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03-15-2017, 01:04 AM
Come for the hi-tech ultra-violent battlefield but stay for the#"weaponized social media and cultural engagement".

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This article presents three topics to illustrate how we are thinking about the implementation of the Multi-Domain Battle concept in the Pacific Command area of responsibility. First, it briefly discusses the strategic situation in the Indo-Asia Pacific, which typifies the need for a new operating concept to integrate all the United States Armed Forces. Next, it describes the Multi-Domain Battle concept, including the three elements that help define its desired effects: joint integration, technology, and people. Finally, it presents a vignette of multidomain battle as it might apply at the tactical level.


03-19-2017, 07:42 PM
Interesting read.

The Army can no longer focus exclusively on the land domain; as part of a joint force, Army forces must provide other services effects in their domains to overcome their operational challenges, and vice versa. This means change must focus on greater ability to have cross-domain effects and more seamless and effective integration across joint forces.

Let's push capabilities to the lowest level possible. Open more joint billets at the tactical level. In addition to JTACs, add cyber warfare cells & information warfare officers for the platoon/company/troop/battalion. More automation & networking of weapon systems to multiply combat power - especially air power, fires, & logistics. Make each soldier independent walking/talking C2 to eliminate command/control as a soft target. More individually targeted physical/mental fitness programs while reducing/displacing current equipment burdens. Streamline command bureaucracy by reducing # of ranks and integrate service cultures, administration, and training (starting at Basic). Redefine discipline from "doing what you're told" to "doing what's right (for the mission)". Just some off the cuff thoughts.