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04-17-2007, 02:59 AM
I am currently doing a story for a journalism class on media and the military. Judging from what I have read there seems to be a great wealth of knowledge about that here. I was wandering if anyone would mind being interviewed via PM, email or forum on this subject. I am looking for experts in this field, Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmens personal oppinions on the coverage and service men and woman who have had contact with media in Iraq. Also looking for any advice on this matter.

04-25-2007, 02:47 AM
For Military Personal
-How does the main stream medias coverage(MSM) of the war in Iraq compare to what you actually experiances?
-What are you criticisms of the MSM coverage?
-What are your beliefs surroundings their sensationalism?
-How do you feel about the media coverages impact on counter insurgency operations on the ground?
-What are your oppinions on the coalitions attempts to use media compared to Iraqis?
-What are your experiances with media in Iraq or other warzones?

Any other informations or experiances you feel is relevent.

04-25-2007, 02:57 PM
Just a quick reply to some of your questions:

-I found that I was more isolated than I though I'd be in terms of finding out what was going on in country. I normally did not find out about big attacks, suicide bombers, etc unless I either watched the limited news on AFN or saw the news on the internet. I would often get e-mails from the states asking about events I had no idea happened. You really get in your own little world, especially in the tactical level where all you worry about is your battalion area, your Iraqi partner area of operations or where you were convoying to that day. I though the MSM had little influence on me IN theater.

-Where MSM seems to have more influence on me is here back in the states. The big attacks get the coverage, we spend hundreds of hours on the Pat Tillman friendly fire incident. Name one other corporal who died in Iraq or Afghanistan who received more than a blurb in the local paper or local newstation? And they die every day. What disappoints me is the lack of media coverage on the average, every soldier/marine doing his time, hoping to get home and completing his mission as best they can.

-Everyone talks about the "negative" spin the media puts on events. To be honest with you, there really isn't too much positive about war, death, destruction and mayhem. Granted, I believe there are more "good news" stories out there. But the blame lays on the military for not getting these stories to the media. The media does their job, we do ours. However, if we were better at taking the media to see the new clinics, schools or soccer games at orphanges, that message would get back to the people. Its war. There will always be "negative" stories. What's important is the military not hate reporters, but rather view them as another tool in the toolbox to influence the people back home.

-I personally had good experiences with media from the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times and other smaller firms in both Kosovo and Iraq. The reporters weren't looking for some "inside scoop" nor did they misquote what I said. Again, it comes down to not fearing the media, but rather, embracing them, taking them into the fold, and having them share your hardships to develop a bond of trust between each other.

Hope that helps alittle!