View Full Version : I am interesed in RPG-7 manual

03-29-2007, 05:48 PM
Hello, i am very interesed in a RPG-7 manual in english language, for information purpose of course, i have the TRADOC manual for free, but i try to find THE RPG-7 MANUAL OF 203d MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION, because i donīt download this information in ebay

I donīt have any problem to attachment the russian RPG-7 grenade launcher manual in pdf format and russian RPG-2 grenade launcher manual (both in russian language) that i have, if anyone are interesed.

I am a little collector of russian firearms (not chinese), and i have a lot of manuals of this type of guns, only write me with your suggest

my email is : polivas@minem.gob.pe

percy olivas