAssad commenter......

Ivan Sidorenko‏#@IvanSidorenko1 16h
16 hours ago
#Syria #Hama #NorthernHama Post 13 Hours ago to 9 hours ago & by a #Shaheen #Shahin #Tiger_Forces Commander about situation 13 Hours ago.

03-23-2017, 02:53 PM
Image of #incendiary weapons remnants of suspected #Russian forces shelling on Ariha city in #Idlib, Mar 22

Maybe - just maybe! - building a #RussianArmy base in #Afrin was not the smartest step, #Putin ever took ...

Weapons and munitions are flowing now via Turkey in large amounts of both...

03-23-2017, 02:57 PM
Charles Lister‏
Verified account
#@Charles_Lister Mar 21
The re-initiation of hostilities across #Syria that I discuss below is underway - in E. #Damascus, #Deraa, #Qalamoun, N. #Hama & #Latakia:

Across 200km of N. #Syria, 6+ anti-#ISIS state militaries & 30+ sub-state militias are involved in multiple mutually hostile battle-fronts

Charles Lister‏
Verified account
#@Charles_Lister Mar 20
U.S.-led anti-#ISIS strategy in #Syria is achieving multiple tactical victories likely to amount to an eventual strategic defeat.

03-23-2017, 03:41 PM
Massive regime reinforcements arrived to the #Hama fronts.
From now on, rebel advances would be highly significant.
Withdrawals more likely.

03-23-2017, 03:45 PM
Damascus: Rebels destroyed an #Assad regime 2S1 Gvozdika in Eastern #Damascus today.

03-23-2017, 05:41 PM
Hama: Heavy rebel shelling with Grad & Elephant rockets & artillery on #Qomhana in preparation to storm the town.

Damascus: Rebels repelling #Assad regime and destroying #Assad tanks (T-72) in Eastern #Damascus.

03-23-2017, 05:50 PM
Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi'ite Hezbollah al-Nujaba militia announces its participation in the ongoing battle in Jobar (east Damascus)

03-23-2017, 05:53 PM
Topping WW I trench warfare, Syria conflict features trench, tunnel networks literally large enough to drive mechanized units through

03-23-2017, 06:36 PM
Iran linked foreign shia militias and Russian airpower keeps Assad regime afloat, struggling but will not give up Assad.

Rebels took several points in Qimhana village, clashes continue

Assad air forces attacked SAMS Idlip hospital this evening.

03-23-2017, 06:59 PM
Rebels trying to take Qimhana village, #Hama gate and Assad army last stronghold north the city.

03-23-2017, 07:02 PM
Kawkab villages also confirmed taken by rebels north Hama

The Mujahideen are now attacking further in reef North Hama, North of Ma'an .. beginning with Zughba

Zughba which lies east of Al Talisiya mean HTS is opening an entirely new front on reef Hama offensive ..

Whats up with ahrar..?

They're going for the West

03-23-2017, 07:03 PM
Al Masdar "Journalist" calls for using #chemical weapons in rebel areas based on unsubstantiated claims of Syrian rebels massacring children

03-23-2017, 07:05 PM
HTS T-90 captured in 2016 and spotted throughout Idlib finally seeing action

03-23-2017, 07:06 PM
Muslim Ex-Airborne Russian soldiers fight alongside rebels in Syria. OGN watches as they prepare to fight in the current #Hama operation.

03-23-2017, 07:08 PM
Hama: strategic Mount Zin Al-Abdeen (overlooking #Qomhana) is intensively shelled w/ Elephant rockets & Grads.

Hama Battle: Rebels started heavy pre-emptive shelling on #Qomhana, Regime stronghold.

03-23-2017, 07:11 PM
Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Izza repelled a Regime counter-attack on Shaliut CP launched from Power Station of Muhardah. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.275615&lon=36.576748&z=13&m#…

FSA Tajamu Abna Al-Sharqiyah also involved in current #Hama Battle.

Hama Battle: #RuAF Su-25s heavily bombing Kafr Zita area.

Brigadier Gen. Hossam Ahmed Asa'ad reportedly KIA in Hama fighting

E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman took out an entrenched gvozdika.

Hama Battle: Free Idlib Army claims it destroyed a BMP S. of Kawkab after hit by artillery.

Commander of Suqaylabiyah NDF (right) in Mhardah (L is Mhardah militia cmder) joining a growing flow of loyalist fighters from nearby towns.

03-23-2017, 07:21 PM
FSA News @FSAPlatform
NEW #Map || #Damascus

Map of recent #FSA advances in ongoing operations in north east Damascus

03-23-2017, 07:30 PM
Ingush President Yevkurov announces Ingush military police battalion in Syria scheduled to return home on 10 May
http://www.ingushetia.ru/news/batalon_voennoy_politsii_iz_ingushetii_zaver####_v _mae_mirotvorcheskuyu_missiyu_v_sirii_/#

03-23-2017, 07:37 PM
Idlib: #Russia|n/#Assad airstrikes on civilians in #Idlib City tonight.

As the Hama offensive continues, Putin fights back!
Not against armed rebels but at least against their wives & children.

03-23-2017, 07:43 PM
Kawkab villages also confirmed taken by rebels north Hama

The Mujahideen are now attacking further in reef North Hama, North of Ma'an .. beginning with Zughba

Zughba which lies east of Al Talisiya mean HTS is opening an entirely new front on reef Hama offensive ..

Whats up with ahrar..?

They're going for the West
That's the interesting question here.

Namely, by now it is obvious that this is NOT involved in this offensive. And, certainly enough, Ahrar actually can't afford to remain on the sidelines for much too long: it would start losing members to other factions.

Well, it turned out the HTS told Ahrar they don't want to cooperate (https://twitter.com/morasul_ahrar/status/844214124129280000). Correspondingly, Ahrar is not involved (https://twitter.com/qaswara1189/status/844504517332873216) - although it's the biggest insurgent group in Idlib. While this lack of unity is as typical as damaging, some of Ahrar see it as 'good', because 'competition is good'. I would add: the less of them are cooperating with the HTS - the better, too.

Some say Ahrar is planning to open their own offensive - whether on its own or in cooperation with other group of FSyA units. Apparently, this was about to be launched today, but postponned because locals in Kfar Zita opened fire at Ahrar - since this attracted plenty of Assadist and Russian air strikes.

Next question: where is that offensive going to go?

Some say this is planned for western Aleppo, others say this was already launched in form of an attack on the Homs - Salamiyah road. Yet others say that Ahrar is planning an operation on Ghab Plain, on the western flank of the ongoing offensive into northern Hama, in NE Lattakia - or in the eastern Idlib. Overall, there is no certainty in this regards. Alternatively, Ahrar might prove a useful reserve for the case of an IRGC-led counteroffensive.

03-24-2017, 07:38 AM
Syria #Hama Regime held northern suburb Qomhana under attack of vehicle bombs

03-24-2017, 07:41 AM
For the 1st time ever, #Turkey provided its proxies with ACV-15 APCs outside the #EuphratesShield pocket.
Reportedly seen in #Hama.

But this must be marked as unconfirmed.
STEP reports the column as reinforcements to the battle in #Hama, pictured in N-W #Syria.

03-24-2017, 07:55 AM
"Finally" - one Russian Su-24 started bombing rebel positions around #Mahardeh.
Others remain focussed on civilians.

03-24-2017, 07:56 AM
That's the interesting question here.

Namely, by now it is obvious that this is NOT involved in this offensive. And, certainly enough, Ahrar actually can't afford to remain on the sidelines for much too long: it would start losing members to other factions.

Well, it turned out the HTS told Ahrar they don't want to cooperate (https://twitter.com/morasul_ahrar/status/844214124129280000). Correspondingly, Ahrar is not involved (https://twitter.com/qaswara1189/status/844504517332873216) - although it's the biggest insurgent group in Idlib. While this lack of unity is as typical as damaging, some of Ahrar see it as 'good', because 'competition is good'. I would add: the less of them are cooperating with the HTS - the better, too.

