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04-28-2017, 10:47 PM
Does anyone here know more about this task force and or concept? According to the article General Milley talked about this organization at the recent Future of Warfare conference. So, for those may be in the know is this 1500 pax task force a potential replacement for the BCT and battalion task forces? Is this task force a maneuver element?

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Bill Moore
04-29-2017, 07:05 PM
There is a series of informative concept videos on MDB, not the TF here.


I appreciate the hat tip from your post, I didn't know they were moving forward with MDB Task Force.

https://www.army.mil/article/181271/army_marine_leaders_bring_multi_domain_concept_clo ser_to_reality

The Army's new multi-domain battle concept gained momentum last week when senior leaders joined Marine Corps leadership to produce a white paper and establish a joint task force to advance new ideas that could dramatically change how Soldiers fight.

I support the idea behind this, but would add there are domains our adversaries that are fighting or competing in that are mutually supportive as part of a larger strategic cross domain war fighting effort. Other domains include finance, legal, information, human, and a host of others identified in China's Unrestricted Warfare Paper and emerging strategic thought out of Russia. The armed forces being able to operate effectively in the land, space, maritime, cyber, and air domains will remain a critical requirement, but effective national defense is increasingly requires more than the ability to win battles.