View Full Version : Overcoming Language Barriers: Solutions for LE

03-31-2007, 01:25 AM
New pub in the COPS series from DoJ:

Overcoming Language Barriers: Solutions for Law Enforcement (http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/ric/Publications/vera_translating_justice_final.pdf)

...While it may seem daunting to take on the task of overcoming language barriers, there are cost-effective steps that agencies can take. And these steps can be tailored to meet each agency’s unique needs and capacities.

The practical suggestions offered in this report range from relatively simple—such as training staff on how to utilize telephonic and “ad hoc” interpreters—to the comparatively ambitious—such as pooling language resources among local government agencies. For those law enforcement agencies that are able to develop a comprehensive language assistance response, this report offers guidance on how to create language access policies, staff trainings, and partnerships with local community organizations to educate immigrant residents....