Some say Ahrar is planning to open their own offensive - whether on its own or in cooperation with other group of FSyA units. Apparently, this was about to be launched today, but postponned because locals in Kfar Zita opened fire at Ahrar - since this attracted plenty of Assadist and Russian air strikes.

Next question: where is that offensive going to go?

Some say this is planned for western Aleppo, others say this was already launched in form of an attack on the Homs - Salamiyah road. Yet others say that Ahrar is planning an operation on Ghab Plain, on the western flank of the ongoing offensive into northern Hama, in NE Lattakia - or in the eastern Idlib. Overall, there is no certainty in this regards. Alternatively, Ahrar might prove a useful reserve for the case of an IRGC-led counteroffensive.

CrowBat..seems we now have the answer....

Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Sham and Ajnad al-Sham joined the #Hama offensive with 2500 troops.
First target: #Kernaz.

03-24-2017, 08:00 AM
More troubling reports of civilian fatalities, caused by @CJTFOIR.
This time around 180 people in #Raqqa.

The USAF and CENTCOM just keep on lying on just how many civilians are being actually hit by US air strikes......actually as much as the Russian AF now....

They stated they would investigate the air strike that hit IDPs in Manbij...BUT never did....

They attempted to weasel out of their own false air strike on a mosque killing 60 plus..claiming they hit AQ??????

03-24-2017, 09:56 AM
#Assad media & fans call the Turkish-backed #FSA / #AhrarAlSham alliance that attacks Al Mughayr "al-Qaeda".
Funny to watch.

03-24-2017, 03:05 PM
The #FSA hits another pro-#Assad forces main battle tank (T-72 or T-90) south of #Maarzaf with the TOW.

While some say,this picture show a "HTS TOW attack", I suspect, it shows a Jaish al-Nasr TOW attack, filmed by HTS.
They fight hand in hand.

03-24-2017, 03:07 PM
Ahar..rumored fighting in this area....

First minor rebel advances northeast of #Kernaz in #Hama province.
Tell sl-Sakhr and the grain silo barrier taken.

03-24-2017, 03:19 PM
Hama: Photos from the #HTS #Hama military operation room.

03-24-2017, 03:28 PM
More furious #AssadPutin air strikes on peaceful towns in #Idlib and #Hama, far behind the front.

Damascus: #Assad artillery shelling has killed 1 child and wounded several other civilians in #Douma today.

03-24-2017, 04:13 PM
E. #Damascus: Jaish Al-Islam claims it destroyed of a T-72 while attempting to repel Regime attack on #Barzeh orchads.

Hama Battle: from now on, Rebels confront "pro-Regime forces" as involvement of foreign militias w/ Regime is confirmed by multiple sources

Hama Battle: failed attempt by pro-Regime forces to seize back Maarzaf area. T-72 previously hit by #TOW is disabled.

FSA Safwah Battalions announce their participation to the #Hama Battle, on Zin Al-Abdeen front.

Hama Battle: Rebels destroyed a #Kornet launcher on Al-Mughayr front.

E. #Damascus: Jaish Al-Islam countering Regime in #Qabun-#Barzeh orchads.

E. #Damascus: airstrikes on Spinning Factory confirm no Regime advance in #Qabun Insustrial Zone.

Hama Battle: Regime BMP damaged and vehicle destroyed as Rebels try to repel a Regime counter-attack from Muhardah. Clashes ongoing.

Hama Battle: one of the many "tactical withdrawals" of Regime filmed by Jaish Al-Izza drone.

Hama Battle: Regime militias trying to regain lost ground... without success so far.

E. #Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman targeting Regime fortifications with its Omar cannon.

E. #Damascus: airstrikes on Spinning Factory confirm no Regime advance in #Qabun Insustrial Zone.

NE #Daraa: Rebels seized over Hawsh Hammad from #ISIS (Lajat region).

E. #Damascus: intense clashes continue in W. part of #Qabun Industrial Zone as Regime trying to advance again with shelling and airstrikes.

E. #Qalamoun: Rebels destroyed an #ISIS 23 mm gun and seized an armour as they continue push to expel IS from the region.

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr renewing shelling of #Hama Airbase with Grad rockets.
NEW launchers seen firing...

Qomhana update: intense clashes raging since 7 hours now as Regime putting strong resistance. Rebels seized parts & main clashes in center.

Hama Battle: #HTS #TOW strike on BMP on Kawkab front.

Hama Battle: 10s of Regime fighters fleeing Shaliut checkpoint after Jaish Al-Izza shelling.

Hama Battle: Rebels seized over Al-Saker checkpoint, widening offensive N. of Muhardah.

Hama Battle: #HTS launched assault on #Qomhana, starting with large SVBIED operation at dawn. Intense clashes ongoing.

Hama: #HTS repelled Regime counter-attack on #Kawkab.

Faylaq Al-Rahman took out this Regime BMP on E. #Damascus front.

Rebels killed 2 Brigadier Generals in #Hama offensive: Haidar Saleh (paratrooper) & Ahmed Asad (from #Tartus CS, killed in Khattab).

03-24-2017, 04:43 PM
Syrian chief negotiator says U.S. action on Raqqa would be illegitimate.

A U.S.- or Turkish-backed attack on Islamic State in the Syrian city of Raqqa would be illegitimate unless coordinated with President Bashar al-Assad's government, the Syrian chief negotiator at peace talks in Geneva said on Friday.
"Any military presence on our territory without the approval of the Syrian government is an illegitimate presence," Bashar al-Ja'afari told reporters after meeting U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura.
French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Friday the battle to recapture Raqqa would restart in the coming days.
Ja'afari said nobody could claim to be fighting Islamic State without coordinating with Iraq and Syria.
"Those who are truly fighting Daesh (Islamic State) are the Syrian Arab army with the help of our allies from Russia and Iran.
"Direct U.S. military intervention in Syrian territory as well as arming factions in Syria and encouraging them to challenge the authority of the state does not serve the fight against terrorism," he said.
The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reached the entrance to the Tabqa dam where they are clashing with Islamic State, Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, an SDF spokeswoman, said on Friday.
U.N. Syria humanitarian advisor Jan Egeland told Reuters on Thursday there were contingency plans for the civilian population of Raqqa.
"There are hundreds of thousands of people in the Raqqa area and of course those would all be at risk when the fighting is bound to intensify," Egeland said.
Ja'afari said countries backing rebel groups in Syria, such as Britain, France, Turkey and Qatar, were sponsors of terrorism, and said a rebel offensive was designed to disrupt peace talks in Geneva and Astana.
"All the terrorist attacks, as I said, are pushing everybody toward a total failure and fiasco in the political and diplomatic process," he told reporters, adding his delegation would never walk away from the talks.

03-24-2017, 04:46 PM
Russian Syrian Express.....

Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet's Tapir Class BDK Nikolay Filchenkov 152 northbound on the Bosphorus, returning from Syria.

03-24-2017, 04:48 PM
Russian Naval Syrian Express....

Russian Navy's Natya Class Seagoing Minesweeper Valentin Pikul 770 of 184th Novorossiysk Coastal Defense Brigade southbound on the Bosphorus

03-24-2017, 04:51 PM
As expected.
@CJTFOIR & @OIRSpox, you are soon fighting for #Assad, meaning you are soon fighting for #Iran.
Congrats to your ally #SDF! ...

03-24-2017, 05:09 PM
DeirEzzor: #ISIS has captured a large amount of weapons and ammunition from the #Assad regime during the #DeirEzzor offensive.

ANOTHER IS resupply run thanks to Assad...Iran and especially Russia...

ISIS video from Deir ez Zor shows ammo and supplies for regime militias parachuted into ISIS positions.

The first T-72 TURMS-T to have been captured by the Islamic State, Deir ez-Zor.

03-25-2017, 11:11 AM
Tadef is under #EuphratesShield control after Regime withdrawal. Picture geolocated in center.

03-25-2017, 11:14 AM
Another massacre among women & children by the #Russian air force in #Idlib yday.
No comment by any EU country or Turkey.

