View Full Version : China’s plan to use artificial intelligence to boost nuclear sub commanders skills

02-04-2018, 03:30 PM
Equipping nuclear submarines with AI would give China an upper hand in undersea battles while pushing applications of the technology to a new level

Oh goody gumdrops, new hacking opportunities for someone.

China is working to update the rugged old computer systems on nuclear submarines with artificial intelligence to enhance the potential thinking skills of commanding officers, a senior scientist involved with the programme told the South China Morning Post.


03-14-2019, 03:59 PM
Note - this conclusion is based on the number-of-papers-published. Flip a coin as to whether this is a valid indicator of actual progress or academic hot air.

In July 2017, China’s government published an ambitious policy paper, outlining how the country would become the world leader in AI by the year 2030. But by some measures China has already succeeded in this goal — a decade ahead of schedule.

A new study shows that China’s output of influential AI research papers will soon overtake that of the US, the world’s current number one in AI research. The finding suggests that China’s plan to expand its AI capabilities with the help of generous government investment in both educational facilities and private industry is paying off.