View Full Version : Vote Early; Vote Often...

12-10-2005, 09:10 PM
It's that time of the year again - polling for the annual Weblog Awards....

Here are our (SWJED / forgot to ask Bill;-) endorsements - please stop by once every 24 hrs and vote:

Cox and Forkum for Best Humor / Comics Blog (http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_humorcomics_blog.php)

Zenpundit for Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs (http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_of_the_top_17512500_blogs.php)

Austin Bay for Best of the Top 251 - 500 Blogs (http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_of_the_top_251_500_blogs.php)

Captain's Quarters for Best Blog (http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_blog.php)

Blackfive for Best Military Blog (http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_military_blog.php)

On edit and FYI - Cox and Forkum has been kind enough to let us use their political cartoons on the SWJ Daily News page and Zenpundit is a SWC member, valuable contributor to, and supporter of this forum - GOTV!!!!!