FIVE Russian airstrikes completely destroyed Orient hospital in Kafranble #Idleb

Another picture of the attack.
The air strike missed the hospital by 20-30 meters so only damage, no injuries, acc. to so far reports.

Again & again impressed, how accurate #Putin's killers can aim ... when they target #hospitals.
#KafrNable in #Idlib shortly go.

The #AssadPutin air force reportedly slaughtered 18 women and children east of #Damascus this morning.

03-25-2017, 11:20 AM
On Day 4 of the #Hama offensive, -- Rebels made only minimal gains.
- Ahrar al-Sham & ES #FSA did not yet fully participate

Regime slowed down rebel attacks with them taking less areas under their control....

03-25-2017, 01:26 PM
Daraa City districts have been bombarded today by #Russian and #Syrian Warplanes . In addition to the heavy #bombing with barrel #bombs

Breaking news:The regime's fighter jets struck with multiple air raids Helfaya mosque in the northern countryside of #Hama

Pro-Hezbollah footage showing heavy street fighting inside #Qomhana and #HTS seized SW. suburb before pulling out.

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr shelling Regime fortifications on Kernaz-Bureidij axis. Warplanes overflying.

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Izza struck with #TOW a huge gathering of pro-Regime forces on Maarzaf front :D.

03-25-2017, 01:30 PM
So far, HTS have used 4 SVBIEDs in the N. Hama offensive. T-62 (+other unidentified) in Souran, 4x4 vehicle in Maardas & truck in Qomhane

Syria StepNews Map claim #FSA seized #Tadef & further advance against #Assad forces south of #alBab in eastern #Aleppo

Aleppo: Reports that #EuphratesShield forces are storming Abu Taltal village south of #Tadef.

03-25-2017, 01:51 PM
Hama Battle: #Iran|ian #IRGC Field Commander Said Salhani killed by Rebels in N. #Hama countryside.

E. #Damascus: intense clashes renewed in #Barzeh orchards as pro-Regime forces are trying to advance.

E. #Ghouta: at least 18 civilians killed & 50+ wounded in #SyAF airstrikes on market & nearby buildings in Hamouriah http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.528016&lon=36.385345&z=14&m#…

Hama Battle: Abnaa Al-Sham repelling pro-Regime counter-attack on Maarzaf front.

W. #Aleppo: Safwah Battalions repelling a pro-Regime attack on Al-Rashideen front.

NE Hama front straightening?

On 4th day of #Hama Battle relentless #RuAF airstrikes combined with pro-Regime reinforcements halted Rebel offensive. Now facing c.-attacks

Aleppo: Faylaq Al-Sham shelled #Nayrab Airbase with Grad rockets.

Aleppo: Faylaq Al-Sham holding positions on Al-Zahraa district frontline.

03-25-2017, 01:56 PM
Convoy from #Tartus to #Hama including TOS-1 (thermobaric MRLS) & mine-resistant Kamaz Typhoon, suggesting upcoming #Russia|n involvement.

03-25-2017, 02:01 PM
Daraa: Al-Bunian Al-Marsous op. room declares it repelled a Regime counter-attack backed by Hezbollah on Al-Manshiyah.

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr destroyed with a #TOW a tank on #Qomhana front.

Hama Battle: clashes & shelling on Maarzaf-Al-Sheer axis as pro-Regime forces launched counter-attack.

Hama Battle: offensive on #Qomhana failed. Rebels withdrew due to heavy shelling from nearby Mt Zin Al-Abdeen & fierce resistance.

Advancing FSA rebels attempting to send assurances to Christians in Mhardeh and Suqaylibah, Northern Hama.

N. #Aleppo: Sham Front targeting #SDF/#YPG in Menagh.

03-25-2017, 05:11 PM
CrowBat..seems we now have the answer....

Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Sham and Ajnad al-Sham joined the #Hama offensive with 2500 troops.
First target: #Kernaz.
Actually, they went in with just some 200 - and lost 20. That attack collapsed nearly on its own.

03-25-2017, 05:12 PM
The #FSA hits another pro-#Assad forces main battle tank (T-72 or T-90) south of #Maarzaf with the TOW.

While some say,this picture show a "HTS TOW attack", I suspect, it shows a Jaish al-Nasr TOW attack, filmed by HTS.
They fight hand in hand.
The tank in question was actually a T-62M (with 'horseshoe' armour on the front of the turret), operated by that Assadist 'V Corps' (i.e. the 'Liwa al-Ba'ath'): was penned but didn't blow up.

03-25-2017, 05:19 PM
More furious #AssadPutin air strikes on peaceful towns in #Idlib and #Hama, far behind the front.

Damascus: #Assad artillery shelling has killed 1 child and wounded several other civilians in #Douma today.
Here a copy-paste of my report about yesterday's (24 March) aerial activity by the VKS and the SyAAF, originally posted on the ACIG.info forum:

The day began with relatively intensive activity of SyAAF helicopters and L-39s from Hama during the early hours. Since nobody rocketed Hama AB for more than 24 hours, units based there continued their operations undisturbed. Take-offs were registered at 00.08 (helicopter), 00.46 (L-39), 00.53 (L-39), 01.09 (L-39), 01.23 (L-39), 01.27 (L-39), and 01.37 (helicopter).

The Russians then flew sporadic air strikes between 04.58 and 06.58 (total of eight take-offs). As far as is known, all of these targeted the area between Kfar Zita and Arzeh. The VKS launched another wave of 11 air strikes between 07.00 and 07.31hrs. Most of these have targeted the area north of Kfar Zita.

By then it was clear the weather improved significantly: sun came up in the morning, showing a clear sky with near limitless visibility. De-facto 'perfect' for an all-out effort by the SyAAF. Namely, the Assadist air force was barely active the last few weeks and thus had plenty of time to maintain its aircraft, build up its stockpiles of ammunition, and give some rest to its pilots and ground crews, too. Unsurprisingly, SyAAF went into action by launching two MiG-23s and a helicopter from Hama at 07.00hrs, and a single Su-22 from Kweres, at 07.25. An additional Su-22 followed from Kweres AB at 07.41, and one from Shayrat at 07.46. Two Su-22s launched from Tiyas AB at 07.57 and a MiG-23 from Hama at 08.02.

Intensive flying activity was continued through take-offs of a single Su-24 from Tiyas at 08.18, one Su-22 from Shayrat at 08.29, another Su-24 from Tiyas at 08.30, helicopter from Hama at 08.41, MiG-23 from Hama at 08.42, and a MiG-23 from Dmeyr at 08.48 (this overflew the centre of Hama city some 6 minutes later, indicating it also participated in air strikes on insurgents further north). Further take-offs included two helicopters and a MiG-21 from Hama (at 08.54, 08.55, and 08.57), a Su-24 from Tiyas at 09.03, a Su-22 from Kweres at 09.05, another Su-24 from Tiyas at 09.06, one more Su-22 from Kweres AB, at 09.12, and a MiG-23 from Hama at 09.36.

Notable is that the SyAAF didn't exploit its 'grounding' (by bad weather of January and February) to improve the training of its flying crews. Instead, it's still operating by single aircraft and helicopters, never in formations. Therefore, it's exercising rather 'continuous', though rarely concentrated pressure upon insurgents and jihadists. Furthermore, total number of take-offs registered this morning indicates forward deployment of at least four Sukhois at Kweres AB, east of Aleppo. That site was probably selected instead of Nayrab AB (south of the city) because it's better protected and outside artillery range of the insurgents and the Daesh. This even more so considering all of its counterattacks on the ground, as well as the HTS' and TIP's attack on Qomhana.

