View Full Version : Patterns of War Shift Amid U.S. Force Buildup

04-09-2007, 06:17 AM
9 April NY Times - Patterns of War Shift Amid U.S. Force Buildup (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/09/world/middleeast/09surge.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin) by Alissa Rubin and Edward Wong.

Nearly two months into the new security push in Baghdad, there has been some success in reducing the number of death squad victims found crumpled in the streets each day.

And while the overall death rates for all of Iraq have not dropped significantly, largely because of devastating suicide bombings, a few parts of the capital have become calmer as some death squads have decided to lie low.

But there is little sign that the Baghdad push is accomplishing its main purpose: to create an island of stability in which Sunni Arabs, Shiite Arabs and Kurds can try to figure out how to run the country together. There has been no visible move toward compromise on the main dividing issues, like regional autonomy and more power sharing between Shiites and Sunnis...