With the SyAAF completing its own round of morning activity, the VKS returned to the skies, flying a total of 26 by 09.30hrs. Further take-offs from Hmemmem AB followed at 09.44hrs, 09.47, 09.49, 09.50, and 09.51. All of these seem to have targeted the Sarqib area. The same area was targeted by six additional Russian air strikes, in period 10.04-10.10, but Jishr ash-Shughour was hit by four strikes too, around 10.13-10.15, and then two VKS helicopters that launched from Sanobar (helidrome south of Lattakia, constructed by Russians in September 2015), at 10.15. Russian flying activity further increased during the following minutes, with their aircraft and helicopters targeting nearly all of roads in western and southern Idlib 'nearly at once'. Roads in Jishr ash-Shughour area were particularly heavily hit, before Ma'arat an-Nauman was bombed, at 10.23. Some of FSyA units underway there were hit, and at least one admitted suffering two KIA to Russian air strikes, but can't find the link any more.

Meanwhile, the SyAAF increased the pressure upon insurgents in the Kfar Zita salient and further south. At 10.02, a single Su-22 launched from Shayrat, and then two helicopters joined it in attacks on insurgent positions south of Kfar Zita, flown during the following six minutes. These were joined by a SyAAF Mi-25 that launched from as-Safira at 10.22, signalling the start of the next wave of Assadist air strikes. This included a MiG-23 from Shayrat launched at 10.24, and was combined with activity of three additional Russian helicopters that targeted the Jishr ash-Shughour area around 10.30. Further registered take-offs around this time included one MiG-23 from Shayrat at 10.49, and another from Hama at 10.54, followed by a MiG-23 from Shayrat at 10.58, a single MiG-21 launched from Hama at 11.04; a Su-24 from Tiyas at 11.06; one Su-22 from Shayrat at 11.07 and another at 11.14; MiG-23 from Shayrat at 11.34 (this bombed Talbiseh); a Su-22 took off from Dmeyr at 11.36, a MiG-23 from Dmeyr at 11.36 (this apparently bombed something in Sarqib area); a MiG-23 from Dmeyr at 11.40; and a Su-22 from Shayrat at 11.55.

VKS fighter-bombers meanwhile bombed Kfar Nabl, at 10.29, and Sarqib, at 10.46 and 10.49, while four of them bombed targets in Sarqib area over the following minutes.

By that time, up to six UAVs were airborne over the battlefield in northern Hama alone, and providing targeting intelligence for additional air strikes, including one flown by a MiG-23 that launched from Hama at 11.57, a Russian fighter-bomber that launched from Hmemmem AB at 12.01, a SyAAF helicopter that launched from as-Safira at 12.08, and a Su-24 that launched from Tiyas at 12.11hrs. Kfar Nabl was hit by a single Russian air strike at 12.13hrs, while one Su-24 launched from Tiyas at 12.34.

There followed something like '10-minutes break', after which the VKS launched another wave. Related take-offs from Hmemmem AB were registered at 12.40, 12.45, 12.47 (x2: these two bombed Idlib city), 12.48, and 12.50. The SyAAF then launched one Su-22 from Shayrat AB at 12.51: this rocketed HTS positions in Qamahana, 6 minutes later, as Assadists launched their first major counterattack in that place (more about this topic later). Russians then bombed Sarqib at 12.57, and Ma'arat an-Nauman, at 13.00hrs, and Kfar Nabl at 13.14, while two of their helicopters were active in Jishr ash-Shughour area, between 13.00 and 13.15hrs. Khan Sheykhoun was hit by Russians at 13.14, and Ma'arat an-Nauman (again) at 13.17.

Another SyAAF Su-22 - which launched from Shayrat AB - hit the HTS' position in Qamahana around 13.29, followed by a helicopter that took off from Hama AB at 13.27. At the same time, a single VKS fighter-bomber bombed Kfar Nabl, while two Russian helicopters attacked unknown targets in Jishr ash-Shughour around 13.32.

Sometimes around this time, or slightly later (i.e. between 13.00 and 15.00hrs local time), the Jaysh an-Nasr (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/845224726758871040) (FSyA) has rocketed Hama AB with a volley of BM-21s. This resulted in obvious suspension of all flying activity for the next few hours.

As a sort of 'replacement', a single L-39 was launched from Kweres AB and a Su-22 from Shayrat at 13.39, and both are known to have attacked the HTS and TIP's positions in Qamahana area, some 10 minutes later. Another Su-22 from Kweres bombed Qamahana around 13.45. Meanwhile,

VKS air strikes continued hitting Sarqib (13.35), Ma'arat an-Nauman (13.36), Kfar Nabl (13.37), Kfar Nabl (13.39), and Kfar Nabl again (13.41). Further take-offs from Hmemmem AB were registered at 13.46, 13.59, and two (both Su-25s) at 14.29, but I've got no idea what did they target.

More of SyAAF air strikes were launched starting with 13.55, when a single MiG-23 took-off from Shayrat AB (this bombed Qamahana), and a Su-22 from Kweres AB. The SyAAF helicopter that launched from as-Safira at 14.12 bombed the Daesh in Dayr Hafir area.

The activity then slowed down a bit: Shayrat AB launched one Su-22 into a strike on Qamahana at 14.59, and another at 15.28, while Tiyas sent a single Su-24 in that direction at 15.48. With Hama temporarily out of action, when pro-regime troops launched their next counterattack on HTS and TIP in Qamahana, this was supported by a MiG-23 that was scrambled from Shayrat AB at 15.51. A trio of Su-24 that launched from Tiyas at 15.53, 15.54 and 16.01 apparently bombed targets in Sarqib area (one of local HQs of the HTS).

...to be continued...

03-25-2017, 05:20 PM
Part 2

Around this time, the VKS became active again and then flew a series of strikes against targets in Khan Sheykhoun area, including one at 15.55 (by a helicopter), another at 15.56, and one at 16.09 (helicopter again).

A pair of SyAAF Su-22s from Shayrat AB, followed by a MiG-23 from Dmeyr bombed Latamina at 16.13, 16.14, and 16.16, while Ra'astan was bombed by a single Su-22 at 16.20.

By 16.00hrs, Hama AB was back in action and launching new air strikes. These began with a single helicopter, which became airborne at 16.21, and a L-39, that attacked Lataminah around 16.30. Another helicopter bombed the same town around 16.40, and additional followed from Hama at 16.56, 17.07, an 17.32.

As the HTS, TIP and the FSyA were then busy with defending their positions from further counter-attacks on the ground, nobody came to the idea to fire another volley of BM-21s at Hama AB. Therefore, this then continued launching air strikes, including one L-39 at 17.33, another at 17.48; one helicopter at 17.50, another L-39 at 17.55, one more at 17.56, and one at 18.05. A single Su-24 launched from Tiyas at 18.09 some headquarters in Latamina area (I still don't know if one of the HTS or of the FSyA, though).

The SyAAF continued with one helicopter from Hama at 18.26, a Su-24 from Tiyas at 18.28, L-39 from Hama at 18.28, another at 18.35, and two Su-24s from Tiyas, both of these launched at 18.37 (this is happening very rarely, and usually means some kind of 'particularly important target' was identified and an 'immediate strike' on it ordered). Another Su-24 from Tiyas bombed the AAS-positions in Kfar Naboudah, around 18.37, and it seems the same place was hit by a single L-39 from Kweres AB, just a minute later.

Four additional L-39s took-off from Hama at 18.44, 18.45, 18.46 and 18.47 - and at least two of them attacked targets in Kfar Nabl area. The fifth rocketed something in Latamina, around 19.13, and one operated along major roads in Khan Sheykhoun area, around 19.15 (this is meanwhile the usual practice of the SyAAF, known already since the last months of siege of Eastern Aleppo, when L-39s were 'hanging' over the Castello road, coming down to attack whatever moved below them, nearly every single night).

That the SyAAF is still quite fresh became obvious when it launched another Su-24 from Tiyas AB, at 19.31, and one more L-39 from Hama, at 19.32. These were followed by another Su-24 from Tiyas at 19.32, and a helicopter from Hama, at 19.37. One helicopter then bombed Masasinah, at 19.38, while two L-39s repeatedly strafed roads in Khan Sheykhoun area, around 20.09. One more L-39 launched from Hama at 20.15hrs, but I don't know what was its target: two Su-24s that launched from Tiyas at 20.25 and 20.35 bombed targets in Khan Sheykhoun area. Three Su-24s scrambled from Tiyas at 20.52, 21.08 and 22.08 should have hit targets in Kfar Zita area.

The final series of air strikes yesterday was initiated by the VKS at 20.13 hrs, when the first of about two dozens of fighter-bombers was registered while taking off from Hmemmem AB. Additional take-offs were sighted at 20.15, 20.16 (x2), 20.23, 20.24, 20.39, 20.40, 20.41, 20.44 (x2), 20.47, 20.48, 20.56, 21.00, 21.06, 21.08 (x3), 21.10, 21.11, 21.16, 21.19, 22.08, 22.09, 22.31, 22.40, 23.38, and 23.42. These targeted (between others) Sarqib, Kfar Nabl, Idlib (city),


This was a day of unprecedented aerial activity since autumn 2012 (when SyAAF was launching up to 250 sorties a day).

helicopters: 18
L-39s: 25
MiG-21s: 4
MiG-23: 13
Su-22s: 18
Su-24s: 23

fighter-bombers: 106
helicopters: 21
UAVs: 10

My assessment is that both the SyAAF and the VKS could still fly some 10-15 sorties more. Keep in mind that Hama AB was 'blocked' for at least two hours after the Jaysh an-Nasr's BM-21 strike, yesterday. Considering reports from today, it is perfectly possible they have achieved this 'feat' on 25 March: hope, I'll find enough time to prepare a similar review, tomorrow.

That said, don't get too impressed: except in Qamahana area, majority of these air strikes did not hit the FSyA and the HTS units deployed directly on the battlefields of northern Hama, but their rear areas - i.e. primarily roads used to haul supplies from Turkey to the frontlines. Thus, except for SyAAF air strikes flown during the late afternoon and evening, they had minimal _direct_ impact upon the flow of battles on the ground.

They might have a significant impact upon the flow of further battles, though: if the VKS and the SyAAF manage to disrupt the flow of supplies, and large-scale movement of reserves, fighters on the frontlines are likely to run out of ammo and food before soon.


BTW, earlier summaries of this kind are now available separately as follows:

- Air Strikes in Khan Sheikhoun — Kfar Zita — Latamina area, 16 March 2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-in-khan-sheikhoun-kfar-zita-latamina-area-16-march-2017-abbfd865f67b#.kwcbbs2ls) (this one pre-dates the ongoing insurgent and jihadist offensive in northern Hama, but it pointed at the fact that the Assadists attempted to 'pre-empt' this operation by the means of their air force.)

- Air Strikes on Northern Hama, 21 March 2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-in-northern-hama-21-march-2017-a72f6e087de0#.sw62nzd8t)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 22 March 2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-22-march-2017-8e10078fd40d#.87v623dsv)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 23 March 2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-23-march-2017-6ea6c72a409e#.y3uqfrqfk)

03-25-2017, 06:43 PM
There was a gas attack is in Lataminah, Northern Hama.

URGENT! Patients and doctors dying from gas attacks. We think its Sarin. We need experts to help us.

If any experts have any medical advice on how to save victims of this gas attack please let us know ASAP! One doctor has already died! #Hama

03-25-2017, 06:50 PM
Turkish Foreign Ministry summons Russian Envoy over soldier's death after shots fired from Syria

03-25-2017, 06:52 PM

Kremlin: Turkey's membership in NATO would not prevent delivery of S-400
BUT those Russian specialists ie GRU......?????

03-25-2017, 06:55 PM
Civil defense volunteers and medical staff are high-value targets for Assad and Russia airstrikes. Photos from Damascus and Hama today.

03-25-2017, 07:00 PM
Do not believe anything until the Kremlin denies it™

03-25-2017, 07:29 PM
Civil defense volunteers and medical staff are high-value targets for Assad and Russia airstrikes. Photos from Damascus and Hama today.

2 killed and 30 injured in chlorine strike against hospital in #Hama.

Another example where it seems they stopped putting cylinders in barrel bombs and just dropped the cylinder

03-25-2017, 07:44 PM
Syrian rebels in eastern Qalamoun are expelling the Islamic State and approaching the Palmyra desert

03-25-2017, 07:55 PM
Rebels repelled regime counter-attack on Arzeh village and Al-Sakhr CP north of Hama.

03-25-2017, 07:55 PM
Civil defense volunteers and medical staff are high-value targets for Assad and Russia airstrikes. Photos from Damascus and Hama today.

Dr. Ali Darwish passed away after he was injured this noon by the #Assad chlorine attack on Alatamneh hospital

03-25-2017, 08:05 PM
Homs: Rebels have cut the #Homs-#Salamiyah highway again.

Hama: Attempt by pro-#Assad forces to recapture #Arzeh also failed.

Aleppo: #HTS blowing up #Assad rocket launcher with #TOW in Western #Aleppo.

Hama: Video from #Maarzaf confirms that entire #Maarzaf village is under rebel control today.

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr shelled #Hama Airbase with a barrage of Grad rockets.

Hama Battle: Rebels thwarted an attempt by pro-Regime forces to seize back Al-Sakhr CP & destroyed a tank.

Manpower woes continue: last week #Assad was recruiting over-age males, now it's under-age females ... Might even bring positive press.

Hama Battle: #HTS artillery (122 mm cannon) pounding Regime-held #Qomhana.

03-25-2017, 08:10 PM
Many pro-Assad units/militias reached #Hama battlefield as shown by their casualties: Iranian #IRGC, Navy Commandos & Qalamoun Shield.

03-25-2017, 08:14 PM
Hama Battle: seems the TOS-1 shipped from #Tartus already striking Rebel territory, here E. of Khan Sheikhoun. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.429624&lon=36.770897&z=12&m#…

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr's T-62 targeting pro-Regime forces on #Qomhana front with armor-piercing shells.

Ivan Sidorenko‏#@IvanSidorenko1 3h
3 hours ago
#Syria #Damascus List of 51 #SAA #SRG #NDF Soldiers martyred in #Qaboun / #Jobar Fronts during a duration of five days.

Hama Battle: Ahrar Al-Sham targeted Regime road between #Homs-#Salamiyah, closing it temporarily. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=34.901700&lon=36.956635&z=11&m#…

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Nasr declares pro-Regime assault on Azreh is repelled.

Hama Battle: #Qomhana and nearby Zin Al-Abdeen Mount are under pre-emptive shelling with all kinds of weapons.

03-25-2017, 08:17 PM
This is HUGE: Apparently the #Syria|n S-300 AA systems delivered by #Russia labeled #Israel|i planes as friendly

03-26-2017, 07:26 AM
Hama: Russia has just bombed Maharda a Christian village which rebels have not even entered or planned to even enter!

03-26-2017, 01:14 PM
This is HUGE: Apparently the #Syria|n S-300 AA systems delivered by #Russia labeled #Israel|i planes as friendly
That article is complete rubbish (to put it mildly).

As usually, Israeli sources are citing some Kuwaiti newspaper - which in turn should be basing its reporting on supposed interviews with IRGC's officers?

1.) That with Israelis citing Kuwaiti newspapers is a well-known practice already since decades. The most famous examples were those from 1981, when Begin cited some Kuwaiti newspaper for supposed Sadam's statement about intention to nuke Israel. Weeks-long research by an entire team of the Congress Library resulted in 0 confirmation for that statement. Begin simply lied. Makes one wonder what is now the case...

2.) IRGC's officers giving interviews to foreign journalists is rarer than snake's sweat.

3.) After asking certain S-300 operator to read that article and tell him his frank opinion he's simply bamboozled: what kind of a code could anybody insert into that system so to 'blind' it from recognizing IASF aircraft as such or prevent them from opening fire at the Israelis? There is simply nothing of that kind.

4.) Assadists actually fired three S-200s (aka SA-5 Gammons): they don't even have any S-300s.

5.) And finally, IRGC's officers going for the record to criticise the Russians right now is as likely to happen as that the Earth is going to stop spinning around its own axis by the time you read this post to its end.

Namely, the IRGC is more keen to appease Russians than ever before. They went as far as to subject their ops in Syria to the Russian control, just for example.

03-26-2017, 04:13 PM
This is a huge story. If true, it's likely the largest massacre of civilians by the U.S. military since Vietnam. And Iraq is blaming Trump.

After airstrikes killing as many as 200 civilians, Iraqi officer says rules of engagement relaxed under Trump.


03-26-2017, 04:14 PM
Area bombardments in #Qaboun right now.

E. #Qalamoun: #FSA seized over an airstrip from #ISIS, continuing advances in Al-Badiyah

03-26-2017, 04:56 PM
Institutionalized ‘Warlordism’: Syria’s National Defense Force
Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 15 Issue: 6
By: Chris Zambelis

03-26-2017, 05:04 PM
Kadyrov fighters returned from #Syrian police patrolling mission. Here he awards medals for successful operation.

03-27-2017, 04:57 AM
FSA advances south Syria closed an important oil trading route with #IS through druze region Suwayda. Alternate route maybe arranged.

03-27-2017, 05:00 AM
From proAssad/Russia commenter....

Ivan Sidorenko @IvanSidorenko1
#Syria #Hama #NorthernHama #SAA #Tiger_Forces Shaheen Group Commander : #Russian #Russia Mistake strikes killed about 33 #SAA / 40 wounded

03-27-2017, 05:01 AM
Rouhani to visit #Putin in Moscow as #Iran and #Russia move closer

03-27-2017, 10:29 AM
Current military map for #Syria

03-27-2017, 10:40 AM
#FSA factions captured al-Aythah area (incl. Airstrip and tower) in east of al-Seen Airbase (Sayqal), after clashes with #ISIS.

Syria #Aleppo Footage from checkpoints in Hamdania

Regime forces also announced their control of some villages (incl. al-Qasr & Tall Saad) in Suwayda province after #ISIS withdrawal.

FSA forces during operations agnst #Daesh in Syrian Desert, rural Suwayda

FSA News‏#@FSAPlatform 1h
1 hour ago
NEW #MAP || #Suwayda
Map of #FSA forces continued advances today against #Daesh in ASuwayda province

03-27-2017, 10:54 AM
Syria #FSA launch battle to break siege of eastern #Qalamoun

500.000 displaced people arrived in #FSA controlled "Euphrates Shield" -strip at border to #Turkey so far from all areas of #Syria

Syria High rank #Hezbollah Commander "Bilal Munir Zibawi" killed in Hama battle

Ethnic cleansing continues. Regime deports another batch residents from #Homs suburb Al Waer to northern #Syria border area

Syria Ahrar Al Sham claim shot down Helicopter near Salma in #Latakia mountains

Syria People of #Raqqa look for high ground bc fear that #Taqba dam will collapse

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Izza destroyed 2 tanks on Kafr Al-Toun & Maarzaf fronts.

03-27-2017, 10:57 AM
FSA took large parts of desert area at border to #Jordan from #IS

03-27-2017, 03:55 PM
Ex-DoD Special Counsel @oonahathaway on 5 possible explanations for CIVCAS uptick in war on ISIS:

03-27-2017, 04:22 PM
The Pentagon says its rules of engagement haven't changed. They were 'adjusted' last month.

So "adjusted" does this mean "changed"??????

03-27-2017, 04:36 PM
Schools in Idlib are closed due to increased aerial bombardment. Our school remains open because it is underground and maybe more safe.

#Douma city today.
While @SyriaCivilDef try to save lives, #AssadPutin try to destroy them.

Also civilians in besieged #Rastan (#Homs province) were attacked by the #AssadPutin air force.

AssadPutin air strikes on #Daraa city today.

03-27-2017, 04:50 PM
A #Russian double incendiary bomb attack hit civilians near Jisr Al-Shughour (#Idlib province) yesterday evening.

Has not been previously reported before nor a photo of a double strike released...this was the first time...

03-27-2017, 04:52 PM
The Syrian rebel Hama offensive
A way out of the deadlock?

03-27-2017, 04:55 PM
Pro-#Assad crew of T-72 in #Qomhana turn their back towards the #FSA's TOW.
Last mistake.

03-27-2017, 05:13 PM
12 airstrikes with cluster munitions targeted civilian homes in Jisr Al Shughur #Syria #idlib

Hama: Rebels blowing up another group of pro-#Assad forces with #TOW at #Maarzaf village.

03-27-2017, 10:54 PM
Pro-#Assad crew of T-72 in #Qomhana turn their back towards the #FSA's TOW.
Last mistake.
The tank in question is a T-55 (note five wheels, and distance between the first two).

BTW: many of these tanks are nowadays crewed by 3, sometimes by only 2, tankers - instead of four. The regime is that short on manpower...

That said, Jaysh al-Izza (the FSyA unit that scored that kill) was less lucky today. Despite putting up a spirited battle, supported by its Gvozdika (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/846337394836230145), and additional TOW strikes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap90sNUX-_c&feature=youtu.be)... reportedly, one of its elements was mauled by carpet-bombardment by the VKS that should've killed 32 insurgents (https://twitter.com/BosnjoBoy/status/846296070313381888).

This was followed by an assault led by Hezbollah (https://twitter.com/InsideSourceInt/status/846315492209975296), which eventually forced Jaysh al-Izza out of Mazraf and the nearby Kfar Amim.

Now, I've got no confirmation about 'carpet-bombing' (yet), but SyAAF's L-39s and MiG-23s were certainly around (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/846436437553762307). Plenty of BM-21 to be seen on that video too.

Earlier, Jaysh al-Izza claimed a UAV as shot down (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/846376635758731264) over Majdal.

During the afternoon, the SyAAF and the VKS also bombed Dera'a intensivelly: 14 bombs dropped by #SyAF choppers, 6 #RuAF airstrikes & 17 rockets/missiles (incl. the Tochka) (https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/846368282026369029).

03-28-2017, 08:09 AM
In the light of the FSyA + HTS offensive in northern Hama, but also other latest developments in Syria, here the links to my summaries about aerial activity of the VKS (Russian AirSpace Force) and the SyAAF over the last few days:

- Air Strikes in Khan Sheikhoun — Kfar Zita — Latamina area, 16 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-in-khan-sheikhoun-kfar-zita-latamina-area-16-march-2017-abbfd865f67b)

- Air Strikes on Northern Hama, 21 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-in-northern-hama-21-march-2017-a72f6e087de0)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 22 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-22-march-2017-8e10078fd40d)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 23 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-23-march-2017-6ea6c72a409e)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 24 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-24-march-2017-ec06cd506525)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 25 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-25-march-2017-5b25a8a0239b)

- Air Strikes by SyAAF and VKS, 26 March#2017 (https://medium.com/@x_TomCooper_x/air-strikes-by-syaaf-and-vks-26-march-2017-aa49a5c415b2)

03-28-2017, 09:03 AM
Syria's first war crimes case will open on European soil: Spanish judge admits criminal complaint vs 9 senior intel & security officials.

03-28-2017, 09:53 AM
Aleppo: Rebels destroyed an #Assad tank with #TOW in Western #Aleppo.

Al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room: several SAA/Hezb in Manshiyah district, Daraa killed, several buildings seized, and 1 tank damaged.

US to the aide of Bashar again, targeting a HTS Commander on Idlib roads who was heading to Hama ..

Hama: Rebels shelling pro-#Assad forces in #Shiraya near #Hama with Elephant rockets.

03-28-2017, 11:25 AM
Syrian rebels,led by the #FSA,took the #Qaramta barrier, one of the most fortified #Assad regime checkpoints in entire #Hama prov.

They reinforced the barrier for years to stop rebels at this point.
It didn't help.
Intense #FSA (arty) firepower broke the defence today.

It was the 1sr OP with major participation of #AhrarAlSham.
So "led by" might be an exaggeration.
Strong participation.

Now that Qaramitah CP and Al-Judaydah village are captured by rebels, next move probably to Tal Malah and Jubbayn villages north-west Hama

03-28-2017, 11:32 AM
Syrian rebel double TOW attack on ATGM position and moving pro-#Assad troops west of #Aleppo.

FIRST videoed attempted double TOW tap ....

FSA T-55 tank with incredible (wooden?!) DIY armor shells pro-#Assad positions in western #Hama province.

The interesting thing is that wood of all things does in fact detonate the incoming round in less AP....and helps dissipate the blast as wood is soft and disperses the blast..old concept but still moderately effective...against RPGs....

Russian and Americans ran their WW2 tanks around the countryside with logs strapped on them.....

BUT am betting it is rusted steel plating....

03-28-2017, 11:37 AM
Ahrar al Sham spox announce offensive aginst Assad/IRGC north-west Hama

Hama: Rebels have captured #Al_Judaydah village northwest of #Mahardeh.

Syria Lots of buses with hundreds of people from #Homs al Waer (deported by #Assad regime) arrived in #FSA area near #Turkey border

FSA statement to assure Syrian Druze east Suwayda that military operations there aims to expel IS from the area.

Syria'n rebels battle #IS in desert of eastern #Qalamoon

03-28-2017, 11:50 AM
Russian Syrian Express....

Early this morning (09.50 GMT +3), Russian Navy's Ropucha Class BDK Korolev 130 transited the the Bosphorus northbound.

Heavily laden #ВМФ BSF #ЧФ Ropucha class LSTM Yamal 156 transited Bosphorus en route to #Tartus for its 3rd #Syria deployment in 2017 12:30Z

03-28-2017, 11:56 AM
Russian Syrian Express.....

ВМФ #ЧФ BSF Tapir class LSTM Nikolai Filchenkov 152 returned from #Tartus #Syria in 9 days, transited Bosphorus & entered the Black Sea

03-28-2017, 12:15 PM
Syria Pic shows school of Bir Qassab after IS retreated. #FSA took over Not Regime forces

Syrian rebels took Tall Dakwa from IS south Syria

03-28-2017, 12:22 PM
Syria #Hama Report from battle at highway near Majdal

03-28-2017, 12:23 PM
Hama: Rebels destroyed 3 #Assad tanks in northwestern #Hama so far.

Rebels seem on an Assad tank turkey shot today....

Hama: Rebels shelling #Hama Airbase with Grad rockets.

03-28-2017, 12:48 PM
CrowBat...anything on your end on this rumor.....

Rumors: high rank talks in Moscow that #Russia set up own/common air base /naval base in #Iran

BUT Iran says this.....
Iran says Russia can use military bases 'on case by case basis' to launch strikes in Syria

03-28-2017, 12:57 PM
Syria Ahrar al Sham & allies launch battle from south entrance of Ghab plain to northern #Mahardeh ~30km frontline

Syria #FSA on Tall Dakwa 50km east of #Damascus after expelled #IS

UN: 40.000 people fled northern #Hama battle

03-28-2017, 01:19 PM
CrowBat...anything on your end on this rumor.....

Rumors: high rank talks in Moscow that #Russia set up own/common air base /naval base in #Iran

BUT Iran says this.....
Iran says Russia can use military bases 'on case by case basis' to launch strikes in Syria
Nothing specific (yet). Can only confirm a corresponding meeting (in Moscow).

03-28-2017, 03:59 PM
Airstrikes on #FSA in desert of eastern #Qalamoun (to stop their advance against #IS?)

From further investigation it is possible to confirm that water level behind the #TabqaDam is dangerously high. #Raqqa

03-28-2017, 04:00 PM
Suwaida : Updated map shows #FSA have taken #Tel_Dakwa from ISIS extending their advance northward in the rural east.

03-28-2017, 04:09 PM
Al Sakhar village captured by rebels north-west Hama. Seems like the only confirmed gain today.

03-28-2017, 05:08 PM
Combat vid
Report from the N-Hama battles
You gotta love the little tree in the BMP grom gun^^

03-28-2017, 06:31 PM
FSA seized most of south eastern #Syria'n desert after rapid advance against IS

03-28-2017, 06:40 PM
Hama :The Opposition offensive has wrecked a Regime plan to attack #Jisr_al_Shugor in Idlib.

03-28-2017, 07:09 PM
Jaish al-Izzah's BTR-60PB has been popping up in many videos from the N. Hama offensive lately

03-29-2017, 07:50 AM
When Trump and his merry WH band start pushing DoD to loosen the ROEs THIS is exactly what we get back....the image of the US killing civilians in hasty air strikes that match Russian air strikes for the lose of civilian lives...

"People used to feel safe when the American planes were in the sky, because they knew they didn’t hit civilians."

Well Trump flushed that pervious US image for protecting civilians literally down the drain.....BUT he cannot seem to "drain the swamp at the same time...

EVEN the SecDef Mattis statement makes no sense.."well if civilians were hit then it was not intentional"....HATE to see what an "intentional" air strike looks like"????

03-29-2017, 08:00 AM
It's two weeks since the Russian MFA's fake-busting page reported any "fakes".

Guess the Western media aren't that unreliable after all...

03-29-2017, 08:28 AM
FSA shot down Assad/IRG recon drone over Khatab north Hama

Hama Battle: Rebels destroyed a tank and a BMP with #Fagot #ATGM|s on Sheyah front.

Hama Battle: Rebels thwarted a counter-attack by pro-Regime forces on Majdal.

Stay tuned for a new TOW missile strike video wiped over a dozen of Assad/IRGC militants in Ma'arzaf north-west #Hama
regime forces ae being caught literally "bunched up" over and over and over....no opsec discipline...

03-29-2017, 09:13 AM
AhrarAlSham takes #Sakhr village and the surrounding barriers N-E of #Kernaz.#Hama #Syria

Finally also confirmation, #FSA rebels took the silo barrier.

'Someone' gave #AhrarAlSham BGM-71 TOW missile systems.
Terrible times for pro-#Assad tank crews in #Hama

03-29-2017, 09:17 AM
And another boy that died in the merciless #AssadPutin attacks.
Again in besieged #Talbisah, #Homs province.


03-29-2017, 09:21 AM
Meanwhile across the free areas, #AssadPutin keep attacking children w/jets & artillery.
Girl killed in #Talbisah.

BLUF....with the killing of children we the WEST are ensuring that this brutal rebellion against a genocidal dictator will simply continue for decades...WHEN it is so easy to totally stop...BUT there is absolutely no western will nor leader willing to step up...


03-29-2017, 09:25 AM
From #Jordan with love.
#FSA fights #ISIS with the BGM-71 TOW in #Qalamoun.

AhrarAlSham not just participates with hundreds of fighters in the #Hama offensive but also used hundreds of D-30 & tank shells today.

ENKS-allied #Syrian #Kurds demonstrating in #Berlin against authoritarian rule of #PKK-affiliated #PYD/#YPG in #Rojava

03-29-2017, 10:20 AM
Top U.S. commander in Iraq says "we probably had a role" in mass civilian deaths from Mosul air strike

BUT ignored the two deadly attacks they carried out on civilians in Syria ...first rate hypocrisy hard at work....

03-29-2017, 10:27 AM
Another TOW strike on a group of Assad regime forces....


03-29-2017, 04:13 PM
Syria #Hama Rebels regain point 50 barrier in north of #Qomhana

Hama: Rebels are still in control of #Majdal village.

03-29-2017, 04:33 PM
Hama Battle: Rebels still control Majdal & repelled pro-Regime forces. Constant airstrikes and shelling.

Palmyra: #ISIS shelling pro-#Assad forces at the #Palmyra Silos with mortars today.

Hama: Massive build-up of troops and vehicles by Ahrar al-Sham yesterday, but no attacks today.

Hama: Rebels have killed 30 pro-#Assad forces at #Majdal village today. Video shows killed pro-#Assad forces everywhere.

Hama: #Assad & #Iran send one wave of Shia mercenaries after another. Rebels must launch attacks, just defending will not work forever.

Hama: Rebels have killed 30 pro-#Assad forces (the entire group) during a failed regime attack on #Majdal village. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=de&lat=35.188681&lon=36.571684&z=14&m=b

#Hama: Rebel #ATGM strike against #Assad BMP at #Sheyha Hill in northwestern #Hama today.

Palmyra: #ISIS has killed the #Assad Colonel Samer Muhsin Dib near #Palmyra.

Hama: Rebels have killed the #Iran|ian commander Hussein Moez Kulma in #Hama Province.

Hama: #Assad regime losses during failed counter-offensive today:
- 3 BMPs
- 2 tanks
- dozens of pro-#Assad forces killed

03-29-2017, 04:37 PM
E. #Damascus: T-72 Adra reportedly damaged by Jaish Al-Islam in #Barzeh orchads.

S. #Syria: #FSA reduced #ISIS pocket in Al-Badiyah by two thirds in only 2 days.

03-29-2017, 04:39 PM
UNDER the rubric of REALLY?......from proRegime commenters...

Pro-Hezbollah media: 2,200 Rebels KIA, 15 tanks, 11 armored vehicles, 107 vehicles, 12 depots & 6 MRLS destroyed in a week (#Hama)

For a lot of victories not much to show for it....??????

03-29-2017, 04:41 PM
Hama Battle: updated map of situation in N. #Hama countryside on 4th day of Regime counter-offensive.

03-29-2017, 04:46 PM
Hama Battle: #Iraq|i militia Harakat Al-Nujaba declares its mission is over on #Qomhana front and now 2nd Brigade deploying to W. front.

Hama Battle: #HTS destroyed with #ATGM|s a BMP and 23 mm gun near Point 50, confirming pro-Regime forces now control #Qomhana outskirts.

Hama Battle: Free Idlb Army took out with a #Fagot a BMP on Tell Sheyha front.
THERE have been a high number of ATGM hits on moving armor...

Hama Battle: Jaish Al-Izza claims killed 30 pro-Assad in ambush on Majdal front.

Hama Battle: Free Idlib Army downed this drone over Sheyha.

03-29-2017, 04:50 PM
Hama Battle: backed by #Russia|n firepower pro-Regime forces are counter-attacking on several fronts & slowly regaining ground.

03-29-2017, 04:53 PM
Hama Battle: Rebels killed Hussein Moez AlKalmi, an #Iran|ian commander of Basij (#IRGC linked) militia.

E. #Damascus: pro-Regime forces launched offensive on #Jobar. Rebels destroyed a BMP with an #ATGM & minesweeper. Fierce clashes & shelling.

AssadPutin air strikes on towns under rebel control in #Hama province.

03-29-2017, 04:55 PM
More #YPG & #PKK-/ #calan- supporting fighters with #US-made combat vehicles in #Iraq's #Kirkuk province.

03-29-2017, 05:00 PM
Fantastic report based on interviews with *the* key 4 tribes in #Raqqa.

- A MUST READ, with important lessons:


Based on fieldwork undertaken in #Raqqa (edited by @Andrewtabler), a number of *very* important lessons need to be acknowledged *now.*

Lesson 1 - ALL of #Raqqa’s key tribes are deeply hostile to U.S-backed #YPG & skeptical of the #SDF.
Today’s strategy ensures further war.

Lesson 2 - A sizeable U.S troop deployment into eastern #Syria based on today’s strategy is v. likely to spark a broader hostile insurgency.

Lesson 3 - #Raqqa’s x4 key Arab tribes demand *indirect* U.S. anti-#ISIS actions, channeled through #Turkey & opposition group operations.

Lesson 4 - x3/4 of #Raqqa’s main tribes want an expansion of #Turkey’s Euphrates Shield to fight for #ISIS-held #Raqqa - not #YPG or #SDF.

Lesson 5 - U.S support to #YPG & pliable pro-#YPG Arab militias has dramatically limited US options & created explosive divisions in #Syria.

Lesson 6 - The U.S can leverage specific Arab tribal support to counter-#ISIS, but this needs emboldened anti-#Assad/#Iran/#Russia actions.

Fact 1 - x2 tribes alone pledged 7,000-10,000 men to the U.S to fight #ISIS in 2014/15, but withdrew them due to the ban on fighting #Assad.

03-29-2017, 05:11 PM
Brutal #AssadPutin air strike on #Zamalka town, east of #Damascus.

Pro-#Assad regime forces shell rebel-held towns in #Hama province with the #Russian-supplied TOS-1 Buratino

03-29-2017, 05:21 PM
Yep. "Trump's ISIS Plan, as Described by Tillerson, Sounds Like Obama's"

After rejecting Obama's #RaqqaOp plan, Trump appears to have adopted it. Sending Apaches to "SDF" before Turkish referendum should be fun …

03-29-2017, 05:24 PM
al-Qaeda in #Syria has never been more suspected nor had more influence over the rebellion.

Situation in Greater Idlib as it stands pretty well vindicates @AcrossTheBay's reading in February 2016.

Idlib has "transformed into a free-fire zone attacked by nearly every actor":

03-30-2017, 09:25 AM
More brutal air strikes on #Jobar (#Damascus city) by the #AssadPutin air force this morning.

YPG Sipan Hemo said in front of a free Syria flag "We work with US + Russia if needed be we may go to Idlib to eradicate the terror threat"

03-30-2017, 09:28 AM
HTS also has its own D-30 artillery piece plus fresh ammo at the #Hama front.
Different from the #FSA's one, used today.

HTS (Syrian al-Qaeda) with another TOW attack in #Hama.
Still spoils from #FSA or s.o. supplying them to them?! ...

Bundeswehr gave the coordinates for the bombed school in Mansoura, Raqqa, where at least 33 refugees were killed via their recce Tornado's. http://m.bild.de/politik/inland/bundeswehr/soll-in-verheerenden-luftangriff-verwickelt-sein-51069276,la=de.bildMobile.html#…

03-30-2017, 09:32 AM
Charles Lister‏
Good by @colebunzel, on how #HTS’s formation (& #JFS before it) represented change & sparked intra-jihadi tensions:

I’ve spoken of #JFS’s formation as “Jolani’s gamble” for months; a gamble based on promised unity that failed to come from the rebrand.

It was also clear prior to #JFS’s public announcement that the rebrand was seen by some Nusra leaders as a dangerous “slippery slope."

AQ’s senior command *did* bless #JFS’s formation, but based on Jolani’s promise of a resulting unity initiative, which then failed.

[Unverified] reports that #HTS may have received $30 million for agreeing to recent “4 towns” evacuation deal:

BUT FROM WHO...not stated as of yet...

03-30-2017, 10:25 AM
The White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef
Volunteer Samir Al Ghanoush, killed today in a double tap strike in Zamalka, Damascus. 170th to give his life.

03-30-2017, 10:38 AM
Hama Battle (updated situation): while NW front stalling, pro-Regime forces seized back Arzeh close to #Khattab and Point 50 NW of #Qomhana

03-30-2017, 10:39 AM
Hama Battle: #Russia|n ships in #Tartus fired several cruise missiles towards #Hama/#Idlib.

03-30-2017, 03:59 PM
Raqqa: New #US airstrike north of #Raqqa has killed 3 civilians today. Many more were wounded.

"The U.S is deepening involvement in complex wars in the MidEast that lack clear endgames"

VN here we come......

Iran’s paramilitary #Basij force is playing more & more of a role in #Syria - an important overview by @majidyar:

Iran-Backed Militia Group Calls for Collective Action to Reclaim Golan Heights & Destroy #Israel"

03-30-2017, 04:11 PM
Answers to Senate why US Intel Community missed Russia election connection:
-focus on ISIS/terror
-less likely to believe "open source" info

Fmr FBI agent Watts: We missed Russian intervention because they were happening in open source, and intel community obsessed w/secret info

NOTE: I have been saying for years...80% of all intel comes from OSINT...